***Our plays are loosely based on their historical counterparts.***

If you would like more information specifically about producing one of our plays, please email 365womenayear@gmail.com with the historical woman and the playwright in the subject line or the body of the email.


Edith Brown–“A Model Enterprise” (17 pages)/Playwright: Nancy Brewka-Clark (2017)

Edith Cavell – “A Fine Woman”(20 pages)/Playwright: Maggie Ollerenshaw (2016)

Edith Guerrier–“A Model Enterprise” (17 pages)/Playwright: Nancy Brewka-Clark (2017)

Edith Hamilton- “ALICE FOR THE PEOPLE” (40 pages)/Playwright: Heide Arbitter (2017)

Edith Head – “The Dress Doctor Is In” (18 pages)/Playwright: Christina Hamlett (2018)

Edith Sitwell- “Edith’s Immovable Core” (7 pages)/Playwright: Gabrielle Sinclair (2014)

Edith Skinner – “Freedom of Speech”(10 pages)/Playwright: Jennifer Schaupp (2018)

Edith Stein “My World War Too” (75 pages or 95 pages)/Playwright: Susan Hansell (2017)

Edith Vanderbilt – “Cake at the Vanderbilts” (21 pages)/Playwright: Christina Hamlett (2019)

Edith Wharton- “The Great Gaffe”(10 pages)/Playwright:Jennifer O’Grady (2015)

Edith Wilson – “A Crack in the Ceiling” (27 pages)/Playwright: Christina Hamlett (2018)

Edmonia Lewis- “Blood Ties”(10 pages)/Playwright: Michael Angel Johnson (2014)

Edna Lewis :A Farm in New Jersey”(8 pages)/Playwright: Claudia I. Haas (2016)

Edna St. Vincent Millay- “We Were Very Merry”/Playwright: Penny Jackson (2014)/Edna St. Vincent Millay – “Jump the Bright Line: The Trial of Edna St. Vincent Millay” (101 pages)/ Playwright: Karen Ackerman (2018)

Effa Manley (11 pages) / Playwright: Carol M. Rice (2016)

Effie Waller Smith- “The Poet from Pikeville”(14 pages)/Playwright: Nancy Gall-Clayton (2014)

Eileen Nearne  ”Every Rose” (8 pages)/Playwright: Danielle Wirsansky (2015)

EIRENE DOUKAINA,  “Anna K. and the Alexiad” (57 pages)  Playwright: Toby Engelberg (2016)

Elaine de Kooning: LITTLE IMAGES/(89 pp.)/Playwright: Glenda Frank (2017)

Eleanor Brooksby- “God’s Enemies” (59 pages)/Playwright: Benjamin Peel (2017)

Eleanor Butler- “Alone, Alone, Oh” (57 pages)/Playwright: Karen Ackerman (2017)

Eleanor Cobham, Duchess of Gloucester- “Queen, Next Westminster”(10 pages)/Connie Bennett (2016)

Eleanor H. Porter-”American Glad” (10 pages)/Playwright: Connie Bennett ( 2015)

Eleanor Roosevelt- “We Did it For You”(34 pages,Musical)/Playwright: Thea Iberall  (2014)/Eleanor Roosevelt – “In Bed with Eleanor” (12 pages)/Playwright: Lolly Ward (2018)/Eleanor Roosevelt- “Tea With Eleanor Roosevelt” (7 pages)/Playwright: Michael angel Johnson (2018)

Dame Eleanor Parks Shelton “Liberty” (96 pages)/Playwright: Sarah Lawrence (2018)

Eleonora Duse-“Ghisolabella” (11 pages)/Playwright: Maria Pia Pagani (2015)/Eleonora Duse – “Midwives” (95 pages)/Playwright: Suzanne Trauth (2018)

Eleanora Randolph Sears- “How She Played the Game”/Playwright: Cynthia L. Cooper  (2014)

