Royalty, Politics, Wealth

If you would like more information specifically about producing one of our plays, please email with the historical woman and the playwright in the subject line.

***Our plays are loosely based on their historical counterparts.***


Alice Roosevelt Longworth (Gadfly, daughter of Theodore Roosevelt, wife of House Speaker Nick Longworth, Washington political institution)/Playwright: Kitty Felde

Aung San Suu Kyi (Politician,Political Prisoner,Nobel Prize)/Playwright: Lani Anderson

Barbara Jordan (Senator,Activist,Watergate)/Playwright: Linda Britt

Bella Abzug (Representative,Activist,Lawyer)/Playwright: Thea Iberall

Catharine Montour (Tribal Leader)/Playwright: Judith Pratt

Christiana Figueres (Executive Secretary of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Paris climate talks, 2016 Global Leaders, international diplomat) /Playwright: Nancy Hopps

Clara Compoamor (Spanish politician and feminist)/Playwright: Juana Escabias

Condoleeza Rice (Secretary of State)/Playwright: Libby Emmons

Cornblossom (First and Last Female Chief of Cherokees)/Playwright: Brenda K. White

Dolores Ibarruri (Head of Communist Party/Spanish Civil War)/Playwright: Begonya Plaza

Dowager Ci’an (Empress)/Playwright: Joy Tomasko

Dowager Cixi (Empress)/Playwright: Joy Tomasko

Eleanor Roosevelt (First Lady,Advocate,Author)/Playwright: Thea Iberall

Ellen Wilkinson (British Politician)/Playwright: Maggie Ollerenshaw

Esther Montour (Tribal Leader)/Playwright: Judith Pratt

Eva Peron (First Lady, Activist)/Playwight: Begonya Plaza

Frances Cleveland (U.S. First Lady)/Playwright: Christina Hamlett

Frances Perkins (workers’ rights advocate, U.S. Secretary of Labor)/Playwright: Christina Hamlett

Galla Placidia (Roman regent, political figure)/Playwright: Barbara Corrado Pope

Gerberga of Saxony (Political Player)/Playwright: Rita Anderson

Hannah Arendt (Political Theorist)/Playwright: Jenny Lyn Bader

Hillary Rodham Clinton (First Lady,Secretary of State)/Playwright: Thea Iberall

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis(First Lady)/Playwright: Jennifer O’Grady

Jeanette Rankin (First Congresswoman)/Playwright: Leah Halper

Jiang Qing (Madame Mao) (Political Wife,Actress)/Playwright: Laura Rohrman

Judy Chu (Congresswoman)/Playwright: Christine Toy Johnson

Julia Tuttle (Founder of Miami,FL)/Playwright: Marj O’Neill-Butler

Mabel Walker Willebrandt (Assistant Attorney General, Lawyer)/Playwright: Patricia Middleton

Margaret Chase Smith (Politician, Senator, Author of Declaration of Conscience)/Playwright: Linda Britt

Margaret Thatcher (Politician, Prime Minister)/Playwright: Rex McGregor

Mariah Vance (Lincoln’s Housekeeper)/Playwright: Elizabeth Orndorff

Martha Washington (First Lady)/Playwright: Donna Latham

Mary John Sr (Carrier People Elder, Co-Founder Stoney Creek)/Playwright: Sheree Bradford-Lea

Mary Todd Lincoln (First Lady)/Playwright: Donna Latham

Melania Trump (First Lady)/Playwright: Diana Burbano

Michelle Obama (First Lady)/Playwright: Jessie Salsbury

Nadia Murad (Yazidi, student, UN Goodwill Ambassador)/Playwright: Lynda Crawford

Nellie T. Bush (State Senator)/Playwright: James E. Burnside

Octaviana Trujillo (Tribal Leader)/Playwright: Linda Evans

Phoolan Devi (Politician,Bandit)/Playwright: Sara K Larson

Phyllis Schlafly (political figure)/Playwright: Jo Brisbane

Sally Hemings (Mistress of Jefferson,Enslaved)/Playwright: Jennifer O’Grady

Sandra Day O’Connor (Supreme Court Justice)/Playwright:Thea Iberall

Sarah Franklin Bache (Patriot)/Playwright: Ariel Aliza Sanders and Matt Sanders

Shirley Chisholm (Congresswoman, Ran for President)/Playwright: Olga Humphrey

Sonia Sotomayor (Supreme Court Justice)/Playwright: Erin Moughon

Sophie Thomas- (Carrier People Elder, Co-Founder Stoney Creek)/Playwright: Sheree Bradford-Lea

