Plays by Length

***Our plays are loosely based on their historical counterparts.***

If you would like more information specifically about producing one of our plays, please email with the historical woman and the playwright in the subject line or body of email.


“My Dearest Fidel, Forever Yours Naty” by: Stephanie Swirsky (1 character/1 page) Inspired by: Natalia Revuelta (2015)

“My Voice” by: Donna Latham (2 characters/1page) Inspired by: Helen Keller (2015)

Ava (monologue) by Jessie Salsbury (2 pages, 1W) Inspired by: Ava DuVernay (2015)

“Becoming an Archangel” by DS Magid (1 character/2 pages) inspired by Arcangela Tarabotti (aka Elana Cassandra Tarabotti and Galerana Baratotti) (2016)

“Bread Watered With Tears” by: KT Parker (3 characters/2 pages) Inspired by: Caroline Norton & Caroline Henrietta Callander Sheridan (2016)

“I Put the Ocean in a Box” by: Ellen Struve (monologue, 2 pages) Inspired by: Jeanne Villepreux-Power (2016)

“In Your Dreams” by Sarah Tuft (2 characters/2 pages) Inspired by Mary Whiton Calkins (2016)

“Jana Regina” by: Connie Bennett (1 character/2 pages) Inspired by Jane Grey (2016)

“Juana Maria’s Song” by: Gina Russell Tracey (1 character/2 pages) Inspired by: Juana Maria (2014)

“Letters From Ala” by: Arlene Hutton (1 character/2 pages) Inspired by: Ala Gertner (2015)

“Linda” by: Diane Burbano (1 character, 2 pages) Inspired by: Linda Ronstadt and Lynda Carter (2015)

“Orphan Rose” by Emily Brauer Rogers (1 character/2 pages) Inspired by: Iva Toguri D’Aquino (2015)

“Reading Jeanne” by: Elise Geither  (2 characters/2 pages) Inspired by: Jeanne Cordova  (2014)

“Sala’s Reply To The Violence” by: Arlene Hutton (1 character, 2 pages) Inspired by: Sala Garncarz (2015)

“Will You Dance On?” by: Robin Rice  (1 character/2 pages) Inspired by: Marjorie Stoneman Douglas (2014)

“The Awesome Accomplishments of Jane Goodall: An Abbreviated List” by: Erin Moughon ( 1 character/3 pages) Inspired by: Jane Goodall(2016)

“Battleground Negative” by: Jessie Salsbury (2 Characters/3 pages) Inspired by: Kathleen Neal Cleaver, Margaret Askew Fell Fox (2016)

“Dreaming in Tibetan” by Melissa Nussbaum Freeman (1 character/3 pages)Inspired by Ani Pachen (2016)

“K.C. Reporting from The Columbia. Earth, Do You Read Me?” by: Natalie Osborne (1 character, 3 pages) Inspired by: Kalpana Chawla (2015)

“Katoucha Niane” by LuLu LoLo (Solo/3 pages) Inspired by Katoucha Niane (2015)

“Is That All There Is” by: Lylanne Mussleman (2 characters/3 pages) Inspired by: Peggy Lee (2015)

“Marzieh” by J.Lois Diamond (1 character, 3 pages) Inspired by Marzieh (Ashraf o-Sadat Mortezaie) (2016)

“Two Women” by: Kaela Mei-Shing Garvin (3 characters/3 pages) Inspired by: Maxine Hong Kingston (2014)

“Alice Defends Her Passion” by: Robin Rice  (1 character/4 pages) Inspired by: Alice Austen (2014)

“Angels, Hermits, and Phantoms” by: Emily Ball Cicchini (1 characters/4 pages)  Inspired by: Mary Colter (2014)

“Anna and the Mountain” by: Gabrielle Sinclair (1 character/4 pages) Inspired by: Anna Elizabeth Dickinson (2014)

“Berta No Murió, Se Multiplicó” by Sarah Tuft (6-8 characters/4 pages) Inspired by Berta Cáceres (2016)

“Brave Dame Mary” by: KT Parker (3 characters/4 pages so far, will be more) Inspired by: Mary, Lady Bankes née Hawtry (2016)

“Fist to the Sky” by: Chelsea Sutton (1-5 characters/4 pages) Inspired by: Elizabeth Catlett (2015)

“The Food Tasters of the Wolf’s Lair” (Die Vorkoster der Wolfsschanze) by: Jaclyn Perlmutter (8-18 characters/4 pages) Inspired by: Margot Wölk (2015)

Growl (a monologue by Gruoch of Scotland, the Original Lady Macbeth) by: Claudia Barnett (4 pages, 1 character) Inspired by: Gruoch of Scotland (2015)

“Hedy’s Fault”” by: Sarah Tuft (6 characters/4 pages) Inspired by: Hedy Lamarr

“My Dear Madame President” by: Lisa Scott (2 characters,4 pages) Inspired by: Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson (Madame de Pompadour) (2015)

“My Mother Says Not to Make Me Pretty” by: Linda Britt (2 characters/4 pages) Inspired by: Barbara Jordan (2014)

“Olympic Dreams” by: Cynthia L. Cooper (1 character/4 pages) Inspired by: Wilma Rudolph (2014)

“Ordinary Woman, Extraordinary Life” by: Pat C. Jennings (1 character/4 pages) Inspired by: Lizzie Bell Carrithers (2014)

“Paris Purity” by: Shellen Lubin (2 characters/4 pages) Inspired by: Zilphia Horton (2015)

“See the Sign” by: Trish Ayers (1 character/4 pages) Inspired by: Claudette Osborne-Tyo (2016)

“Tradition of the First Lady Garden” by: Jessie Salsbury (1 character/4 pages) Inspired by: Michelle Obama (2014)

“The Trouble With Girls” by Sarah Tuft (3 characters/4 pages) Inspired by Connie St Louis (2016)

“Vamping” by: Diana Burbano (1 character/4 pages) Inspired by: Theda Bara (2015)

“The View From Here” by: Allie Costa (2 characters/4 pages) Inspired by: Anna Christina Olson  (2014)

“128 Washington” by: Jessie Salsbury (2 Characters/5 pages) Inspired by: Viola Davis (2016)

“Allein in Einer Grossen Stadt (Alone in a Big City)” by: Talia Pura (1 character/5 pages) Inspired by: Marlene Dietrich (2016)

“Anchorless” by Natalie Osborne (2 characters, 5 pages) Inspired by: Barbara Newhall Follett. (2016)

“Barbara Strozzi ~ Donna Bella” by: Deborah Magid (1 character/5 pages) Inspired by: Barbara Strozzi (2015)

“Burn Out” by: Naomi Elster (2 characters/5 pages) Inspired by: Marie Curie and Rosalind Franklin (2016)

“Celia Buys a Dress” by: Yani Perez (2 characters/5 pages) Inspired by: Celia Cruz (2015)

“Fiery Particle” by: Maggie Ollerenshaw (1 character/5 pages) Inspired by Ellen Wilkinson (2016)

‘The Fifth Day’ by: Treasa Nealon (2 characters/5 pages) Inspired by: Hanna Sheehy Skeefington (2016)

“Goodnight, Washington” by Patricia Middleton (2 characters/5 pages) Inspired by: Mabel Willebrandt (2015)

“Her Own Things” by Amissa Miller (2 characters, 5 pages) Inspired by: Eloise Williams, Ntozake Shange (2015)

“I Hope You Brought A Water Bottle” by: Heather Meyer (2 characters/5 pages) Inspired by: Jackie Joyner Kersee (2014)

“In Such Good Company” by: Rita Anderson (1-2 characters/5 pages) Inspired by: Anne Frank, Mary Shelley (2014)

“The Missing Chair” by: Eugenie Carabatsos(3 characters/5 pages) Inspired by: Nzinga Mbande (2015)

“New Hampshire Yankee” by: Robin Rice (monologue, 5 pages) Inspired by: Alice Chase (2015)

“Oh, to Be a Lesbian in the 19th Century” by: Jess Eisenberg (2 characters/5 pages) Inspired by: Charlotte Cushman, Matilda Hays (2014)

“Oprah” by Karina Cochran (3 characters/5 pages) Inspired by: Oprah Winfrey (2015)

“Proof of Influence” by: Patricia Watkins (5 pages, 1 character) Inspired by: Olga Watkins Gmoser (2015)

“The Race Box” by Connie Bennett (2 characters/5 pages) Inspired by: Bree Newsome (2015)

“Rage” by: Gina Scanlon (3 characters/5 pages) Inspired by: Etta James (2014)

“Stonewall Memories” by Carol Polcovar (1 character, 5 pages) Inspired by: Jean Devente (2015)

“This Land’s Gonna Rise Me Up” by: Cesi Davidson (3 characters/5 pages) Inspired by: Elizabeth Anne Grier (2016)

“Torched: A Monologue” by: Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro (1 character/5 pages) Inspired by: Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro (2015)

“What You Would Do” by: Lauren Ferebee (2 characters/5 pages)  Inspired by: Rani Lakshmibai (2014)


“A Moment of Silence” by: Allie Costa (6 pages, 2 characters) Inspired by: Leelah Alcorn (2015)

Ana’s Show & Tell (play) by Karina Richardson (6 pages, 3 characters) Inspired by Ana Roque De Duprey (2015)