Elena Molokhovets- “The Marrow in the Bone”(25 pages)/Playwright: Jane Denitz Smith (2016)

(Elisa) Rachel Felix- TOUT OU RIEN- (9 pages) Playwright: Christine Emmert (2017)

Elisabeth of Bohemia-  “Rene and Elisabeth” (5 pages)/Playwright: Erin Moughon (2017)

Elisabeth Kubler Ross- “It’s A Wonderful Death – The Legacy of Elisabeth Kubler Ross” (41 pages)/Playwright Joyce Fontana (2018)

Eliza Anne Grier “This Land’s Gonna Rise Me Up” (5 pages)/Playwright: Cesi Davidson (2016)

Eliza Johnson – “CONSOLATION”  (44 pages)/Playwright: Toni Press-Coffman (2017)

Eliza Monroe – “Madame Campan’s Academy” (96 pages) Playwright; Lynn Marie Macy (2018)

Eliza Morgan-”Miss Morgan(7 pages) Playwright: Lucy Wang (2015)

Queen Elizabeth I “Highness” (82 pages)/Playwright: Carolyn Kras (2017)/Elizabeth I- “The King’s Legacy”(110 pages)/Playwright: Michael Radi (2018)

Elizabeth of the United Kingdom (Princess) “The Subject” (84 pages)/Playwright: Carolyn Kras (2017)

Elizabeth Abbott – “Beaten” (9 pages) / Playwright: Carol M. Rice (2017)

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson/”Gentle Medicine”/(10 pages) Playwright: Ian Low/2017

Elizabeth Bathory-”Hungry Hearts”&”Three Ghosts of Elizabeth Bathory” (20 pages/in two pieces)/Playwright: Anne Flanagan (2015) AND “Timeless Beauty”(18 pages)/Playwright: Genny Yosco (2016)

Elizabeth Bishop- “Feelin Lonely” (6 pages)/Playwright: Catherine Weingarten (2014)

Elizabeth Blackwell- “My Dear Doctor” (65 pages)/Playwright: Rosemary Zibert (2016)

Elizabeth Catlett- “Fist to the Sky”(4 pages)/Playwright: Chelsea Sutton (2015)

Elizabeth Bacon Custer-“Your Bo” (43 pages)/Playwright: Thomas Millstead (2019)

Elizabeth Freeman- “Mumbet:The Slave Who Sued for Her Freedom”(30 pages)/Playwright: Geralyn Horton  (2014)

Elizabeth Gaskell- “Charlotte’s Letters” (95 pages)/Playwright: Jennifer O’Grady (2016)

Elizabeth Hemings “Partner Of — “(10 pages)/Playwright: Rachael Carnes (2018)

Elizabeth Jackson Sands – “Elizabeth” (65 pages)/Playwright: Sara Lyons (2017)

Elizabeth Keckley- “Lunatic”(60 pages)/Playwright: Donna Latham  (2014)

Elizabeth Louise Vigée-Le Brun “An Untimely Likeness”(10 pages)/Playwright: Nancy Cooper Frank (2016)

Elizabeth Van Lew- “Mason-Dixon”/Playwright: Carolyn Gage  (2014)

Elizabeth Holloway Marston – “Wonder Women” (25 pages) / Playwright: Ashley Lara (2016)

Elizabeth Okie Paxton-“The Muses” (42 pages)/Playwright: Rena Tobey (2018)

Elizabeth Philpot- “Fossil Lady” (10 pages)/Playwright: Claudia I. Haas (2015)

Elizabeth Siddal- “Lizzie Siddal’s Ghost”(10 pages/3 characters)/Playwright: Danielle Winston (2016)

Elizabeth Oakes Smith- “The Good Ladies Book” (65 pages)/Playwright: Emily Ball Cicchini (2015)

Elizabeth Cady Stanton-“I’m Wearing My Own Clothes”(76pages)/Playwright: Nancy Gall-Clayton (2017)