Susanna Madora Salter (Mayor, Politician, Suffragist)/Playwright: Patricia Middleton

Victoria Woodhull (Ran for President,Stockbroker)/Playwright: Gina Scanlon

Weetamoo (Native American Sunksqua or chief)/Playwright: Lydia Williams

Wilma Mankiller (First female principal chief)/Playwright: Trish Ayers


Adelina Leveque- (Empress Consort of Haiti)/Playwright: Kendra Augustin

Agrippina the Younger (Empress of Rome)/Playwright: Erin Murray Quinlan

Alexandra Feodorovna (ex-Empress of Russia)/Playwright:R.Johns

Alva Vanderbilt (millionaire socialite, suffragette)​/Playwright: Beth Blatt

Princess Amelia of the United Kingdom (1783-1810)/Playwright: Carolyn Kras

Anastasia Romanv (Daughter of Tsar/Playwright: Carolyn Gage

Angharad ferch Owain (Queen)/Playwright: Tierra Bonser

ANNA DALASSENA (regent, ruled Byzantine Empire with her son Alexios-I)/Playwright: Toby Engelberg

ANNA KOMNENA (princess, historian)/Playwright: Toby Engelberg

Anne of Austria (Queen consort,Regent)/Playwright: Carol M. Rice

Anne Boleyn (accomplished woman/ ambitious courtier/ Queen of England/ proud mother)/ Playwright: KT Parker

Princess Augusta of the United Kingdom (1768-1840)/Playwright: Carolyn Kras

Calpurnia (wife of Caesar/widow of Caesar)/Playwright: Matthew Weaver

Catherine de Boufflers- (Royal Mistress, Poet, Painter)/Playwright: Talia Pura

Catherine de Medici (Queen of France)/Playwright: Aspen Mock

Catherine the Great (Empress of Russia)/Playwright: Nancy Cooper Frank

Catherine/Katherine Howard (child-bride/ Queen of England/ hormonal teenager/ ray of sunshine)/ Playwright: KT Parker

Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (1744-1818)/Playwright: Carolyn Kras
Princess Charlotte of the United Kingdom (1766-1828)/Playwright: Carolyn Kras

Cleopatra (Pharaoh)/Playwright: Claire Willett

EIRENE DOUKAINA (Empress, wife of Alexios-I, mother to Anna K.)/ Playwright: Toby Engelberg

Queen Elizabeth I (Queen)/Playwright: Carolyn Kras

Princess Elizabeth of the United Kingdom (1770-1840)/Playwright: Carolyn Kras

Elizabeth Bathory (Countess and Serial Killer)/Playwright: Anne Flanagan, Genny Yosco

Esther (Queen)/Playwright: Carolyn Gage

Gruoch of Scotland (Lady Macbeth)/Playwright: Claudia  Barnett

Gwenllian ferch Gruffudd (Queen, Warrior)/Playwright: Tierra Bonser

Hatshepsut (Pharaoh)/Playwright: Aspen Mock

Helen Osborne Storrow ( Heiress, Mentor of Female Immigrants, Benefactor, Pottery Founder)Playwright: Nancy Brewka-Clark

Helene Van Zuylen (Socialite,Writer)/Playwright: Jess Eisenberg

Henrietta Maria (Queen Consort, Wife of King Charles I)/Playwright: Carol M. Rice

Imelda Marcos (First Lady)/Playwright: Marina Castiñeira Ezquerra

Jane Grey (Queen,  Tudor, Lady Jane Grey, Dudley, Henry VIII, Edward VI)/Playwright: Connie Bennett

Jeanne de Luxembourg (Lady-in-waiting to the Queen of France) /(Playwright:Gabrielle