“But Elvis, We’re Dead” by: Jess Eisenberg (5 characters/6 pages) Inspired by: Barbara Grimes, Patricia Grimes (2014)

COLOSSALLY ABUNDANT” by: Shellen Lubin (4 characters/6 pages) Inspired by: Emma Lazarus (2015)

“Don’t Know No Jokes” by Annie Wood (3 characters & 1 offstage, 6 pages) Inspired by: Moms Mabley (2015)

“Edith’s Immovable Core” by: Gabrielle Sinclair (1 character/6 pages) Inspired by: Edith Sitwell  (2014)

“Feelin Lonely” by: Catherine Weingarten (2 characters/6 pages) Inspired by: Elizabeth Bishop (2014)

“Gardenias For Good Luck” by: Kristin Hornsby (2 characters/6 pages) Inspired by: Hattie McDaniel  (2014)

“Growl” by J.Lois Diamond (3 characters, 6 pages) Inspired by: Simin Behbahani (2016)

“HeLa” by: Jessie Salsbury (4 characters/6 pages) Inspired by: Henrietta Lacks, Deborah Lacks, Mary Kubicek (2014)

 “Joan” by: Susan Shafer (4 characters/6 pages) Inspired by: Joan Ganz Cooney (2016)

“Lesya Ukrainka is Under Surveillance: by: Irene Zabytko (1 character/6 pages) Inspired by: Lesya Ukrainka (2014)

“Little Louis” by:Michael angel Johnson (1 character/ 6 pages) inspired by: Valaida Snow (2016)

“O Retrato Da Sibila” By” Vanesa Sotelo (4 characters/6 pages) Inspired by: Maruja Mallo (2014)

“One Black WAC” by: Anna Mac Clarke (1 characters/6 pages) Inspired by: Anna Mac Clarke (2014)

“She Was Never Lost” by: Allie Costa (1 character/6 pages) Inspired by: Alice Liddell (2015)

“The Tale of Nancy Hart” by: Gyda Arber (6-9 characters/6 pages) Inspired by: Nancy Morgan Hart, Sookie Hart (2015)

“Two to the Body” by: Sara K. Larson  (8 characters/6 pages) Inspired by: Phoolan Devi (2014)

“Une Echarpe Rouge” by: Aspen Mock (2 characters/ 6 pages) Inspired by: Isadora Duncan (2015)

“The Warren Piece or Derek Waters Please Don’t Sue Me” by: Erin Moughon ( 5 characters/ 6 pages) Inspired by: Diane Warren (2016)

“A Mother’s Love” by: Lisa A. Wilde (4 characters/7 pages) Inspired by: Shim Saindang (2014)

“An Introduction” by: Joslyn Housley McLaughlin (7 pages, 2 characters) Inspired by: Sarah Forbes Bonetta (2015)

“Anna Sokolow: Truth in Motion” by Cynthia Chapman (4-6 characters/7 pages) Inspired by: Anna Sokolow (2016)

“As Good As Any” by: Patricia Middleton (2 characters/7 pages) Inspired by: Anne Bailey (2015)

“The Astonishing and The Lily” by: Kendra Augustin (3 characters/7 pages) Inspired by: Christina The Astonishing and Saint Dymphna (2015)

“Bright Moon” by: Erin Marshall (4 characters/7 pages)  Inspired by: Hwang Jini (2014)

“Disturbing Social Order” by: Rachel Baird Rudisill (7 pages, 4 characters) Inspired by: Mao Hengfeng (2015)

“Flying Bling” by: Kathleen Warnock (3 characters/7 pages) Inspired by: Amelia Earhart (2014)

“Give me to the Wind to Take Away” by: Michael Tooher (4 characters/7 pages) Inspired by: Reyhanah Jabbarti (2015)

“Goody Glover’s Tale” by: Aspen Mock (7 characters/ 7 pages) Inspired by: Goody Ann Glover (2015)

“Incredible Darlings” by: Asia Nichols (2 characters/7 pages) inspired by: Millie and Christine McKoy (2016)

“Kasturba” by: Hemavathy Guha (2 characters/7 pages) Inspired by: Kasturba Gandhi (2014)

“Letters from Lotfia” by: Laura Shamas (7 pages, 2 characters) Inspired by Lotfia El Nadi, Amelia Earhart (2015)

“Little Swan, a Pas de Deux” by: Allie Costa (3 characters/7 pages) Inspired by: Anna Pavlova (2014)

“Lydia Bennet Returns” by: Joanna Norland (8 characters/7 pages) Inspired by: Jane Austen (2014)

“Marry or Bury” by: Asia Nichols (3 characters/7 pages) inspired by: Sarah Rector (2016)

“Miss Morgan” by: Lucy Wang( 2 characters,7 pages) Inspired by: Julia Morgan and Eliza Morgan (2015)

“Over the Line” by Cindy Cooper (1 character/7 pages) Inspired by Mamie ‘Peanut’ Johnson (2016)

“The Pill” by: Jenny Seidelman (3 characters/7 pages) Inspired by: Katharine McCormick, Margaret Sanger (2014)

“Pocahontas” by Pat Cheshire Jennings(2 characters, 7 pages) Inspired by:Pocahontas (2015)

“She Walks” by: Allie Costa (3 characters/7 pages) Inspired by: Ada Lovelace (2014)

Standard Practices” by: Shellen Lubin (2 characters/7 pages) Inspired by: Ida Tarbell (2016)

“When Women Cry Bloody Murder” by: Sheree Bradford-Lea (7+ characters/7 pages) Inspired by: Bridget Moran, Coreen Thomas, Mary John Sr, Sophie Thomas (2015)

“Yellow Clover” by: Jess Eisenberg (4 characters/7 pages) Inspired by: Katharine Lee Bates, Katharine Coman (2014)

“A Farm in New Jersey” by: Claudia I. Haas (2 characters/8 pages) Inspired by: Edna Lewis (2016)

“A Relic of the Late Carnage” by Barbara Corrado Pope (1 character/8 pages) inspired by Lucy Parsons. (2016)

“Bread & Roses” by: Rebecca Burrroughs (3 characters/8 pages) Inspired by: Jane Addams, Ellen Starr  (2014)

“The Calling of Haifaa Nour” by: Lisa H Jayne (2 characters/8 pages) Inspired by: Haifaa Nour (2015)

“Daisies Will Bloom” by: Rachel Handler (5 characters/8 pages) Inspired by: Virginia Hall (2016)

“Every Rose” by: Danielle Wirsansky (8 pages, 2 characters) Inspired by: Eileen Nearne (2015)

“Expression of Regret’ by: Christine Toy Johnson (3 characters/8 pages) Inspired by: Judy Chu (2014)

“faith” by Amy Gijsbers van Wijk (4 characters/8 pages) Inspired by: Corita Kent and Alma Woodsey Thomas(2015)

“Frida Kahlo: Heartbreaker” by: Lylanne Musselman (4 characters/8 pages) Inspired by: Frida Kahlo (2014)

“The Gage and Mr. Comstock” by: Carolyn Gage (1 character/8 pages) Inspired by: Matilda Joslyn Gage (2014)

“Heartbeats”  by: Danielle Wirsansky (8 pages, 2 characters) Inspired by: Natalia Peshkova and Galya Tchaikovskaya (2015)

“High Ground” by: Leah Halper (3 characters/8 pages) Inspired by: Jeanette Rankin (2014)

“KAPU” by: Carol Polcovar (2 characters/8 pages) Inspired by: Queen Ka’ahumanu, Queen Keopoulani (2015)

“La Tenienta Coronela” by: Laura Derpic (1 character/8 pages) Inspired by: Juana Azurduy (2014)

“Madame” by: Kendra Augustin (8 pages, 2 characters) Inspired by: Adelina Leveque, Olivia Soulouque (2015)

“My Aim is True,” by: Lucy Wang (2 characters/8 pages) Inspired by: Anna Mae Aquash (2014)

“Myrtis” by: Diana Burbano (2 characters/8 pages) Inspired by: Myrtis (2016)

“Never Forget” by Donna Hoke (4 characters/8 pages) Inspired by: Shirley Jackson (2015)

“Octobers” by: Emily Brauer Rogers (2 characters/8 pages) Inspired by: L.M. Montgomery (2014)

“Pre-War” by: Jennifer O’Grady (2 characters, 8 pages) Inspired by: Clara Joseph (2015)

“The Sitting” by: Susan Apker (2 characters/8 pages) Inspired by: Mona Lisa Giacondi (2014)

“The Way Of Things” by: Earl T. Roske (2 characters/8 pages) Inspired by: Buffalo Calf Road (2014)

“What Does the Flag Mean to You?: A Lesson for Patricia Hill Collins” by: Ivan Faute (3 characters/8 pages) Inspired by: Patricia Hill Collins (2016)

“White and Male” by: Jess Eisenberg (5 characters/8 pages) Inspired by: Deborah Sampson Gannett (2014)

“Who Was Charles Oakes Ermatinger?” by: Wendy Hamilton (3 characters/8 pages) Inspired by: Mananowe (2015)


“An Apple for a Telegram” by: Samantha Vakiener (2 characters/9 pages) Inspired by: Mother Jones aka Mary Harris Jones (2015)