Elizabeth Wilkins- “A Fine Woman”(20 pages)/Playwright: Maggie Ollerenshaw (2016)

Elizabeth Wythe “Liberty” (96 pages)/Playwright: Sarah Lawrence (2018)

Ella Baker- “Ella’s Time Piece”(14 pages)/Playwright: Sandra de Helen (2015)

Ella Fitzgerald- “Ella’s Madrigal” (12 pages)/ Playwright- Julie English-Dixon (2017)

Ellen Craft- ”Gospel Train” (19 pages)/Playwright: Paula Cizmar (2015)

Ellen N. La Motte- “City of Light” (103 pages)/Playwright: Danielle Wirsansky (2018)

Ellen van der Ploeg – Comfort Women” (79 pages)/Playwright: Lucy Chau Lai-Tuen (2018)

Ellen Gates Starr- “Bread and Roses” (8 pages)/Playwright: Rebecca Burroughs (2014)

Ellen Wilkinson – “Fiery Particle”(5 pages)/Playwright: Maggie Ollerenshaw (2016)

Ellen Wilson – “CONSOLATION”  (44 pages)/Playwright: Toni Press-Coffman (2017)

Eloise Williams- “Her Own Things”(5 pages)/Playwright: Amissa Miller (2015)

Elsie Ott- “The Million Dollar Wound” (10 pages)/ Playwright: Danielle Wirsansky (2016)

Elsie Parmann – “Ice Front” (10 pages)/Playwright: Rachael Carnes (2018)

Emilie de Beauharnais – “Madame Campan’s Academy” (96 pages)/ Playwright; Lynn Marie Macy (2018)

Emilie du Chatelet- “Emilie & Voltaire”/Playwright: Talia Pura  (2014)

Emily Bronte- “The Brontes Begin” (10 pages)/Playwright: N.G. McClernan   (2014) AND “Charlotte’s Letters” (95 pages)/Playwright: Jennifer O’Grady (2016)/Emily Brontë –“Celebrity” (9 pages)/Playwright: Kat Meads (2018)

Emily Carr- ‘Small’s Tongue of Totem to Eyes” (50 pages)/ Playwright- Julie English-Dixon (2017)

Emily Dickinson-“Tell It Slant” (21 pgs)/playwright: Marilyn Clarke (2016)/Emily Dickinson “The Women of Amherst” (109 pages) Playwright Tom Noe (2018)/Emily Dickinson – “Celebrity” (9 pages)/Playwright: Kat Meads (2018)/Emily Dickinson- “Emilys Room”(17 pages)/Playwright: Jennifer O’Grady (2018)

Emily Hahn-“Shadowing Emily” (8 pages)Playwright:Christine Emmert (2018)

Emily Pankhurst- “Law Makers” (9 pages)/ Playwright: Danielle Wirsansky (2017)

Emily Preston – “Writing in a Wall of Light” (10 pages) / Playwright: Nancy West (2016)

Emily West (aka Emily Morgan) “Yellow Rose: The Legend of Emily West” (115 pages)/Playwright: Sarah Lawrence (2018)

Emma Calve- “Muse of the Violets”/Playwright: Jess Eisenberg  (2014)

Emma Goldman- “Toca Para Mi” (15 pages)/Playwright: Liza Case (2014)

Emma González – “Walking Florida Now” (8 pages)/Playwright: Connie Bennett (2018)

Emma (Hart) Hamilton- “Attitudes” (12 pages)/Playwright:Christine Emmert (2019)

Emma Jung- “Burying Toni” (60 pages)/Playwright: Catherine Frid  (2014)

Emma Lazarus- “COLOSSALLY ABUNDANT” (6 pages)/Playwright: Shellen Lubin (2015)

Emma Willard- “The Good Ladies Book” (65 pages)/Playwright: Emily Ball Cicchini (2015)

Emmeline Pankhurst-“Rock-Paper-Toffee Hammer” (6 pages)/Playwright: Ian Low (2018)

