***Our plays are loosely based on their historical counterparts.***

If you would like more information specifically about producing one of our plays, please email 365womenayear@gmail.com with the historical woman and the playwright in the subject line or the body of the email.


Mabel Dodge Luhan- “Mabel”(10 pages)/Playwright: Tina Esper (2017)

Mabel Loomis Todd-“Tell It Slant”(21 pgs)/playwright Marilyn Clarke (2016)

Mabel Walker Willebrandt-“Goodnight, Washington” (5 pages)/Playwright: Patricia Middleton (2015)

Madame Heger- “Charlotte’s Letters” (95 pages)/Playwright: Jennifer O’Grady (2016)

Madonna- “The Allegory of Love”(16 pages)/Playwright: Abby Rosebrock (2014)

Mae C. Jemison- “Science of Motion Sickness”(11 pages)/Playwright: Asia Nichols  (2015)

Magdalena Abakanowicz-“Fourteen New Brilliant Colors of Magdalena Abakanowicz” (19 pages)/Playwright: Merridawn Duckler (2017)

Mali Spighel “Founder; Philanthropist”(8 pages)/Playwright: Judy Meiksin (2017)

Malwida von Meysenbug – “All Too Human” (76 pages)/playwright: Rosemary Zibart (2016)

Mama Bett Hemings- “Bett Hemings” (19 pages)/Playwright: Elsa Real  (2014)

Mami Wata “Wata Daughters” (9 pages)/Playwright: Asia Nichols (2017)

Mamie ‘Peanut’ Johnson-“Over the Line” (7 pages)/Playwright: Cindy Cooper (2016)

Mananowe- “Who Was Charles Oakes Ermatinger?”(8 pages)/Playwright: Wendy Hamilton (2015)

Manuelita Saenz- “Libertadora”(25 pages)/Playwright: Diana Burbano  (2014)

Mao Hengfeng- ”Disturbing Social Order” (7 pages)/Playwright: Rachel Baird Rudisill (2015)

Marcia Lewinsky- “Marvel(ous) Monica” (23 pages)/Playwright: Sarah Tuft (2015)

Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (16 pages)/Playwright: DS Magid (2016)

Margaret Clitherow- “The Trial of Margaret Clitherow”(23 pages)/Playwright: Judy Meiksin (2016)

Margaret Elphinstone de Flahaut- “Happiness in Palaces” (39 pages)/Playwright: Christine Caccipuoti (2017)

Margot Fonteyn-“Forsaking all Others”(55 pages)/Playwright: Heather Dunmore(2016)

Margaret Askew Fell Fox- “Battleground Negative” (3 pages)/Playwright: Jessie Salsbury (2016)

Margaret E. Knight- “Margaret Knight’s Battle Rap; 1871” (10 pages)/Playwright: Anne Flanagan (2016)

Margaret More Roper- “Dead to Rites” (25 pages)/Playwright: Sheila Rinear  (2014)

Margaret Sanger- “The Pill”(8 pages)/Playwright: Jenny Seidelman  (2014)

Margaret Chase Smith–“Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington” (15 pages)/Playwright Linda Britt (2015)

Margaret Thatcher- “Margaret Thatcher Changes the World” (25 pages)/Playwright: Rex McGregor (2016)

Margaretta Forten: Sarah’s Poem (ten pages)/Playwright: Charissa Menefee (2016)

Margery Jourdemayne – “Queen, Next Westminster”(10 pages)/Connie Bennett (2016)

Margot Wölk- “The Food Tasters of the Wolf’s Lair”(Die Vorkoster der Wolfsschanze) (4 pages)/Playwright: Jaclyn Perlmutter (2015)

Marguerite Duras/ Duras (15 pages)/ Playwright Eva Hibernia (2016)

MARIA OF ALANIA,  “Anna K. and the Alexiad” (57 pages)  Playwright: Toby Engelberg (2016)

MARIA OF BULGARIA,  “Anna K. and the Alexiad” (57 pages)  Playwright: Toby Engelberg (2016)

Maria the Jewess – “Alchemy”(11 pages)/Playwright: David Marrs (2016)