“At the Train Station in Munich” by: Cynthia L. Cooper (2 characters/9 pages) Inspired by: Gisa Peiper Konopka (2014)

“Boadecia: Gather the Women” by: Suzanne Wingrove (3-6 characters/9 pages) Inspired by: Boadecia  (2014)

“Cecilia Heartbreak” by: Ash Sanborn (3 characters/9 pages) Inspired by: Cecilia, patron saint of music (2014)

“Cinco Tardes Junto a Clara Campoamor” by Juana Escabias (4 characters/9 pages) Inspired by: Clara Compoamor (2015)

“Conflagration” by: Lauren Tunnell (6 characters/9 pages) Inspired by: Hypatia (2014)

“Devil on the Wall”  by: Danielle Wirsansky (9 pages, 4 characters) Inspired by: Hannah and Katherine Szenes (Senesh) (2015)

“Dying is an Art” by: Kendra Augustin (3 characters/9 pages) Inspired by: Sylvia Plath  (2014)

“First Day in Trade” by: Jennifer O’Grady (4 characters/9 pages) Inspired by: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (2014)

“First Woman of Industry” by: Nancy Gall-Clayton (3 characters/9 pages) Inspired by: Catherine Danenhold Melker (2014)

“For Louvre or Manet” by: Deborah Magid (2 characters/9 pages) Inspired by: Berthe Morisot (2014)

“Girl of Summer” by: Andrea Lepcio (5 characters/9 pages) Inspired by: Toni Stone  (2014)

“Hollywood Butterfly” by: Barbara Kahn (5 characters/9 pages)  Inspired by: Butterfly McQueen, Alla Nazimova (2014)

“I Dream of Madame Mao” by: Laura Rohrman (3 characters/9 pages)  Inspired by: Madame Mao (2014)

“I Promoted Myself” by: A’Lelia Bundles (12 characters/9 pages) Inspired by: C.J. Walker, Julia H. P. Coleman (2014)

“Ida & Leonor” – by Danielle Winston (2 characters, 9 pages) a fictionalized account, reimagined and inspired by the lives of Ida Lupino and Leonor Fini.  (2016)

“In Passing” by: Lisa Nicoll (3 characters/9 pages) Inspire by: Camille Tarzia Holloway, Mary, Kathy (2014)

“Judith & Janey” by: Kathy Coudle-King (2 characters/9 pages) Inspired by: Sakakawea, Julia Clark  (2014)

“La Doña of Santa Cruz” by: Melissa Nussbaum Freeman (4 characters/9 pages) (2014)

“Lady Chief 2000 (dancer)” by: Linda Evans (3 characters/9 pages) Inspired by: Octaviana Trullijo  (2014)

“Lunch for the Queen” by: Lawrence Kessenich (5 characters/9 pages)/Playwright: Lawrence Kessenich (2015)

“Monkeys in a Zoo” by: Danielle Wirsansky (4 characters/9 pages) Inspired by: Reba Whittle (2016)

“Mother of Miami” by: Marj O’Neill-Butler (2 characters/9 pages)  Inspired by: Julia Tuttle (2014)

“Mountain Dew” by: J. Lois Diamond (2 characters/9 pages) Inspired by: Hannah Reynolds (2015)

“Mumbet” by: G.L. Horton  (1 character/9 pages)  Inspired by: Elizabeth Freeman (2014)

“No Stranger to Fruit” by: Cesi Davidson (4-10 characters/9 pages) Inspired by: Pearl Eileen Primus and Sandra Bland (2015)

“Not Still Life” by: Robin Rice (2 characters/9 pages) Inspired by: Vanessa Bell, Virginia Woolf (2014)

“The Open Hand is Blessed” by: Monique N. Simpson (3 characters/9 pages) Inspired by: Biddy Mason  (2014)

Parabola” by: Shellen Lubin (4 characters/9 pages) Inspired by: Natalia Levi Ginzberg (2016)

“Round Two” by: Julie Riggs (1 character/9 pages) Inspired by: Anne Sullivan (2014)

“Social Movements and Lesser Wars” by: Jess Eisenberg (5 characters/9 pages) Inspired by: Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Tubman (2014)

“White Cotton” by: Shellen Lubin (2 characters/9 pages) Inspired by: Fannie Lou Hamer (2014)

“The White Nile”by Karin Diann Williams (3 characters, 9 pages) Inspired by: Alexandrine Tinné (2015)


“A Season Of Resistance ” by Ian Low (11 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Simone Segouin (2016)

“The Alma Problem” by: Connie Bennett (3 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Alma Mahler-Werfel (2016)

“An Untimely Likeness” by: Nancy Cooper Frank (3 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Elizabeth Louise Vigée-Le Brun and Catherine the Great (2016)

“American Glad” by Connie Bennett (4 characters/10 pages) Inspired by Eleanor H. Porter (2015)

“The Anesthetic Was Psalms” by: Nancy Gall-Clayton (3 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Jane Todd Crawford, Sarah Shelby McDowell (2014)

“Barbie’s Mom” by Ellen Davis Sullivan (2 character/10 pages) Inspired by Ruth Handler (2015)

“Best Actress 1962” (by: Allie Costa (2 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Audrey Hepburn and Natalie Wood (2016)

“Bloodletting” by: Lisa A. Mammel  (3 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Caroline Branham (2014)

“Boundless” by: Paula Cizmar (3 characters/10 pages)  Inspired by:  Akka Mahadevi    (2016)

“Box of Lies” by: Karin Diann Williams (2 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Anais Nin (2014)

“The Brontes Begin” By: N.G. McCLernan (3 characters/10 pages)   Inspired by: Anne Bronte, Charlotte Bronte, Emily Bronte (2014)

“Calamity Jane Sends a Message to Her Daughter” by: Carolyn Gage (1 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Martha Jane Canary (2014)

“Carlett’s Just Carlett” by: Kat Mustatea/(5 characters/10 pages) /Inspired by: Carlett Angianlee Brown (2016)

“Condi on Ice” by: Libby Emmons (2 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Condoleezza Rice, Sally Ride (2014) MUSICAL

“Cornelia Street” by: Shan Ayers (1 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Tharon Musser (2014)

“The Dance Maker” by Susan Shafer (3 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Agnes de Mille, Stella Stray (2015)

“Fabulous Moolah” by: Olga Humphrey (2 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Fabulous Moolah (2014)

“Fire Fountain”  by: Jessie Salsbury (10 pages, 2 characters) Inspired by: Ethel Cook (2015)

“Fly Girl” by: Renee Lucas Wayne (5 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Bessie Coleman  (2014)

“For Love and Grace” by: Rita Kniess Barkey (2 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Grace Hartigan (2014)

“Fossil Lady” by Claudia I. Haas (3 characters, 10 pages) Inspired by: Elizabeth Philpot, Mary Anning (2015)

“Georgia Makes a Scene” by: Susan Shafer (3 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Georgia O’Keefe, Anita Pollitzer (2014)

“Girl On The Moon” by Ian low/ 2 characters/ ( 10 pages) inspired by
Hilda of Whitby. (2016)

“Grace of Luo” by: Jo Hull Brisbane (7 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Grace Ogot, Grandmother of Grace Ogot (2015)

“The Great Gaffe” by: Jennifer O’Grady(3 characters, 10 pages) Inspired by: Edith Wharton (2015)

“Homespun Webs: Imagining Louise Bourgeois” by: C.J. Ehrlich (2 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Louise Bourgeois (2016)

“Horizons” by: Trish Ayers (10 pages, 2 characters) Inspired by: Princess Victoria Ka’iulani (2015)

“In Her Footprints” by Connie Bennett ( 3 characters/10 pages) Inspired by : Lucy, Mary Leakey (2015)

“Joan Drinks at the Dôme” by: Rita Kniess Barkey (3 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Joan Mitchell (2015)

“La Lucha Sin FIn” by: Nancy Hopps (2 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Christiana Figueres (2016)

“Le Grand Silence” by: Lily Meyer (3 characters/10 pages) Inspired by:  Nadia Boulanger, Lili Boulanger, Clara Schumann (2015)

“Lizzie Siddal’s Ghost” by: Danielle Winston (3 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: the life and death of Elizabeth Siddal (2016)

“Making Frankenstein” by: Natalie Osborne (5 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Mary Shelley (2014)

“Maid Maud” by: Connie Bennett (5 characters/10 pages) Inspired by Maud le Vavasour, Baroness Butler (2016)

“Margaret Knight’s Battle Rap; 1871” by Anne Flanagan (6 characters; 10 pgs) inspired by Margaret E. Knight (2016)

“Maria” by: Susan Shafer (3 characters/10 pages) Inspired by Maria Montessori (2016)

“Marvin” by Angelé Sionna (3 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Mary Marvin Breckinridge (2016)

“May Sarton Dreams Deep” by: Deborah Magid  (2 characters/10 pages)  Inspired by: May Sarton, Judy Matlack (2014)

“The Million Dollar Wound” by: Danielle Wirsansky (4 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Elsie Ott (2016)

“Muse” by: Erin Murray Quinlan (3 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Vivienne Haigh Wood (2016)