Empress Elizabeth of Austria – “The Duchess Without A Voice” (24 pages)/Playwright: Christina Hamlett (2018)

Enheduanna- “Enheduanna Takes a Trip”(57 pages)/Playwright: Jaylan Sheila Turkkan (2018)

Enid Yandell,”Yes, I Cut Marble, Mrs. Grant” (16 pages)/Playwright: Nancy Gall-Clayton (2018)

Esther “Esther and Vashti”(84 pages)/Playwright: Carolyn Gage (2017)

Esther Montour- “Queens”/Playwright: Judith Pratt  (2014)

Esther Roper- “The Countess and the Lesbians”(40 pages)/Playwright: Carolyn Gage (2014)

Ethel Cook- ”Fire Fountain” (10 pages)/Playwright: Jessie Salsbury (2015)

Ethel Payne  ”The Ethel Party” (23 pages)/Playwright: Lolly Ward (2015)

Ethel Rosenberg “The Passion of Ethel Rosenberg” (35 pages) playwright Edward Morris (2016)

Ethel Smyth-“Rock-Paper-Toffee Hammer” (6 pages)/Playwright: Ian Low (2018)

Ethel Waters – Bridge Over Troubled Waters (12 pages)/Playwright: Mary Fridley (2017)

Etta Cone- “The Adventures of Etta and Claribel”/Playwright: Jess Eisenberg  (2014)

Etta James- “Rage” (5 page,Musical)/Playwright: Gina Scanlon  (2014)

Eusapia Palladino – “Table in the Air”(10 pages)/Playwright: Rex McGregor (2018)

Eva Gore-Booth- “The Countess and the Lesbians”(40 pages)/Playwright: Carolyn Gage (2014)/Eva Gore-Booth- “Changed Utterly”(54pp)/Playwright: Joan Bryans (2018)

Eva Braun-Hitler’s Whore (45 pages)/Playwright: James Colgan (2017)

Eva Daube-“As Happy As God In France”(62 pages)/Playwright: Julia Pascal (2018)

Eva Le Gallienne- “Entr’acte or the Night Eva Le Gallienne was Raped”(25 pages)/Playwright: Carolyn Gage  (2014)

Eva Peron- “A Lucid Dream” (51 pages)/Playwright: Begonya Plaza  (2014)/Eva Peron – “The Shooting Gallery” (30 pages)/Playwright: Kat Meads (2018)

Eva TOREN “Robbed Time” (6 pages)/ Playwright: Luiza CAROL (2018)

Evva Pryor “The Value of a Reasoned Argument” (46 pages)/Playwright: Elliot D Huxtable (2016)

Eve Adams- “The Spring and the Fall of Eve Adams”(50 pages)/Playwright:Barbara Kahn  (2014)

Evelyn Nesbit- “Mam’zelle Champagne” (4 pages)/ playwright: Kristy Lin Billuni (2019)

Ewa Rechtman- “And The World Was Silent” (37 pages)/Playwright: Heather L. Lee (2016)


Fabulous Moolah- “Fabulous Moolah” (10 pages)/Playwright: Olga Humphrey  (2014)

Fannie Lou Hamer- “White Cotton” (9 pages)/Playwright: Shellen Lubin  (2014)

Fannie Sellins- “Fannie Sellins Tells Her Story”(2 pages)/Playwright: Kathleen E, Downey (2019)

Fannie Tuttle- “Mother of Miami” (9 pages)/Playwright: Marj O’Neill (2014)

Fanny Brennan- “Goodbye Fanita” (14 pages)/Playwright: D Lee Miller  (2014)

Fanny Brice- “Mad Lady Peel: The Funniest Woman in the World” (46 pages)/Playwright Kirsten Van Ritzen (2017)

Fanny Bullock Workman – “Do You Love Me?” (19 pages)/Playwright: Christina Hamlett (2019)