Maria Blanchard- “La Petite Blanchard” (15 pages)/Playwright: Inge Martin San Juan  (2014)

Maria Luisa Bombal- “Los Ultimas Dias” (27 pages)/Playwright: Begoña Ugalde (2014)

Maria Estuardo (Queen of Scots)- “Ternura Negra” (17 pages)/Playwright: Denise Despeyroux  (2014)

Maria Sibylla Merian- “Maria Sibylla Merian Draws Jasmine”(28 pages)/Playwright: Arlene Hutton (2015)

Maria Meyn- “The Past is Still Ahead” (55 pages)/Playwright: Sophia Romma (2014)

Maria Mitchell- “Absolute Magnitude”(60 pages)/Playwright: Melody Cooper  (2014)

Maria Montessori—“Maria” (10 pages) Playwright: Susan Shafer (2016)

Maria Nikolaievna -“Tchekov at The House of Special Purpose” (56 pages) Playwright:R.Johns (2017)

Maria Tallchief- “Firebird” (30 pages)/Playwright: Merridawn Duckler  (2014)

Marian Anderson- “Beauford Delaney Paints Marian Anderson” (22 pages)/Playwright: Arden Kass  (2014)

Mariana la Loca – “La Profetisa” (38 pages)/Playwright Beth Kander (2016)        

Mariah Vance- “The Baptism of Abraham Lincoln”(16 pages)/Playwright: Elizabeth Orndorff  (2014)

Marie Antoinette- “The Widow Capet”(12 pages)/Playwright: Susan Apker  (2014)/Marie-Antoinette/ “The Chamber of Beheaded Queens” (42 pages)/ Playwright: KT Parker (2017)

Marie de Chevreuse- “One Night in the Garden” (65 pages)/Playwright: Carol M. Rice (2014)

Marie Colvin-  “Badass” (12 pp.)/ Playwright: Glenda Frank (2017)

Marie Curie – “Burn Out” (5 pages)/Playwright: Naomi Elster (2016)

Marie Catherine Laveau-   “Vodou Queen of New Orleans,” (38 pages)/Playwright: Carolyn Nur Wistrand (2017)

Marie Bjelke Petersen- “Hollywood in Tasmania” ( 30 pages) Playwright: Laurel A. Lockhart (2017)

Marie-Anne Paulze Lavoisier – “Mother of Chemistry”(9 pages)/Playwright: Rex McGregor (2017)

Marie-Angelique Memmie LeBlar- “Beautiful Savage”(44 pages)/Playwright: Kathleen McDonnell  (2014)

Marie-Anne Lenormand – “Mother of Chemistry”(9 pages)/Playwright: Rex McGregor (2017)

Marie Villers- “The Mystery of Young Woman Drawing”(15 pages,Musical)/Playwright: Deborah Savadge/Sheilah Rae  (2014)

Marilyn Monroe- “Something’s Got to Give”(27 pages)/Playwright: Sandra de Helen (2014)

Marina Tsvetaeva- “The Past is Still Ahead”(50 pages)/Playwright: Sophia Romma (2014)

Marion Davies-”Not So Dumb” (12 pages)/Playwright: Lucy Wang (2015)

Marion Harris- “Paradise Blues” (18 pages)/Playwright: Julie Lyn Barber (2016)

Marjorie Stoneman Douglas- “Will You Dance On?”(2 pages)/Playwright: Robin Rice (2014)

Marlene Dietrich- “Allein in Einer Grossen Stadt (Alone in a Big City)”(5 pages)/Playwright: Talia Pura (2016)

Marsha P Johnson- “Pay It No Mind” (13 pages)/Playwright: Monique Hebert(2017)

Martha of Bethany (sister of Lazarus)  – “MARY – A MUSICAL” (79 pages)/Playwright: Gayla D. Morgan and Jean Mornard (2016)

Marthe Cohn “My World War Too” (75 pages or 95 pages)/Playwright: Susan Hansell (2017)

Martha Stewart- “Save the Turkey!”(9 pages)/Playwright: Robin Rice (2014)