“The Mysterious Affair at the Christies” by Jennifer O’Grady (2 characters/10 pages) Inspired by Agatha Christie (2016)

“Nieves and Senzina” by: Amanda Andrei (4 characters and ensemble/10 pages) Inspired by: Nieves Fernandez (2016)

“No Reservation” by: Trish Ayers (2 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Wilma Mankiller (2014)

“Not Like the Others” by: Connie Bennett (4 character/10 pages) Inspired by Mary Bensell (2016)

“On the Explanation of the Lunar Eclipse” by: Sara Israel (3 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Wang Zhenyi (2014)

“Once Had A Love” by: KT Parker (2 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Deborah “Debbie” Harry (2016)

“Paris to Paris” by: Patricia Watkins (3 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Hattie Hill (2014)

“Pearlie Mae” by: Sandra de Helen (3 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Pearl Bailey (2016)

“Pigment and Stones” by: Michael angel Johnson (2 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Lois Mailou Jones (2016)

“Poise & Place” by: Ian Low ( 7 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Beryl Mills/Kitty Mills (2016)

“Queen, Next Westminster” by: Connie Bennett (3 characters/10 pages) Inspired by Margery Jourdemayne and by Eleanor Cobham, Duchess of Gloucester (2016)

“Return to Sender” by: Rita Anderson (5 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Minnie Cox, and Ola, Choctaw princess (2016)

“Samurai Girl” by: Gyda Arbor (2 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Hangaku Gozen (2014)

Sarah’s Poem by Charissa Menefee (three characters/ten pages/2016), inspired by Harriett Forten (Purvis), Margaretta Forten, and Sarah Forten (2016)

“Shadow” by: Michael angel Johnson (1 character/10 pages) Inspired by: Nancy Elizabeth Prophet (2015)

“Stagecoach Mary or Fuck You All” by: Melody Cooper (3 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Mary Fields (2014)

“Standing Strong in a Field of Color” by: Lylanne Musselman (10 pages, 3 characters) Inspired by Helen Frankenthaler (2015)

“Stitches In Time” by Danielle Winston (2 characters/10 pages) Inspired by Harriet Powers (2015)

“Sword Play” by: Rita Kniess Barkey (2 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Catalina de Erauso (2014)

“Temperance” by: Gina Scanlon (3 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Victoria Woodhull (2014)

“Tennessee Claflin Conquer the Commodore” by: Geralyn Horton (2 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Tennessee Claflin (2014)

“The Trial of Mary Reade” by: Joan Kane (11 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Mary Reade (2014)

“Vivian’s Song and Dance” by: Monica Bauer (1 character/10 pages) Inspired by: Vivian Strong (2014)

“Warrior Stories” by: D.L. Siegel (2 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Tomoe Gozen (2014)

“We Were Very Merry” by: Penny Jackson (4 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Edna Saint Vincent Millay (2014)

“Writing in a Wall of Light” by Nancy West (4 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Emily Preston (2016)

“Zora and Hortense” by: Amina McIntyre (2 characters/10 pages) Inspired by: Hortense Powdermaker, Zora Neale Hurston (2015)

11-14 PAGES

“Colors of Her Heart” by: June Rachelson-Ospa (1 character/3 songs)  Inspired by: Suzanne Valadon  (2014)  MUSICAL

“Alchemy” by: David Marrs (2 characters/11 pages) Inspired by: Maria the Jewess (2016)

“Alicia Dances Giselle” by: Stephanie Swirsky (3 characters/11 pages)  Inspired by: Alicia Alonso (2014)

“All About Caster” by: Kat Mustatea (4 characters/11 pages) Inspired by: Caster Semenya (2014)

“The Autobiography of Martine Rothblatt” by: Kat Mustatea (5 characters/11 pages) Inspired by: Martine Rothblatt(2015)

“Beatrix in the Shadows” by: D. Lee Miller (2 characters/11 pages) Inspired by: Beatrix Potter (2014)

“Carry On” by: Trish Ayers (2 characters/11 pages) Inspired by: Carry A. Nation (2014)

“CASTING CARMEN” by Laurel A. Lockhart ( 4 characters/11pages) inspired by Dorothy Dandridge (2016)

“Chisholm Trail” by: Olga Humphrey (3 characters/11 pages) Inspired by: Shirley Chisholm (2014)

“Divinity” by: Leah Halper (4 characters/11 pages) Inspired by: Ida B. Wells  (2014)

“Ghisolabella” by: Maria Pia Pagani (1 character/11 pages) Inspired by: Eleonora Duse (2015)

“Good Grapes” by: Jennie Webb (3-4 characters/11 pages) Inspired by: Dolores Huerta (2014)

”Guidance from Saint Monica or We’re Really Sorry About This Play” by: Erin Moughon ( 3 characters/11 pages) Inspired by: Saint Monica (2016)

“Historiadora” by: Jennie Webb (3 characters/11 pages) Inspired by: Angustias de la Guerra, Rebecca Ord Peshine (2015)

“In Alabama”  by J.Lois Diamond (2 characters/11 pages) Inspired by Juliette Hampton Morgan, Lila Morgan (2016)

“In Her Voice” by: Ilana Turner (11 pages, 2 characters) Inspired by Princess Iwa (2015)

“The Infinity of Delight” by: Danielle Wirsansky (2 characters/11 pages) Inspired by: Susan Turner (2016)

“Kane” by: Yani Perez  (3 characters/11 pages) Inspired by: Sarah Kane (2014)

“Living Memory or Three Shirleys” by: Erin Moughon (3 characters/11 pages) Inspired by: Shirley Temple Black (2015)

“No Limits” by Carol M. Rice (3 characters/11 pages). Inspired by: Mo’ne Davis, Effa Manley, and Jackie Mitchell (2016)

“Nude with Oblong Halo” by: Rex McGregor (3 characters/11 pages) Inspired by: Broncia Koller-Pinell (2016)

“Save the Turkey!” by: Robin Rice  (4 characters/11 pages) Inspired by: Martha Stewart (2014)

“Science of Motion Sickness” by: Asia Nichols (4 characters, 11 pages) Inspired by: Mae C. Jemison (2015)

“Truth and Justice on an Elevator” by: Erin Moughon (2-3 characters/11 pages) Inspired by: Sonia Sotomayor  (2014)

“Whitewashed” by Lynda Crawford (3 characters/11 pages). Inspired by the life of Lavern Baker. (2016)

“This Woman is an Island” by: Hope McIntyre (5 characters/11 pages) Inspired by: Kate Rice (2016)

“Breed Superstition” by: Catherine Frid (2 characters/12 pages) Inspired by: Buffy Sainte-Marie (2014)

“Cera en los ojos” (wax in her eyes) by: Amaranta Osorio (1 character/ 12 pages) inspired by: Santa Teresa de Jesus (2016)

“Cuerpo marcado. Alma libre” by: Margarita Reiz (6 characters/12 pages) Inspired by: Jineth Bedoya (2014)

“Dead to Rites” by: Sheila Rinear (4 characters/12 pages) Inspired by: Margaret More Roper (2014)

“Dr. Lila Wallis- At Your Cervix” by: Anne Flanagan (4 characters/12 pages) Inspired by: Lila Wallis (2014) MUSICAL

“Garbot” by: Jaime Mire (2F 1M – 3 Characters/12 pages) Inspired by: Greta Garbo (2016)

“Harriet Bosse” by: Talia Pura (1 characters/12 pages) Inspired by: Harriet Bosse (2014)

“The International Vampirical Society: 431” by: Gina DeMarco Scanlon (4 characters/12 pages) Inspired by: Tilda Swinton (2015)

“Mama Bett” by: Elsa Rael (1 character/12 pages) Inspired by: Bett Hemings  (2014)

“Mending His Shirt” by: Jennifer O’Grady (3 characters/12 pages) Inspired by: Sally Hemings (2014)

“Missing Daughter” by: Michelle Patrick (2 characters/12 pages) Inspired by: Phoebe of Fraunces Tavern (2014)

“No Rules” by: Patricia Wakely Wolf (12 pages, 3 characters) Inspired by Mary Cassatt (2015)

“Not So Dumb” by Lucy Wang (2 characters/12 pages) Inspired by Marion Davies (2015)

“Phyllis Schlafly And The Imaginary Television Show” by Jo Brisbane (7 characters/12 pages) Inspired by Phyllis Schlafly (2016)

“The River Runs Red” by: Brenda White (1 characters/12 pages) Inspired by: Cornblossom (2014)

“Rosetta LeNoire: Working the Mission” by: Jean Hartley Sidden (6 characters/12 pages) Inspired by: Rosetta LeNoire, Jane White, Billie Allen, Ruby Dee (2016)

“Scrutable” by: Karen Rousso (2 characters/12 pages) Inspired by: Anna May Wong, Dorothy Lamour (2014)

“She Who Struggles” by: Renee Rankin (2 characters/12 pages) Inspired by: Assata Shakur, Lula Hill (2014)

“Sister Elviry” by: Mary Sue Price (2 characters/12 pages) Inspired by: June Weaver (2014) MUSICAL

“Squeezing Papayas” by: Robin Rice (2 characters/12 pages) Inspired by: Sasha Montenegro (2014)

“The Widow Capet” by: Susan Apker (3 characters/12 pages) Inspired by: Marie Antoinette (2014)