Fanny Kaplan – “The Shooting Gallery” (30 pages)/Playwright: Kat Meads (2018)

Fiorenza  Domenica Canal Bellotto – “The Quality of Light” (20 pages)/Playwright: Eva C. Schegulla (2019)

Flannery O’Connor- “Flannery and Limpy”(7 pages)/Playwright: Sue Yocum (2019)    

Flora Danziger – “Thistlepatch” (62 pages)/Playwright: Catherine Frid (2016)

Florence Alexander- “Madame Doll”(13 pages)/Playwright: K.A. Brokaw (2015)

Florence Elsa Bell – “For The Love Of Baghdad”(12 pages)/Playwright: Jan B. Eliot (2018)

Florence Kelley- ARDENT GIRLS(93 pp)/Playwright Amy Merrill (2017)

Florence Mills- “The Little Blackbird”(20 pages)/Playwright: Barbara Kahn (2015)

Florence Nightingale – “The Calling” (5 Pages)/Playwright:Mandy Carpenter (2016)

Florynce “Flo” Kennedy-“Flo” (23 pages)/Playwright: Peggy Jones (2017)

Fran Alliston-“Anita Loos, Beatrice Lillie and Fran Make A Sandwich”(7 pages)/Playwright: Sheree Bradford-Lea (2017)

Frances Cleveland—“The Last Princess” (21 pages)/Playwright: Christina Hamlett (2017)

Frances Harper–“Figures of Speech” (14 pages)/Playwright: Charissa Menefee (2017)

Frances Ann Hale Hunter- “The Good Ladies Book” (65 pages)/Playwright: Emily Ball Cicchini (2015)

Frances Kelsey- “The Evil That Men Do: The Story of Thalidomide”/Playwright: Carolyn Gage  (2014)

Frances Perkins—“Where There’s Smoke” (21 pages)/Playwright: Christina Hamlett (2017)

Francis Perkins- “In Case of Emergency, Strike Glass” (24 pages)/Playwright: Kathleen Coudle King  (2014)

Frances Smith “The Value of a Reasoned Argument” (46 pages)/Playwright: Elliot D Huxtable (2016)

Frances Fuller Victor – “The Californian”(112 pages)/Playwright: Brianna Barrett (2018)

Francesca  Marina Canal – “The Quality of Light” (20 pages)/Playwright: Eva C. Schegulla (2019)

Francois Gilot – “Living Above His Shadow” (9 pages)/Playwright: Lylanne Musselman (2018)

Freddie Oversteegen-“I shoot better than you” (20 pages)/Playwright: Mora V. Harris (2017)

Frida Kahlo- “Frida Kahlo: Heartbreaker” (8 pgs)/Playwright: Lylanne Musselman (2014)

Frieda Belinfante- “Verzet Amsterdam [Resistance Amsterdam]” (91 pages)/Playwright: Barbara Kahn (2018)

Fulvia- “Triumvir” (7 pages)/ Playwright: Nicole Heneveld (2017)

Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti – “Abeokuta Choreopoem” (4 pages)/Playwright: Peggy Jones (2018)


Galla Placidia-“Galla in Purgatory” (16 pages)/Playwright: Barbara Corrado Pope (2015)

Galya Tchaikovskaya- ”Heartbeats” (8 pages)/Playwright: Danielle Wirsansky (2015)

Georgia O’Keeffe- “Georgia Makes a Scene”(10 pages)/Playwright: Susan Shafer (2014)/Georgia O’Keeffe – “Skull Against the Sky”(10 pages)/Playwright: Rex McGregor (2018)

George Sand – “Death Writes” (10 pages), Paddy Gillard-Bentley (2017)

Gerberga of Saxony- “The Art of Martyrdom” (27 pages)/Playwright: Rita Anderson (2014)

Gerda Taro “My World War Too” (75 pages or 95 pages)/Playwright: Susan Hansell (2017)