Martha Washington-“Absconded and Much Freckled” (24 pages)/Playwright: Donna Latham (2015)

Martine Rothblatt- “The Autobiography of Martine Rothblatt”(11 pages)/Playwright: Kat Mustatea (2015)

Maruja Mallo- “O Retrato Da Sabila” (8 pages)/Playwright: Vanesa Sotelo  (2014)

Mary of the United Kingdom (Princess) “The Subject” (84 pages)/Playwright: Carolyn Kras (2017)

Mary *Real Name Unknown* “Elizabeth” (65 pages)/Playwright: Sara Lyons (2017)

Mary- “In Passing” (11 pages)/Playwright: Lisa Nicoll  (2014)

Mary, Lady Bankes née Hawtry/ “Brave Dame Mary” (4 pages so far, more to come)/ Playwright: KT Parker (2016)

Mary Mother of Jesus – “MARY – A MUSICAL” (79 pages)/Playwright: Gayla D. Morgan and Jean Mornard (2016)

Mary of Bethany (sister of Lazarus) – “MARY – A MUSICAL” (79 pages)/Playwright: Gayla D. Morgan and Jean Mornard (2016)

Mary Katharine Goddard – “What’s In A Name?” (20 pages)/Playwright: Kay Ellen Bullard (2017)

Mary of Guelders- “Ravenscraig”(25 pages)/Playwright: Catriona Scott (2017)

Mary Austin – The Stir (10 pages)/Playwright:  Evelyn Jean Pine (2017)

Mary Ann Shadd Cary–“Figures of Speech” (14 pages)/Playwright: Charissa Menefee (2017)

Mary Kay Ash- “We Did it For You”(34 pages,Musical)/Playwright: Thea Iberall  (2014)

Mary Astor-“Mary’s Diaries” (12 pages)/Playwright: Susan Shafer (2017)

Mary Barnes- “Panic in Connecticut; Accused Witches Have Their Say” (11 pages)/Playwright: Virginia Woolf  (2014)

Mary Bensell – “Not Like the Others”(2 pages)/Connie Bennett (2016)

Mary McLeod Bethune – “Lunch for the Queen” (9 pages)/Playwright: Lawrence Kessenich (2015)

Mary Bowser- “Mason-Dixon”/Playwright: Carolyn Gage  (2014)

Mary Marvin Breckinridge “Marvin” (10 pages)/Playwright: Angelé Sionna (2016)

Mary Whiton Calkins “In Your Dreams” (2 pages)/Playwright: Sarah Tuft (2016)

Mary Cassatt- ”No Rules” (12 pages)/Playwright: Patricia Wakely Wolf (2015)

Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter- “Angels and Hermits and Phantoms” (10 pages)/Playwright: Emily Ball Cicchini  (2014)

Mary Ann Cotton – “Cottonmouth” (7 pages)/Playwright: Lindsay Adams (2017)

Mary Dyer – “The Joy”(76 pages)/Playwright: Jeanmarie (Simpson) Bishop (2017)

Mary Elizabeth Fairless – “The Past Past” (16 Pages)/Playwright:Mandy Carpenter (2016)

Mary Fields- “Stagecoach Mary (or “Fuck You All”) (10 pages)/Playwright: Melody Cooper  (2014)

Mary Hamilton- “More than Need”(x pages)/Playwright: Jenna Schlags (2017)

Mary, Lady Bankes née Hawtry/ “Brave Dame Mary” (4 pages so far, more to come)/ Playwright: KT Parker (2016)

Mary Sydney Herbert- “A Rose By Any Other Name” (45 Pages)/Playwright: Lou Beckett  (2014)

Mary Jemison- “Two Falling Voices”(51 pages)/Playwright: Teresa Stankiewicz  (2014)

Mary John Sr- “When Women Cry Bloody Murder” (7 pages)/Playwright: Sheree Bradford-Lea (2015)

Mary Lou Kownacki – “Unter Investigation”  (10 pages)/Playwright: Nancy Hopps (2017)

Mary Kubicek- “HeLa” (25 pages)/Playwright: Jessie Salsbury (2014)