“Yo destapé la Gurtel” by: Pilar G. Almansa (12 characters/12 pages) Inspired by: Ana Garrido (2016)

“100 Injustices” by: Susan Long Haga (4 characters/13 pages) Inspired: Josepha Chipita Rodriquez  (2014)

AMANDA TRANSCENDING” by: Connie Bennett (6 characters/13 pages) Inspired by: Joanne Kittel, Amanda DeCuis (2015)

“Bette Davis Eyes” by: Talia Pura (2 characters/13 pages) Inspired by: Bette Davis (2014)

“Goodbye, Fanita” by: D. Lee Miller (4 characters/13 pages)  Inspired by: Fanny Myers (2014)

“Jane Addams and the Devil Baby” by: Carolyn Gage (3 characters/13 pages) Inspired by: Jane Addams, Mary Rozet Smith (2014)

“Madame Doll” by: K.A. Brokaw (6 characters, 13 pages) Inspired by: Beatrice Alexander, Florence Alexander, Hannah Alexander, Jean Alexander, Rose Alexander (2015)

“Make My Match” by: Nancy West (5 characters/13 pages) Inspired by: Lucy Stone and Olympia Brown (2015)

“The Nest” by Robin Rice (3 characters/13 pages) Inspired by: Mary Tyler Moore, Paula Zahn (2015)

“Painters in Purgatory” by: Lylanne Musselman (3 characters/13 pages) Inspired by: Alice Neel (2014)

“patchoulí” by: camila  le-bert &Claudia Hidalgo (2 characters/13 pages) Inspired by:  Violeta Parra (2014)

“Try Not to Get Assassinated” by: Joy Tomasko (2 characters/13 pages)  Inspired by: Empress Dowagers Cixi & Ci’an (2014)

“The Vulgarity of Grace” by: Danielle Wirsansky (3 characters/13 pages) Inspired by: Gracia Mendes Nasi (2014)

“A Life’s Work” by: Jennifer L. Hayes (3 characters/14 pages) Inspired by: Melba Liston (2015)

At Home with Mrs. Swing” by: Dorothy Velasco (2 characters/14 pages) Inspired by: Mildred Bailey (2015)

“Blood Ties” by: M.A. Johnson (2 characters/14 pages) Inspired by: Edmonia Lewis, Lydia Child (2014)

“Ella’s Time Piece” by: Sandra de Helen (2 characters/14 pages) Inspired by: Ella Baker (2015)

“Herstorical Pen Pals” by: Caroline Turner Cole (5 actors/14 pages) Inspired by: Harriet Hanson Robinson (2016)

“Mata Hari: Eroticism & Espionage” by: Talia Pura (1-8 characters/14 pages) Inspired by: Mata Hari (2014)

“The Plant in Your Life” by: Lylanne Musselman (4 characters/14 pages) Inspired by: Patsy Southgate (2015)

“The Poet from Pikeville” by: Nancy Gall-Clayton (4 characters/14 pages) Inspired by: Effie Waller Smith (2014)

“Queen Catharine” by: Judith Pratt (5 characters/14 pages) Inspired by: Catherine Montour, Esther Montour (2014)

“Speak Fully the One Awful Word” by: Carolyn Gage (4 characters/14 pages) Inspired by: Lady Byron, Harriet Beecher Stowe (2014)

15-17 PAGES

“The Adventures of Etta and Claribel” by: Jess Eisenberg (5 characters/15 pages) Inspired by: Claribel Cone, Etta Cone (2014)

“The Allegory of Love” by: Abby Rosebrock (3 characters/15 pages) Inspired by: Madonna (2014)

“The Baptism of Abraham Lincoln” by: Elizabeth Orndorff (2 characters/15 pages) Inspired by: Mariah Vance (2014)

Blood Sisters” by: Robin Rice (3 characters/15 pages) Inspired by: Jane Mooney, Sr. Mary McGee, Sr. Wilhelmina Heintz (2015)

“Cookin’ with Typhoid Mary” by: Carolyn Gage (1 character/15 pages) Inspired by: Mary Mallon (2014)

“Duras” by: Eva Hibernia (7 characters/15 pages) Inspired by: Marguerite Duras (2016)

“Half-Lives On Highway One” by: Evelyn Jean Pine (4 characters/15 pages) Inspired by: Samira Moussa, Rita Hayworth (2014)

“Imagine Freedom” by: Vickie L. Williams (8 characters/15 pages) Inspired by: Susie King Taylor  (2014)

“Isosceles” by: Lynne S. Brandon (3 characters/15 pages) Inspired by: Alice B. Toklas, Gertrude Stein  (2014)

“La Madurez” by Sara Moros (2 Characters / 15 pages) Inspired by: Gioconda Belli (2016)

“Lace Curtain Irish” by: Carolyn Gage (1 character/15 pages) Inspired by: Lizzie Borden (2015)

Masquerade by Claire McCracken (6 characters, 15 pages) inspired Karen Carpenter (2016)

“Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington” by Linda Britt (Solo/15 pages) Inspired by Margaret Chase Smith (2015)

“No Shades of Gray” by:Denise B. Flemming (3 characters/15 pages) Inspired by: Janice Kingslow(2016)

“Toca Para Mi” by: Liza Case (5 characters/15 pages)  Inspired by: Emma Goldman, Gwendolyn Brooks  (2014)

“Unbinding Our Lives” by: Geralyn “G.L.” Horton (1-3 characters/15 pages) Inspired by: Mary Tape, Tien Fu Wu, Polly Bemis (2015)

“White Rose: Another Kind of Fairytale” by: Lisa Jayne (4 characters/15 pages) Inspired by: Sophie Scholl (2016)

“A Human Interest Piece” by: Asia Nichols (2 characters, 16 pages) Inspired by: Nichelle Nichols (2015)

“Mit a Fiddle in the Middle” by: C.J. Ehrlich (5 characters/16 pages) Inspired by: Molly Picon (2016)

“A Multitude of Secrets for Mr. Charley Parkhurst” by: Jayne B. Stearns (5 characters/16 pages) Inspired by: Charley Parkhurst (2016)

“A Tale of Apocryphal Ladies” by DS Magid (27 characters/16 pages) inspired by Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (2016)

“A Vote for Alice!” by: Larissa Brewington (2 characters/16 pages) Inspired by: Alice Allison Dunnigan (2014)

“After the Thin Man” by: Shellen Lubin (2 characters/16 pages) Inspired by: Stella Adler, Sylvia Gassell  (2014)

“The Calling” by: Mandy Carpenter (2 characters /16 pages) inspired by Florence Nightingale (2016)

“Galla in Purgatory” by: Barbara Corrado Pope (6 characters/16 pages) Inspired by: Galla Placidia (2015)

“Harriet Tubman Visits A Therapist” by: Carolyn Gage (2 characters/16 pages) Inspired by: Harriet Tubman (2014)

“Hello Ocean” by J.Lois Diamond (3 characters/16 pages) Inspired by:Nina Simone (2016)

“La Patrona” by: Susan Long Haga (5 characters/16 pages) Inspired by: Rosa María Hinojosa de Ballí (2015)

“Mason-Dixon” by: Carolyn Gage (2 characters/16 pages) Inspired by: Mary Elizabeth Bowser, Elizabeth Van Lew (2014)

“Mrs. Stern Wanders the Prussian State Library” by: Jenny Lyn Bader (2 characters/16 pages) Inspired by: Hannah Arendt (2014)

“Office 62-B” by: Claire Willett (5 characters/16 pages) Inspired by: Cleopatra (2014)

“The Past Past” by: Mandy Carpenter (2 characters /16 pages) inspired by Mary Elizabeth Fairless (2016)

“Single and Active” Adaptation & Lyrics: Sheilah Rae  Music: Michelle Brourman (6 characters/16 pages) Inspired by: Rachel Lehman-Haupt  (2014) MUSICAL

“Ternura negra” by: Denise Despeyroux (3 characters/16 pages) Inspired by: Maria Estuardo (2014)

“White Mouse” by: Danielle Wirsansky (3 characters/16 pages) Inspired by: Nancy Wake (2014)

“Annie, You Poor O’ Soul” by: Asia Nichols (4 characters/17 pages) Inspired by: Annie Turnbo Malone (2015)

“Aspasia 2.0” by: Raquel Provencio (6 characters/17 pages). Inspired by: Aspasia of Miletus (2016)

“The Blindfold Test” by: Mora V. Harris (2 characters/17 pages) Inspired by: Mary Lou Williams (2015)

“Harlem-Ren” by: Larissa Brewington  (4 characters/17 pages) Inspired by: Jessie Redmon, Rowena Jetliffe, Zora Neale Hurston  (2014)

“The Interrogation of Jackie Ormes” by: Sheree Bradford-Lea (5 characters/17 pages) Inspired by: Jackie Ormes  (2014)

“La petite Blanchard” by: Inge Martín (2 characters/17 pages) Inspired by: María Blanchard (2014)

“Mother/Tongue” by: Connie Bennett (6 characters/17 pages) Inspired by: La Malinche (2014)

“The Parmachene Belle” by: Carolyn Gage (1 character/17 pages) Inspired by: Cornelia “Fly Rod” Crosby (2014)