Germaine de Staël- “Coppet: or how not to marry a prince” (40 pages)/Playwright: Kristine Greenaway  (2014)

Gertrude Bell – “The First Casualty”(7 pages)/Playwright: David Marrs (2017)/Gertrude Margaret Lowthian Bell – “For The Love Of Baghdad”(12 pages)/Playwright: Jan B. Eliot (2018)

Gertrude Ederle- “How She Played the Game”/Playwright: Cynthia L. Cooper  (2014)

Gertrude Elizabeth McCormick – “Harvey Girls” (34 pages)/Playwright: Rosa Walston Latimer (2019)

Gertrude Lawrence- “Mad Lady Peel: The Funniest Woman in the World” (46 pages)/Playwright Kirsten Van Ritzen (2017)

Gertrude Stein- “Isosceles”/Playwright: Lynne S Brandon  (2014)

Gioconda Belli – “La Madurez” (15 pages) Playwright: Sara Moros (2016)

Gisa Peiper Konopka- “At the Train Station in Munich”/Playwright: Cynthia L. Cooper  (2014)

Gloria Anzaldua- “En El Medio”(15 pages)/Playwright: Maia Villa  (2014)

Gloria Monty – “Coffee with Irna & Gloria” (13 pages)/Playwright: Matthew Weaver (2018)

Gloria Steinem- “We Did it For Your”(34 pages,Musical)/Playwright: Thea Iberall  (2014)

Gloria Von Thurn Und Taxis- “The Punk Rock Ballad of Gloria Von Thurn und Taxis” (2pages)/ Playwright Natalie Osborne (2017)

Godiva, Countess of Mercia- “Lady Godiva Womans Up” (22 pages)/Playwright: Rex McGregor (2016)

Golda Meir- “Holocaust Syndrome” (19 pages)/Playwright: Danielle Wirsansky (2018)

Goody Ann Glover- “Goody Glover’s Tale”(15 pages)/Playwright: Aspen Mock (2015)

Grace Coolidge – “CONSOLATION”  (44 pages)/Playwright: Toni Press-Coffman (2017)

Grace Evelyn Gifford Plunkett- “Rose Upon the Blood”(50 pages)/Playwright: Paddy Gillard-Bentley  (2014)

Grace Hartigan- “For Love and Grace” (10 pages)/Playwright: Rita Kniess Barkey  (2014)

Grace Hopper- “Admiral Grace Hopper Revisits”(10 pages)/Playwright: Jennifer O’Grady (2017)

Grace Kelly-  “I am not Grace Kelly” (2 pages)/Playwright: Erin Moughon (2017)

Grace V Kelly – “Litany” (7 pages)/Playwright: DS Magid (2018)

Grace Lyon-“A Colonial Devotion” (76 pages)/ Playwright: Susan Battye (2018)

Grace Ogot- “Grace of Luo”(10 pages)/Playwright: Jo Hull Brisbane (2015)

Grace Sherwood “Suffer A Witch”(80 pages)/Playwright: Donna Latham (2018)

Graceanna Lewis- ”Gospel Train” (19 pages)/Playwright: Paula Cizmar (2015)

Gracia Mendes Nasi- “The Vulgarity of Grace” (14 pages)/Playwright: Danielle Wirsansky  (2014)

Gracie Allen – “Say Goodnight, George – the Final Episode” (37 pages) Playwright: Stephanie Satie (2017)

Grandmother of Grace Ogot- “Grace of Luo” (10pages)/Playwright: Jo Hull Brisbane (2015)

Greta Garbo – “Garbot”(12 pages)/Playwright:Jaime Mire (2016)

Gretel Bermann- “How She Played the Game”/Playwright: Cynthia L. Cooper  (2014)

Gruoch of Scotland ”Growl” (4 pages)/Playwright: Claudia Barnett (2015)

Guangkun Liming- ”Bossy Wang Unbound” (41 pages)/Playwright: Glenda Frank (2015)