Mary Leakey-”In Her Footprints”(10 pages)/Playwright: Connie Bennett (2015)

Mary Todd Lincoln- “Lunatic: The Haunted Widow Lincoln”(53 pages)/Playwright: Donna Latham  (2014)

Mary Magdalene – “MARY – A MUSICAL” (79 pages)/Playwright: Gayla D. Morgan and Jean Mornard (2016)

Mary Mallon- “Cookin’ With Typhoid Mary”(40 pages)/Playwright: Carolyn Gage  (2014)

Mary McGee-  Blood Sisters”(15 pages)/Playwright: Robin Rice (2015)

Mary Young Pickersgill- “We Did it For You”(34 pages,Musical)/Playwright: Thea Iberall  (2014)

Mary Pickford- “President Charles Evans Hughes”(8 pages)/Playwright: Rex McGregor (2017)

Mary Read- “The Trial of Mary Reed” (12 pages)/Playwright: Joan Kane  (2014)

Mary Rowlandson- “Succotash”(15 pages)/Playwright: Lydia Williams (2017)

Mary Shelley- “Making Frankenstein”(10 pages)/Playwright: Natalie Osborne  (2014)

Mary Kingsbury Simkhovitch- “Sunshine in Every Window”(29 pages)/Playwright: Rex McGregor (2017)

Mary Rozet Smith- “Jane Addams and the Devil Baby” (12 pages)/Playwright: Carolyn Gage (2014)

Mary Staples- “Panic in Connecticut; Accused Witches Have Their Say” (11 pages)/Playwright: Virginia Woolf  (2014)

Mary Stuart/ “The Chamber of Beheaded Queens” (42 pages)/ Playwright: KT Parker (2017)

Mary Tape- “Unbinding Our Lives”(15 pages)/Playwright: Geralyn “G.L.” Horton (2015)

Mary Edwards Walker-“I’m Wearing My Own Clothes”(76pages)/Playwright: Nancy Gall-Clayton (2017)

Mary Lou Williams- “The Blindfold Test”(17 pages)/Playwright: Mora V. Harris (2015)

Mary Wollstonecraft- “We Did it For You”(34 pages,Musical)/Playwright: Thea Iberall (2014)

Marzieh- “Marizeh” (3 page monologue) Playwright:J.Lois Diamond (2016)

Mata Hari- “Mata Hari:eroticism & espionage” (60 pages)/Playwright: Talia Pura  (2014)

Matilda Joslyn Gage- “The Gage & Mr. Comstock”(10 pages)/Playwright: Carolyn Gage (2014)

Matilda Hays- “Oh, to Be Lesbians in the 19th Century”/Playwright: Jess Eisenberg (2014)

Maud Karpeles- “I’ll Sing On” (17 pages)/Playwright: Grace Ellis (2014)

Maud le Vavasour- “Maid Maud”(10 pages)/Connie Bennett (2016)

Maxine Hong Kingston- “Two Women” (10 pages)/Playwright: Kaela Garvin  (2014)

May Sarton- “May SartonDreams Deep” (10 pages)/Playwright: Deborah Magid  (2014)

May Sinclair- “The Divine Fire” (31 pages)/Playwright:  Leslie McMurtry (2016)

Melania Trump- “The Tower”(8 pages)/Playwright: Diana Burbano (2017)

Melba Liston- “A Life’s Work”(14 pages)/Playwright: Jennifer L. Hayes (2015)

Melba Roy Mouton- “Absolute Magnitude”(60 pages)/Playwright: Melody Cooper (2014)

Memphis Minnie – “Guitar Lady” (7 pages)/Playwright: Karen Callwood (2017)

Mercedes Jellinek “The Best of Nothing”/Playwright: Karen Jeynes (2014)

Mercedes Cordoba Carles Matter: LITTLE IMAGES/(89 pp.)/ Playwright:
Glenda Frank (2017)

Mercy Brown- “MERCY” (121 pages)/Playwright: J.S. Puller (2017)

Mercy Disbrough- “Panic in Connecticut; Accused Witches Have Their Say” (11 pages)/Playwright: Virginia Woolf  (2014)