“Pursuing Sylvia Beach” by: Deb Caperton Ballard (5 characters/17 pages)  Inspired by: Sylvia Beach Whitman,  Sylvia Beach   (2014)

“Smith” by: Sarah Tuft (2 characters/17 pages) Inspired by: Patti Smith, Janis Joplin (2015)

“Sound Off” by: Amina S. McIntyre (5 characters/17 pages) Inspired by: Cathay Williams (2014)

The Tour of Life Before the Dawn by Claire McCracken (7 characters, 17 pages) inspired by Kate Bush & Emily Bronte (2016)

“Yerba Buena” by: Paula Cizmar (2 characters/17 pages) Inspired by: Juana Briones (2014)

18-20 PAGES

“Gospel Train” by: Paula Cizmar (18 pages, 4 characters) Inspired by: Ellen Craft, Graceanna Lewis (2015)

“I’ll Sing On” by: Grace Ellis  (4 characters/18 pages)  Inspired by: Jane Gentry (2014) MUSICAL

“Little Lotta Made of Gold” by: Dorothy Velasco (3 characters/18 pages) Inspired by: Lotta Crabtree (2016)

“Morton’s Fork” by: Jean Klein (4 characters/18 pages) Inspired by: Hester Thrale  (2014)

“My thing is my own” by; Peppy Barlow (1 character/18 pages). Inspired by: Ann Ford Thicknesse (2016)

“Paradise Blues” by Julie Lyn Barber (1 character/18 pages) inspired by: Marion Harris (2016)

“Timeless Beauty” by: Genny Yosco (3 characters/18 pages) Inspired by: Elizabeth Bathory (2016)

“Valerie Solanas at Matteawan” by: Carolyn Gage (4 characters/18 pages) Inspired by: Valerie Solanas (2014)

“What Will Happen To The Flowers? Looking For Parveen” by: Melissa Nussbaum Freeman (6 characters, 18 pages) Inspired by: Parveen Shakir (2015)

“Anne” by: Gabriella Oldham (1 character/19 pages) Inspired by: Anne Bradstreet (2016)

Controlled Damage by Andrea Scott (5 actors/8 characters/19 pages)  Inspired by Viola Desmond (2016)

“Fire in the Head” by: R.Johns ( 4 characters/19 pages) inspired by Kate Kelly (2016)

“Hazel” by: Annette Lee (7 characters/19 pages) Inspired by: Hazel Ah Ying (2014)

“How She Played the Game” by: Cynthia L. Cooper (6 characters/19 pages) Inspired by: Eleanora Randolph Sears, Althea Gibson, Gertrude Ederle, Sonia Henie, Gretel Bergmann, Babe Didrikson (2014)

“Muse of the Violets” by: Jess Eisenberg (8 characters/19 pages) Inspired by: Renee Vivien, Natalie Clifford Barney, Sappho, Emma Calve, Helen Van Zuylen, Kerime Turkhan Pasha, Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, Violet Shillito (2014)

“Sor Juana” by: Cynthia L. Cooper (2 characters/19 pages) Inspired by: Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz (2014)

“The Tragic Tale of Silas McKee or The True Story of Susanna Salter” by Patricia Middleton (10 characters/19 pages) Inspired by: Susanna Salter (2015)

“Unmasked” by: Patti Cassidy (5 characters/19 pages) Inspired by: Anna Coleman Ladd (2015)

“A Fine Woman” by: Maggie Ollerenshaw (5 characters/20 pages) Inspired by Edith Cavell and Elizabeth Wilkins (2016)

“Admiral of the Arizona Navy” by: James E. Burnside (6 characters/20 pages) Inspired by: Nellie T. Bush (2014)

“Beauford Delaney Paints Marion Anderson” by: Arden Kass (9 characters/20 pages) Inspired by: Marian Anderson (2014)

“Familiar Stranger” by: Lynda Crawford (5 characters/20 pages) Inspired by: Nancy Lane Smith (2014)

“Game of War and Love” by: Laurel Wetzork (3 characters/20 pages) Inspired by: Amy Elizabeth Thorpe (2016)

“Hungry Hearts” & ”Three Ghosts of Elizabeth Bathory” by Anne Flanagan (3 characters/20 pages/in two pieces) Inspired by: Elizabeth Bathory (2015)

“The Little Blackbird” by: Barbara Kahn (6 characters/ 20 pages) Inspired by: Alla Nazimova and Florence Mills (2015)

“(Mama) King Chronicles” by Rita Anderson (5 characters/20 pages) Inspired by: Alberta Williams King(2015)

“Pillow of Tears” by: Lynda Crawford (5-6 characters/20 pages) Inspired by: Yang Huanyi (2014)

“Recipe for Espionage (Before She Was Julia Child)” by: Carol M. Rice (20 pages, 5 characters) Inspired by: Julia McWilliams Child (2015)

21-30 PAGES

“Firebird” by: Merridawn Duckler (7 characters/21 pages) Inspired by: Maria Tallchief  (2014)

Just Say it Three Times” by Erin Moughon (3 characters/21 pages) Inspired by: Aphra Behn (2015)

“Tell It Slant:” by Marilyn Clarke / 5 characters /21 pgs / inspired by: Emily Dickinson, Mabel Loomis Todd, Susan Huntington Dickinson (2016)

“Un mar de papel” by: Inmaculada Alvear (3 characters/21 pages) Inspired by: Carlota O’Neill (2014)

“El abrazo de AMMA” by: Yolanda Dorado Aguilar (9 characters/22 pages)  Inspired by: Amma (2014)

“The Greatest Actress Who Ever Lived” by: Carolyn Gage (2 characters/22 pages) Inspired by: Nane O’Neill (2014)

“Lady Godiva Womans Up” by: Rex McGregor (5 characters/22 pages) Inspired by: Godiva, Countess of Mercia (2016)

“Louisa May Incest” by: Carolyn Gage (2 characters/22 pages) Inspired by: Louisa May Alcott (2014)

“Lullabies and Lies” by: Teresa Stankiewicz (7 characters/22 pages) Inspired by the Lebensborn (2015)

“West” by: Antonia Wolf (6 characters/22 pages)) Inspired by: Vita Sackville-West and Virginia Woolf (2015)

“Classic Portia” by Mora V. Harris (4 characters/2 actors/23 pages) Inspired by: Porcia Catonis (2016)

“The Countess and the Lesbians” by: Carolyn Gage (3 characters/23 pages) Inspired by: Countess Constance Markiewicz, Esther Roper, Eva Gore-Booth (2014)

“The Ethel Party by: Lolly Ward (23 pages, 3 characters) Inspired by: Ethel Payne (2015)

“How to Write a Science Fiction Story, by Octavia E. Butler”by: Alyson Mead (5-7 characters/23 pages) Inspired by: Octavia Butler (2016)

“A Rose Upon the Blood” by: Paddy Gillard-Bentley (5 characters/23 pages) Inspired by: Grace Gifford (2014)

“Marvel(ous) Monica” by: Sarah Tuft (4 characters/23 pages) Inspired by: Monica Lewinsky, Dini Von Mueffling, Marcia Lewinsky, Linda Tripp (2015)

“Opposing Ophelia” by: Deneen Reynolds-Knott (4 characters/23 pages) Inspired by: Ophelia DeVore (2015)

“She Sailed a Hero’s Course” by Francesca Peppiatt (10-20 characters/23 pages) Inspired by: Laskarina Bouboulina (2015)

“The Trial of Margaret Clitherow” by: Judy Meiksin (4 characters/23 pages) Inspired by: Margaret Clitherow (2016)

“Absconded and Much Freckled” by Donna Latham (5 characters/24 pages) Inspired by Ona Judge and Martha Washington (2015)

“Chop Water” by Merridawn Duckler (4-6 characters/24 pages) Inspired by Lingzhao (2015)

“Dada Head” by: Ellen Davis Sullivan (3 characters/24 pages) Inspired by: Sophie Taeuber-Arp (2016)

“Devorah, or Belief” by Deborah Magid (3 characters/24 pages) Inspired by: Devorah (2015)

“In Case of Emergency, Strike Glass” by: Kathy Coudle-King (5-10 characters/24 pages)   Inspired by: Frances Perkins, Clara Lemlich, Rose Schneiderman, Pauline Neuman and Alva Belmont Vanderbilt.