Giulia Tofana — JUST A DROP —  (101 pages)/Playwright: Eva C. Schegulla (2016)

Gwen John “Retracing” (33 pages)/Playwright: Barbara Bridger (2019)

Gwendolyn Brooks- “Toca Para Mi” (15 pages)/Playwright: Liza Case  (2014)

Gwenllian ferch Gruffudd- “Gwenllian, Part I”(57 pages)/Playwright: Tierra Bonser (2015)


Haifaa Nour- “The Calling of Haifaa Nour”(8 pages) Playwright: Lisa H Jayne (2015)

Han Suyin- “A Many Splendored Thing” (10 pages)/Playwright: Kaela Garvin  (2014)

Hangaku Gozen- “Samurai Girl” (10 pages)/Playwright: Gyda Arber  (2014)

Hanna Sheehy Skeffington – ‘The Fifth Day’ (5 pages)/Playwright: Treasa Nealon (2016)

Hannah Alexander- “Madame Doll”(13 pages)/Playwright: K.A. Brokaw (2015)

Hannah Arendt- “Mrs. Stern Wanders the Prussian State Library”(16 pages)/Playwright: Jenny Lyn Bader  (2014)/Hannah Arendt – “As Happy As God In France” (62 pages)/Playwright: Julia Pascal (2018)

Hannah Ocuish- “The Lynching of Little Hannah (A Christmas Time-Travelling Adventure Miracle)”(39 pages) Playwright: Samantha Hill (2015)

Hannah Reynolds-“Mountain Dew” (9 pages)/Playwright: J.Lois Diamond (2015)

Hannah Stochel- “FIBERS”(60 pages)/Playwright: Amy Oestreicher  (2017)

Hannah Szenes (Senesh)- ”Devil on the Wall” (9 pages)/Playwright: Danielle Wirsansky (2015)

Hannie Schaft-“I shoot better than you” (20 pages)/Playwright: Mora V. Harris (2017)

Hao Yuelian – Comfort Women” (79 pages)/Playwright: Lucy Chau Lai-Tuen (2018)

Harriet Bosse- “Harriet Bosse” (60 pages)/Playwright: Talia Pura  (2014)

Harriett Forten (Purvis): Sarah’s Poem (ten pages)/Playwright: Charissa Menefee (2016)

Harriet Hosmer-“The Marble Muse” (109 pages)/Playwright: Diane Baia Hale (2017)

Harriet Martineau – “Roofing the County of Surrey with Crystal” (76 pages)/Playwright: Sue Blundell (2018)

Harriet Hanson Robinson – “Herstorical Pen Pals” (14 pages)/Playwright: Caroline Turner Cole (2016)

Harriet Beecher Stowe- “Speak Fully the One Awful Word” (16 pages)/Playwright: Carolyn Gage (2014)

Harriet Powers-”Stitches In Time”(10 pages)/Playwright: Danielle Winston (2015)

Harriet Stanton Blatch-“The Road to Woman’s Suffrage” (30 pages)/Playwright: Lisa K. Winkler (2019)

Harriet Tubman- “Harriet Tubman Visits a Therapist”(20 pages)/Playwright: Carolyn Gage (2014)

Harriet Quimby – “High-Flying Harriet (24 pages)/Playwright: Christina Hamlett (2018)

Hatshepsut- “Year Seven” (45 pages)/Playwright: Aspen Mock (2014)

Hattie Hill- “Paris to Paris” (10 pages)/Playwright: Patricia Watkins  (2014)

Hattie McDaniel-“Gardenias for Good Luck” (10 pages)/Playwright: Kristin Hornsby  (2014)

Hawang Jini- “Bright Moon” (8 pages)/Playwright: Erin Marshall  (2014)

Hayden Panettiere – “And Then I Chained Us To This Porch”(8 pages)Playwright: Scott Mullen (2017)