Mercy Otis Warren – “The Fairer Sex: The Life, Times and Plays of Mercy Otis Warren” (95 pages)/Playwright: Stephen Cedars (2017)

Merinedd ferch Gruffudd , Princess- “Gwenllian, Part I”(57 pages)/Playwright: Tierra Bonser (2015)

Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller- “No Title” (38 pages)/Playwright: Michael Angel Johnson  (2014)

Michelle Obama- “Tradition of the First Lady” (4 pages)/Playwright:Jessie Salsbury  (2014)

Mildred Bailey “At Home with Mrs. Swing”(14 pages)/Playwright: Dorothy Velasco (2015)

Mildred Dresselhaus- “Millie Dresselhaus: Beer Stew, Breaking Bonds”(7 pages)/Playwright: C.J. Ehrlich (2017)

Millicent Garrett Fawcett-“Law Makers” (9pages)/ Playwright: Danielle Wirsansky (2017)

Millie McKoy “Incredible Darlings” (7 pages)/Playwright: Asia Nichols (2016)

Ming-Na Wen-“Heart” (11 pages)/Playwright: Sarah Bewley  (2014)

Minnie Cox—“Return to Sender” (10 pages)/Playwright: Rita Anderson (2016)

Misty Copeland- “Mistyfied” (33 pages)/Playwright:  Lucy Wang (2016)

Molly Picon- “Mit a Fiddle in the Middle”(16 pages)/Playwright: C.J. Ehrlich (2016)

Moms Mabley-”Don’t Know No Jokes” (6 pages) Playwright: Annie Wood (2015)

Mona Lisa Giacondi- “The Sitting”(8 pages)/Playwright: Susan Apker  (2014)

Mo’ne Davis (11 pages) / Playwright: Carol M. Rice (2016)

Monica Lewinsky- “Marvel(ous) Monica” (23 pages)/Playwright: Sarah Tuft (2015)

Mother of disciple James*  – “MARY – A MUSICAL” (79 pages)/Playwright: Gayla D. Morgan and Jean Mornard (2016)

Mother Amadeus Dunne-”My Recollect Time” (52 pages)/Playwright: Jamie Greenblatt(2015)

Mother Jones aka Mary Harris Jones-“An Apple for a Telegram” (9 pages)/Playwright: Samantha Vakiener (2015)

Murasaki Shikibu – “Genji/Murasaki” (60 pages) / Playwright: Darian Lindle (2016)

Muriel Lillie- “Mad Lady Peel: The Funniest Woman in the World” (46 pages)/Playwright Kirsten Van Ritzen (2013)

Myrtis- “Myrtis”(8 pages)/Playwright: Diana Burbano (2016)


Nadia Boulanger- “Le Grand Silence”(10 pages)/Playwright: Lily Meyer (2015)

Nadia Murad –  “Justice for Nadia” (12 pages)/Playwright: Lynda Crawford (2017)

Naishi- “The Color of This Flower”(56 pages)/Playwright: Velina Hasu Houston (2015)

Nakşidil Sultan- “Harem”( 78 pages)/Playwright: Jen Ferro (2017)

Nance O’Neill- “The Greatest Actress Who Ever Lived”(30 pages)/Playwright: Carolyn Gage  (2014)

Nancy Cunard-“NASTY: The Lives of Peggy Guggenheim,Annemarie Schwarzenbach and Nancy Cunard”(40pages)Playwright: Germaine Shames (2017)

Nancy Morgan Hart- “The Tale of Nancy Hart” (6 pages)/Playwright: Gyda Arber (2015)

Nancy Elizabeth Prophet- “Shadow”(10 pages)/Playwright: Michael angel Johnson (2015)

Nancy Lane Smith- “Familiar Stranger: Nancy Lane Smith” (21 pages)/Playwright: Lynda Crawford  (2014)

Nancy Wake- “White Mouse” (17 pages)/Playwright: Danielle Wirsansky  (2014)

Natalia Levi Ginzberg “Parabola” (9 pages)/Playwright: Shellen Lubin (2016)

Natalia Peshkova- ”Heartbeats” (8 pages)/Playwright: Danielle Wirsansky (2015)