“Something’s Got to Give” by: Sandra de Helen (3 characters/24 pages) Inspired by: Marilyn Monroe, Angela Davis (2014)

“Libertadoras” by: Diana Burbano (3 characters/25 pages) Inspired by: Jonatas, Natan, Manuelita (2014)

Margaret Thatcher Changes the World by: Rex McGregor (4 characters/25 pages) Inspired by: Margaret Thatcher (2016)

“The Marrow in the Bone” by: Jane Denitz Smith (2 characters/25 pages) Inspired by Elena Molokhovets (2016)

REUNIÓN DE AMIGAS” by: Marina Castiñeira Ezquerra (3 characters/25 pages) Inspired by Ignacia del Espíritu Santo, Roberta Martin and Imelda Marcos (2015)

“Shattered Isolation of the Steel Butterfly” by: Lani Anderson (13 characters/25 pages) Inspired by: Aung San Suu Kyi (2014)

“This Lady Doesn’t Stop” by: Cindy Cooper (3 characters/25 pages) Inspired by: Clara Barton, Ida B Wells, Lakshmi Bai (2015)

“Wonder Women” by: Ashley Lara (3 characters/25 pages) Inspired by: Elizabeth Holloway Marston and Olive Byrne (2016)

“Nefertiti Y Piii,” by: Beatriz Cabur (5 characters/26 pages) Inspired by: Nefertiti- 2014

“OCTAVIA” by Holli Harms (3 characters/26 pages) Inspired by: Octavia Estelle Butler (2015)

“Rock” by: Larissa Brewington (3 characters/26 pages) Inspired by: Daisy Bates (2014)

“Simone at Home” by: Rita Anderson (6 characters/26 pages) Inspired by: Simone de Beauvoir, Sylvie Le Bon (2014)

“Shitty First Drafts” by: Kate M Carey (5 characters/26 pages) Inspired by: Anne Lamott (2016)

“The Wondrous Life of Chief Sarah Winnemucca” by: Dorothy Velasco (26 pages, 4 characters) Inspired by: Sarah Winnemucca (2015)

“The Art of Martyrdom” by: Rita Anderson (8 characters/27 pages) Inspired by: Hrosvitha, Gerberga of Saxony (2014)

“Journey Of A Bombshell: The Ina Ray Hutton Story” by: Melissa Ritz (10-20 characters/27 pages) Inspired by: Melissa Ritz (2015)

“Madame Red” by: TD Mitchell (27 pages) Inspired by: Cheng Shih (2015)

“The Pele Chant” by: Carolyn Gage (2 characters/27 pages) Inspired by: Queen Lili’uokalani (2014)

“Saints in Revolt”  by: Coni Ciongoli Koepfingerc (6 characters/27 pages) Inspired by: Hildegard of Bingen, Joan of Arc, Julian of Norwich, Saint Bridget  (2014)

Maria Sibylla Merian Draws Jasmine” by Arlene Hutton (5-11 characters/28 pages) Inspired by: Maria Sibylla Merian (2015)

“The Unapology of Leni Riefenstahl” by: Zoe Mavroudi (1 character/29 pages) Inspired by: Leni Riefenstahl (2016)

“What you are” by: Samantha Lierens (29 pages) Inspired by: Janet Taylor, Ann Taylor (2016)

“The 27 Club” by: Rita Anderson (4 characters/30 pages) Inspired by: Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, Amy Winehouse (2014)

“Determination of Azimuth” by: Heather Graham & Eric Church(7-9 characters/30 pages) Inspired by: Katherine Johnson  (2015)

“Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Visits” by: Ivan Faute (8 characters/30 pages) Inspired by: Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (2016)

“Over the Ocean” by: Lolly Ward (6 characters/30 pages) Inspired by: Bonnie Stroll, Candace Lyle Hogan, Diana Nyad (2016)

“Prisms” by: Teresa Stankiewicz (7 characters/30 pages) Inspired by: Zitkala-Sa (2014)

31-40 PAGES

The Divine Fire by: Leslie McMurtry (10 characters/31 pages) inspired by: May Sinclair (2016)

“Safo de Lesbos” by: Diana Cristóbal Herrero (7 characters/31 pages) Inspired by: Safo (2014)

“We Did it For You” by: Thea Iberall (8-22 characters/31 pages) Inspired by: 21 different women in history (2014)

“The Evil That Men Do: The Story of Thalidomide” by: Carolyn Gage (11 characters/33 pages) Inspired by: Dr. Frances Kelsey (2014)

“Mistyfied: by:  Lucy Wang (MIN actors needed = 4, MAX = 9/33 pages) Inspired by: Misty Copeland (2016)

“RIDE THE WILD WIND OR DIE!  Anne Bonny, From the Crow’s Nest” by: Eva Montealegre (1 character/33 pages) Inspired by: Anne Bonny (2014)

“Artemisia and Hildegard” by: Carolyn Gage (2 characters/35 pages) Inspired by: Artemisia Gentileschi, Hildegard von Bingen (2014)

“Bessie and Clara Sing the Blues” by: Julie Lyn Barber (4 characters/35 pages) inspired by Bessie Smith and Clara Smith (2016)

“The Passion of Ethel Rosenberg” (1 character, 35 pages) Inspired by Ethel Rosenberg (2016)

“Confidence Confidant” by- Eva Schegulla (36 pages, 2 characters) Inspired by: Kate Warne (2015)

“Poor Words of a Poet” by: Lynda Crawford (7-17 characters/36 pages) Inspired by: Anna Akhmatova (2015)

“Une Belle Fleur” by: Aspen Mock (8 characters/ 36 pages) Inspired by: Catherine de Medici and Louise of Lorraine (2015)

“And the World Was Silent” by Heather L. Lee (10-15 characters/37 pages).  Inspired by Irena Sendler, Janina Grabowska, Janina Kryezanowska, and Ewa Rechtman (2016).

“Antonieta” by: Verónica Musalem Moreno (6-16 characters/38 pages) Inspired by: Antonieta Rivas Mercado (2015)

“Coppet or How not to marry a prince” by: Kristine Greenaway (6 characters/38 pages) Inspired by: Germaine de Stael, Juliette de Recamier (2014)

“Elegy for AIyana” by: Alyson Mead (2 characters/38 pages) Inspired by: Aiyana Stanley-Jones (2015)

“La Profetisa” by: Beth Kander (6 characters/38 pages) Inspired by the mysterious life of Mariana “Loca” Andrada (2016)

“The Peacock and the Nightingale” by: Julie Lyn Barber (38 pages, 2 characters) Inspired by: Sarojini Naidu, Begum Hazrat Mahal (2015)

“Remedios Varo: La Alquimista” by: Estela Garcia (3-5 characters/38 pages)  Inspired by: Remedios Varo  (2014)

“Rodin’s Garden” by: Michael Angel Johnson (3 characters/38 pages) Inspired by: Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller (2014)

“Celia: A Case for Murder”  by: Cari A. Hopson (39 pages, 10 cast members) Inspired by: Celia, Virginia Waynescot  (2015)

“Lengua Materna” by: Begoña Ugalde (3 characters/39 pages) Inspired by: María Luisa Bombal  (2014)

“The Lynching of Little Hannah (A Christmas Time-Travelling Adventure Miracle)” by: Samantha Hill (8 characters/39 pages) Inspired by: Hannah Ocuish (2015)

“Burning up the Ivories” by: Charlene A. Donaghy (4 characters/40 pages) Inspired by: Sweet Emma Barrett (2016)

“Castor and Sylvie” by: Tara Goldstein (2 characters/40 pages) Inspired by:  Sylvie Le Bon and Simone de Beauvoir (2016)

“The Conversion of Alice B Toklas” by: Carol Polcovar (1 character/40 pages) Inspired by: Alice B. Toklas (2014)

”Phillis Wheatley: Twas Mercy Brought Me…” by Paula J Sanders (8 characters/40 pages) Inspired by: Phillis Wheatley (2015)

“Trouble The Water” by: K A Brokaw (6-10 characters/40 pages) Inspired by: Charlotte Forten Grimke (2014)

41-60 PAGES

“Bossy Wang Unbound” by: Glenda Frank (41 pages, 12 characters/5 Actors) Inspired by: Liu-Wang Liming, Guangkun Liming  (2015)

“Colette” by: Sally Lambert (Various Characters/41 pages) Inspired by: Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette (2014)  ***This playwright has passed away. Submitted on her behalf by Cheryl King

“Love’s Destiny” by: Mahasin D. Shamsid-Deen (6 characters/41 pages) Inspired by: Walladah bint al Mustakfi (2014)

“Sins of the Flesh” by: Heather Forgie (14 characters/42 pages) Inspired by: St. Kateri (2014)

“Beautiful Savage” by: Kathleen McDonnell (2 characters/43 pages) Inspired by: Marie-Angelique Memmie LeBlanc (2014)

“I Run Beside All The Horses” by: Ana Diaz Barriga (8 characters/43 pages) Inspired by: Leonora Carrington  (2015)

“C’est La Guerre” by Laurel A. Lockhart (7characters/44 pages) Inspired by:Louise Mack (2016)

“Little Sister” by: Carolyn Gage (8 characters/44 pages) Inspired by: Lozen (2014)

“A Rose by Any Other Name” by: Lou Beckett (7 characters/45 pages) Inspired by: Mary Sidney (2014)

“Year 7” by: Aspen Mock (9 characters/45 pages) Inspired by: Hatshepsut (2014)

“Entr’acte or The Night Eva Le Gallienne Was Raped” by: Carolyn Gage (4 characters/46 pages) Inspired by: Eva Le Gallienne (2014)

“The Past Is Still Ahead” by: Sophia Romma (9 characters/46 pages) Inspired by: Marina Tsvetaeva, Maria Meyn (2014)

“The Value of a Reasoned Argument” by Elliot D. Huxtable (16 characters/46 pages) Inspired by Ayn Rand, Anna Lively, Evva Pryor, Frances Smith, Ilona Royce Smithkin, Kathleen Nickerson, Lisette Hassani (2016)