Hazel Ying Lee- “Something Sweet”(40 pages)/Playwright: Annette Lee  (2014)

Hedy Kiesler “Allure” (80 pages) Playwright: David Belke (2017)

Hedy Lamarr “Hedy’s Fault” (4 pages)/Playwright: Sarah Tuft (2016)

Helen Boyle – “An Understanding”(5 pages)/Playwright: Sam Chittenden (2018)

Helen Eaglesome- “A Colonial Devotion” (76 pages)/ Playwright: Susan Battye (2018)

Helen Shaw Fowler- “Queen of the Water Lilies”(89 pages)/Playwright: Kitty Felde (2018)

Helen Frankenthaler- ”Standing Strong in a Field of Color” (10 pages)/Playwright: Lylanne Musselman (2015)

Helen Humes- “Refusing to Sing the Blues” (4 pages)/Playwright: Sharai Bohannon (2018)

Helen Hunt Jackson “Helen Dreams Ramona” (9 pages)/Playwright: Dorothy Velasco (2019)

Helen Jewett “Sonnets For a Siren” (7 pages) /Playwright: LuLu LoLo (2018)

Helen Jones- “When Women Cry Bloody Murder” (7 pages)/Playwright: Sheree Bradford-Lea (2015)

Helen Keller- “My Voice”(1 page)/Playwright: Donna Latham (2015)

Helen Osborne Storrow–“A Model Enterprise” (17 pages)/Playwright: Nancy Brewka-Clark (2017)

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky – “Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Visits” (30 pages)/Playwright: Ivan Faute (2016)

Helena Molony“Changed Utterly”(54pp)/Playwright: Joan Bryans (2018)

Helene Van Zuylen- “Muse of the Violets”/Playwright: Jess Eisenberg  (2014)

Heloise “The Sheltered Fire” (80 pages)/Playwright: Lorraine Liscio (2019)

Henrietta Vinton Davis  Black Star (51 pages) Playwright: Carolyn Gage (2017)

Henrietta Lacks- “HeLa” (25 pages)/Playwright: Jessie Salsbury  (2014)

Henrietta Maria- “One Night in the Garden” (65 pages)/Playwright: Carol M. Rice (2014)

Hildegarde Angell – “Litany” (7 pages)/Playwright: DS Magid (2018)

Hillary Rodham Clinton- “We Did it For You”(34 pages,Musical)/Playwright: Thea Iberall  (2014)

Hilda of Whitby – “Girl On The Moon”/(10 pages)/Playwright: Ian low (2016)

Hildegard von Bingen- “Saints in Revolt” (31 pages)/Playwright: Coni Ciongoli Koepfinger (2014)/Hildegard von Bingen-“The Wisdom of Serpents” (106 pages)/Playwright: Diane Baia Hale (2018)/Hildegard of Bingen/Hildegard von Bingen – “Feather on the Breath” (8 pages)/Playwright: Connie Bennett (2018)

Hortense de Beauharnais Bonaparte- “Happiness in Palaces” (39 pages)/Playwright: Christine Caccipuoti (2017)/Hortense de Beauharnais – “Madame Campan’s Academy” (96 pages)/Playwright: Lynn Marie Macy (2018)

Hortense Powdermaker- “Zora and Hortense”(10 pages)/Playwright: Amina McIntyre (2015)

Hrosvitha- “The Art of Martyrdom” (27 pages)/Playwright: Rita Anderson  (2014)

Huang Youliang-“Comfort Women” (79 pages)/Playwright: Lucy Chau Lai-Tuen (2018)

Huma Abedin- “Hashtag KwoRayGoEess” (22 pgs)/Playwright Robert Brophy (2017)

Hypatia- “Conflagration” (10 pages)/Playwright: Lauren Tunnell Verdeyen  (2014)/Hypatia- “Hypatia of Alexandra” (32 pages)/Playwright: Sandra B. Julian (2018)

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