Jeanne de Verneville (Louis XIII’s half sister)/Playwright: Carol M. Rice

Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson (Madame de Pompadour) (Patron of the Arts, Mistress of Louis XV)/Playwright: Lisa Scott

Juliette Récamier (French Society Leader)/Playwright: Kristine Greenaway

Queen Ka’ahumanu (Hawaiian Royalty)/Playwright: Jennifer O’Grady

Kaiulani (Hawaiian princess)/Playwright: Christina Hamlett

Queen Katherine Parr (Queen)/Playwright: Carolyn Kras

Liliuokalani, Queen (Queen of Hawaii)/Playwright: Carolyn Gage

Louise de La Fayette (Courtier of Louis XIII)/Playwright: Carol M. Rice

Louise of Lorraine (Queen of France)/Playwright: Aspen Mock

Maria Nikolaevna (daughter of last Tsar of Russia)/Playwright:R.Johns

MARIA OF ALANIA (Empress of the Byzantine Empire)/Playwright: Toby Engelberg

MARIA OF BULGARIA (protovestiaria, mother in law of Alexios-I)/Playwright: Toby Engelberg

Maria Estuardo (Queen of Scots)/Playwright: Denise Despeyroux

Marie Antoinette (Queen of France)/Playwright: Susan Apker/ Playwright: KT Parker

Marie de Chevreuse (French Aristocrat)/Playwright: Carol M. Rice

Princess Mary of the United Kingdom (1776-1857)/Playwright: Carolyn Kras

Mary Stuart (Queen of France & Scotland/ murderess/ prisoner & conspirator)/ Playwright: KT Parker

Maud le Vavasour (Norman heiress, Outlaw, Historical model for Maid Marian)/Playwright: Connie Bennett

Mercedes Jellinek (Socialite,Car Namesake)/Playwright: Karen Jeynes

Merinedd ferch Gruffudd  (Princess)/Playwright: Tierra Bonser

Natalia Revuelta (Cuban Socialite, Lover of Fidel Castro)/Playwright: Stephanie Swirsky

Nefertiti (Pharaoh)/Playwright: Beatriz Cabur

Queen Nyabinghi (Queen, Rebellion, Slavery)/Playwright: Kim Louise

Nzinga Mbande(Princess of Ndongo-Modern Day Angola)/Playwright: Eugenie Carabatsos

Ola (Choctaw; Indianola, Mississippi; Native American princess)/Playwright: Rita Anderson

Olga Romanova  (Russian Princess, daughter of Czar Nicholas II)  )/ Playwright: Angela J. Davis

Olivia Soulouque- (Daughter of Empress Consort of Haiti Adelina Leveque)/Playwright: Kendra Augustin

Penthesileia (Amazon Queen)/Playwright: Robert F. Bradford

Pocahontas (Native American Princess)/Playwright: Pat Cheshire Jennings

Porcia Catonis (Ancient Roman, Nobility, Conspirer)/Playwright: Mora V. Harris

Princess Victoria Ka’iulani (Crown Princess of Hawaii)/Playwright: Trish Ayers

Queen Ka’ahumanu- (Hawaiian Royalty) Playwright: Carol Polcovar

Queen Keopoulani- (Hawaiian Royalty) Playwright: Carol Polcovar

Rhanult ferch Gruffudd  (Princess)/Playwright: Tierra Bonser

Sarah Forbes Bonetta (liberated, Queen Victoria’s goddaughter)/Playwright: Joslyn Housley McLaughlin

Princess Sophia of the United Kingdom (1777-1848)/Playwright: Carolyn Kras

Tatiana Romanova (Russian Princess, daughter of Czar Nicholas II)/Playwright: Angela J. Davis

Vashti (Queen of Persia)/Playwright: Carolyn Gage (2017)

Walladah bint al Mustakfi (Spanish Princess,Feminist)/Playwright: Mahasin D. Shamsid-Deen

Yekaterina Dashkova (Princess, Political Figure, Intellectual, Director of National Science Academy)/Playwright: Nancy Cooper Frank


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