Natalia Ponce de Leòn – “Fénix”(3 pages)/Playwright: Diana Burbano (2017)

Natalia Revuelta- ”My Dearest Fidel, Forever Yours Naty” (1 page)/Playwright:Stephanie Swirsky (2015)

Natalie Clifford Barney- “Muse of the Violets”/Playwright: Jess Eisenberg  (2014)

Natalie Wood – “Best Actress 1962” (10 pages) / Playwright: Allie Costa (2016)

Natalya Meklin – “Taman” (78 pages)/Playwright: Marlo Kern

Natan- “Libertadoras” (25 pages)/Playwright: Diana Burbano  (2014)

NeNe Leakes – “NeNe Leakes: Special Edition” (5 pages)/Playwright: Nomfanelo Moloi (2017)

Nefertiti – “The Horizon of the Sun” / Playwright: Beatriz Cabur  (2014)

Nekojiru (Chiyomi Hashiguchi)- “where has all the cat soup gone: a monologue ”(3 pages)/Playwright: Emmy Kuperschmid (2017)

Nell Gwynne- “Nell!” (35 pages)/Playwright: by LA Green (2017)

Nellie Bly: “Women of Unsound Mind” (94 pages/14 characters)/Playwright: Grace Ivana Carroll (2016)

Nellie T. Bush- “Admiral of the Arizona Navy”(19 pages)/Playwright: James E. Burnside (2014)

Nellie McClung – “Not A “Nice” Woman”(14 pages)/Playwright: Catherine Frid (2017)

Nichelle Nichols- “A Human Interest Piece”(16 pages)/Playwright: Asia Nichols  (2015)

Nieves Fernandez- “Nieves and Senzina”(10 pages)/Playwright: Amanda Andrei (2016)

Nina Simone-“Hello Ocean” (21 pages) Playwright:J.Lois Diamond (2016)

Nina Ulyanenko – “Taman” (78 pages)/Playwright: Marlo Kern

Ninon de l’Enclos- “Irreconcilable Passions”(24 pages)/Playwright: Julie Lyn Barber (2017)

Nola Jane Gentry: “I’ll Sing On”/(17 pages)/Playwright: Grace Ellis (2014)

NORA BARNACLE JOYCE – James Joyce muse/Molly Bloom model (34 pages) Playwright: Jack Gilhooley (2017)

Norma Lee Dean – “Thistlepatch” (62 pages)/Playwright: Catherine Frid (2016)

Ntozake Shange- “Her Own Things”(5 pages)/Playwright: Amissa Miller (2015)

Queen Nyabinghi—“Inheritance” (23 pages)/Playwright: Kim Louise (2017)

Nzinga Mbande-”The Missing Chair” (5 pages)/Playwright: Eugenie Carabatsos(2015)


Octavia: “Triumvir” (7 pages)/ Playwright: Nicole Heneveld (2017)

Octavia Estelle Butler- “OCTAVIA”(27 pages)/Playwright: Holli Harms (2015) AND “How to Write a Science Fiction Story, by Octavia E. Butler” (23 pages)/Alyson Mead (2016)

Octaviana Trujillo- “Lady Chief 2000” (9 pages)/Playwright: Linda Evans  (2014)

Ola, Choctaw princess—“Return to Sender” (10 pages)/Playwright: Rita Anderson (2016)

Dr. Olivia J.Hooker- “Olivia Makes Waves” (10 pages)/ Playwright: Nina Howes (2017)

Olivia Soulouque- ”Madame” (8 pages)/Playwright: Kendra Augustin (2015)

Olga of Kiev “Fuel for the Fire” (56 pgs) / Playwright: Elliot D Huxtable (2016)

Olga Watkins Gmoser- ”Proof of Influence” (5 pages)/Playwright: Patricia Watkins (2015)

Olga Romanova – “The Czar’s Daughters” (15 pages) / Playwright: Angela J. Davis (2017)

Olive Byrne – “Wonder Women” (25 pages) / Playwright: Ashley Lara (2016)

Olympia Brown- “Make My Match”(13 pages)/Playwright: Nancy West (2015)