“Pleiades Rising” by: Lisa Jayne (5 characters/48 pages) Inspired by: Cecilia Payne, Annie Jump Cannon (2014)

“GLASS” by: Michael Aman (2 characters/49 pages) Inspired by: Laurette Taylor (2015)

“The Spring and Fall of Eve Adams” by: Barbara Kahn (8 characters/49 pages) Inspired by: Eve Adams (2014)

“Penthesileia” by: Robert F. Bradford (4 characters/49 pages) Inspired by: Penthesileia (2015)

“The Visions of Christine” by: Kirsten Brandt (49 pages, 5 characters) Inspired by Christine de Pizan (2015)

“A Lucid Dream” by: Begonya Plaza (3 characters/50 pages) Inspired by: Evita Peron, Dolores Ibarruri (2014)

“God Bless the Child of Strange Fruit” by: Julie English-Dixon (4 characters/50 pages) Inspired by: Billie Holiday (2015)

“The Three Deaths of Agrippina” by: Erin Murray Quinlan (6 characters/50 pages) Inspired by: Agrippina the Younger (2016)

“Face On The Dime” by: Christine Hodak(2 characters, 52 pages) Inspired by: Selma Hortense Burke (2015)

“My Recollect Time” by: Jamie Greenblatt (10 characters, played by 3 actors, 52 pages) Inspired by: Mary Fields and Mother Amadeus Dunne (2015)

“Sustenance Through Crucifixion” by: Julie English-Dixon (3 characters/52 pages) Inspired by: Violette Leduc (2016)

“Two Falling Voices” by: Teresa Stankiewicz (5 characters/52 pages) Inspired by: Mary Jemison (2014)

“Burying Toni” by: Catherine Frid (3 characters/53 pages) Inspired by: Emma Jung (2014)

“Chasing Phi” by: Erica Feick (4 characters/53 pages) Inspired by: Theano of Crotona (2015)

“Lunatic: The Haunted Widow Lincoln” by: Donna Latham (8 characters/53 pages) Inspired by: Mary Todd Lincoln and Elizabeth Keckley (2014)

“The Color of This Flower” by: Velina Hasu Houston (6-12 characters/54 pages) Inspired by: Ono No Komachi, Izumi Shikibu, Lady Sagami, Naishi (2015)

“Alice: an evening with the tart-tongued daughter of Theodore Roosevelt” by: Kitty Felde (2 characters/55 pages) Inspired by: Alice Roosevelt Longworth (2016)

“Forsaking All Others” by Heather Dunmore (4 characters/55 pages) Inspired by Margot Fonteyn (2016)

”Silueta” by Diana Burbano, Chris Shelton and Tom Shelton (2 characters/55 pages) Inspired by: Ana Medieta (2015)

“Anna Karenina Lives!” by: Germaine Shames (4 characters/56 pages)  Inspired by: Sophia Tolstoy, Mae West (2015)

“Fuel for the Fire” by Elliot D Huxtable (20+ characters / 56 pages) Inspired by Olga of Kiev (2016)

“ANNA K. AND THE ALEXIAD” by: Toby Engelberg (21 characters/ 57 pages) Inspired by: ANNA KOMNENA, ANNA DALASSENA, EIRENE DOUKAINA, MARIA OF ALANIA, and MARIA OF BULGARIA (2016)

“Courting the Lioness” by Eva C. Schegulla (5 characters/57 pages); inspired by Jeanne de Clisson (2016)

“Gwenllian, Part I” by: Tierra Bonser(10 characters/57 pages) Inspired by: Angharad ferch Owain, Gwenllian ferch Gruffudd, Rhanult ferch Gruffudd, Merinedd ferch Gruffudd (2015)

“Lovers of the Enlightenment: Emilie & Voltaire” by: Talia Pura (7 characters/57 pages) Inspired by: Catherine de Boufflers, Emilie du Chatelet (2014)
“Policarpa” by: Diana Burbano (9 characters/57 pages) Inspired by: Policarpa Salavarietta (2016)

“A Fine Year For Mushrooms” by: Elizabeth Orndorff (4 characters/60 pages) Inspired by: Rosalind Franklin (2014)

“Genji/Murasaki” by: Darian Lindle (10 characters/60 pages) Inspired by: Murasaki Shikibu (2016)

“Lady Ott’s Snapshots” by: Deborah Magid (6+ characters/60 pages) Inspired by: Lady Ottoline Morrell  (2015)

“Not a Game for Girls” by: Benjamin Peel (14 characters/60 pages) Inspired by : Lily Parr and Alice Woods (2016)

“Maize” by: Judith Pratt (5 characters/60 pages) Inspired by: Barbara McClintock (2014)

“Opera Julie” by: Thea Rodgers (60 pages) Inspired by: Julie D/Aubigny (2016)

“The Trouble with Catherine” by: Nancy Cooper Frank (6 characters/60 page) Inspired by: Yekaterina Dashkova and Catherine the Great (2015)

“Thistle patch” by: Catherine Frid (17 characters (5 actors)/62 pages) Inspired by: Flora Danziger, Norma Lee Dean (2016)

“Waiting” by: Shellen Lubin (4 characters/63 pages) Inspired by: Leah and Rachel (2016)

“Absolute Magnitude: Micro” by: Melody Cooper (6 characters/64 pages) Inspired by: Melba Roy Mouton, Hypatia, Caroline Herschel and Maria Mitchell (2014)

“My Dear Doctor” by: Rosemary Zibart (13 characters/ 65 pages), inspired by: Elizabeth Blackwell (2016)

“The Good Ladies Book” by: Emily Ball Cicchini (10-25 characters/65 pages) Inspired by: Elizabeth Oakes Smith, Emma Willard, Frances Ann Hale Hunter, Josepha Hale, Lydia Sigourney, Sarah Josepha Buell Hale (2015) MUSICAL

“One Night in the Garden” by: Carol M. Rice (12 characters/65 pages) Inspired by: Anne of Austria, Henrietta Maria, Jeanne de Verneville, Leonora Dori Galigai, Louise de La Fayette, Marie de Chevreuse (2014)

“Push Boldly Off” by: Donna Latham (6 characters/67 pages) Inspired by: Abigail Alcott, Anna Alcott, Louisa May Alcott (2015)

O RÉJANE by ILANA TURNER (6 characters/70 pages) Inspired by Réjane (2016)

“The Resurrection of the Publick Universal Friend” by: Kelly McBurnette-Andronicos (3 characters/71 pages) Inspired by: Jemima Wilkinson (2016)

“Moriarty’s Daughters” by: Claire Wittman (8 characters/74 pages) Inspired by: Lucy and Katherine Bullard (2016)

“Juggling with Mr. Fields” by Jennifer O’Grady (4 characters/75 pages) Inspired by Carlotta Monti (2016)

“To Tread Among Serpents” by: Kelly McBurnette-Andronicos (4+ characters/75 pages) Inspired by: Viola Hyatt (2014)

“All Too Human” by: Rosemary Zibart (8 characters/76 pages) inspired by: Lou Salomé and Malwida von Meysenbug (2016)

“The Dreamer’s Play” by: Loy Webb (4 characters/76 pages) Inspired by: Alice Childress (2014)

Mad Musings  by L.A. Green (76 pages, 4 f, 2 m [doubling]) Inspired by Audrey Munson: American Venus by Diane Rozas and Anita Bourne Gottehrer. (2016)

“Kinsky” by: Tee Schneider (3 characters/77 pages) Inspired by: Bertha Von Suttner (née Countess Kinsky) (2016)

“MARY – A MUSICAL” by: Gayla D. Morgan and Jean Mornard (19 characters, 12 actors minimum incl one young woman-girl approx 12 yrs old/79 pages) inspired by Mary Magdalene, Mary mother of Jesus, Mary of Bethany (Lazarus’s sister), Martha of Bethany (Lazarus’s sister), Mother of James the disciple*, Salomé* (2016)

“Lust & Lies” by: Robin Rice (3 characters/84 pages). Inspired by Lucretia Winthrop Chapman (2016)

“Latino” by: camila le-bert (5-17 characters/94 pages) Inspired by: Carmen Miranda (2014)

“Women of Unsound Mind” by: Grace Ivana Carroll (94 pages/14 characters) Inspired By: Nellie Bly (2016)

“The Asymmetrical Embrace” by: Caroline N. Simpson (4 characters/95 pages) Inspired by: Johanna Bonger van Gogh (2016)

“Charlotte’s Letters” by Jennifer O’Grady (7 characters/95 pages) Inspired by Charlotte Bronte, Emily Bronte, Madame Heger, Elizabeth Gaskell, Meta Gaskell (2016)

JUST A DROP  by Eva C. Schegulla (15 characters/101 pages); inspired by Giulia Tofana (2016)

“The Hall of Final Ruin” by: Kelly McBurnette-Andronicos (6 characters/107 pages) Inspired by: Doña Maria Gertrudis “La Tules” Barceló (2015)

“Petra Kelly Speaks to Power” by: Daniel M. Kinch (19 characters, eight actors with role doubling/111 pages) Inspired by: Petra Kelly (2016)

“Indira” by J.Lois Diamond (43 characters/113 pages) Inspired by Indira Gandhi, Lakshmi Pandit, Kamala Nehru, Pupul Jayakar (2016)