Ona Judge-“Absconded and Much Freckled” (24 pages)/Playwright: Donna Latham (2015)

Ono No Komachi- “The Color of This Flower”(56 pages)/Playwright: Velina Hasu Houston (2015)

Ophelia DeVore “Opposing Ophelia” (23 pages)/Playwright: Deneen Reynolds-Knott (2016)

Oprah Winfrey- “Oprah”(5 pages)/Playwright: Karina Cochran (2015)


Parveen Shakir- “What Will Happen To The Flowers? Looking For Parveen”(18 pages)/Playwright: Melissa Nussbaum Freeman (2015)

Patricia Hill Collins – “What Does the Flag Mean to You?: A Lesson for Patricia Hill Collins:” (8 pages)/Playwright: Ivan Faute (2016)

Patricia Grimes- “But Elvis, We’re Dead”/Playwright: Jess Eisenberg  (2014)

Patsy Southgate- “The Plant in Your Life”(14 pages)/Playwright: Lylanne Musselman (2015)

Patti Smith- “Smith” (17 pages)/Playwright: Sarah Tuft (2015)

Paula Hernandez-“La Doña of Santa Cruz”(8 pages)/Playwright: Melissa Nussbaum Freeman  (2014)

 Paula Snelling- “Lillian, Paula. Carson.” (3 characters, 85 pages)/Playwright: John Barrow (2017)

Paula Zahn-”The Nest” (13 pages)/Playwright: Robin Rice (2015)

Pauli Murray- “We Did it For You”(34 pages,Musical)/Playwright: Thea Iberall (2014)

Pearl Bailey – “Pearlie Mae” (10 pages)/Playwright: Sandra de Helen (2016)

Pearl Eileen Primus- “No Stranger to Fruit”(9 pages)/Playwright: Cesi Davidson (2015)

Peggy Guggenheim-“NASTY: The Lives of Peggy Guggenheim,Annemarie Schwarzenbach and Nancy Cunard”(40pages)Playwright: Germaine Shames (2017)

Peggy Lee-” Is That All There Is”(3 pages)/Playwright: Lylanne Musselman (2015)

Peggy Schuyler – “And Peggy” (8 pages) / Playwright: Allie Costa (2017)

Penthesileia- “Penthesileia” (49 pages)/Playwright: Robert F. Bradford (2015)

Petra Kelly- “Petra Kelly Speaks to Power” (111 pages)/Playwright: Daniel M. Kinch (2016)

Phillis Wheatley-”Phillis Wheatley: Twas Mercy Brought Me…” (40 pages)/Playwright: Paula J Sanders (2015)

Phoebe Cary- “Advanced Women” (87 pages)/ Playwright: Michele Aldin Kushner (2017)

Phoebe Francaus- “Missing Daughter”(12 pages)/Playwright: Michelle A. Patrick (2014)

Phoebe Pearl — “Shut Up And Dance” (22 pages)/Playwright: Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich  (2017)

Phyllis Schlafly – “Phyllis Schlafly And The Imaginary Television Show” (12 pages)/Playwright:  Jo Brisbane (2016)

Pingyang- “The Army of the Lady” (8 pages)/Natalie Osborne (2017)

Pocahontas-”Pocahontas”(7 pages)/Playwright:Pat Cheshire Jennings (2015)

Policarpa Salavarietta “Policarpa”(57 pages)/Playwright: Diana Burbano (2016)

Polly Bemis- “Unbinding Our Lives”(15 pages)/Playwright: Geralyn “G.L.” Horton (2015)

Poohlan Devi-  “Two to the Body”/Playwright: Sara Kaye Larson  (2014)

Porcia Catonis- “Classic Portia” (23 pages) Playwright: Mora V. Harris (2016)

Princess Iwa- ”In Her Voice” (11 pages)/Playwright: Ilana Turner (2015)

Princess Victoria Ka’iulani- ”Horizons” (10 pages)/Playwright: Trish Ayers (2015)

Pupul Jayakar- “Indira” ( 113 pages) Playwright: J.Lois Diamond (2016)

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