Produce pieces by women and about women! You can search through our herstorical women and also our fabulous playwrights at the top.  Check out the ‘About 365’ page if you are interested in getting involved or want to have a 365 festival or play at your theatre.  Find out more: ABOUT US!

TEEN PLAYWRIGHTS: We are starting our second annual 365 Next Generation Playwriting Initiative.  Visit the page for all the information.  You will also find the information on our fantastic 2018 Next Gen playwrights: LyLena Estabine & Sarah Lina Sparks

PLAYWRIGHTS: CLAIMS ARE NOW OPEN FOR 2019!   Please check out the 2019 Information Page for everything you need to know.  If you have questions please email 365womenayear@gmail.com.  We look forward to writing with you.

2018 plays due: December 31, 2018



LIGHTNING GIRL, by Rita Anderson for 365 WAYP 2017, just published in Stonecoast Review Summer Issue 2018, which the editors described as “our best issue yet and it will, hopefully, set the template for many more to come.” –SR has poetry and short stories, and mine is the only play featured in the issue. [LIGHTNING GIRL, 4 W, 20 pp.]

Fabulous article on the 365 Festival at Rover Dramawerks in Texas!

Fantastic article on 365 in New York City Woman!

Jennifer O’Grady’s Charlotte’s Letters, part of 365 and inspired by Charlotte Bronte and Elizabeth Gaskell (also Meta Gaskell, Emily Bronte, and Madame Heger) won first place in the Henley Rose competition.

Lolly Ward’s play about Ethel Payne, The Ethel Party, will be published by Silk Road Review next year (Issue 19)

Check out a great write up about our recent 365 festival at Florida State University with White Mouse Productions.

Karen Rousso’s SCRUTABLE is a finalist for the Actors Theatre of Louisville’s Heideman Award.

Lolly Ward’s piece inspired by Ethel Payne and Alice Dunnigan, called “Black Press in the White House” will be published in the Smith and Kraus “105 Five-Minute Plays” coming out in March.

Jennifer O’Grady’s “FIRST DAY IN TRADE,” about Jackie Onassis and which she wrote for 365, will be published in The Best Ten-Minute Plays 2017, edited by Lawrence Harbison and due out later this year from Smith and Kraus. The play was first produced last year by Rover Dramawerks in its 365 festival.

Erin Moughon’s piece inspired by Aphra Behn “Just Say It Three Times” will be published in the Best Short Plays of 2017 edited by Lawrence Harbison. The original production starred fellow 365 playwright Kendra Augustin as Aphra Behn.

Our wonderful playwrights in Spain have had their pieces published!



Jennifer O’Grady’s “The Great Gaffe” will be published in Smith and Kraus’s The Best Ten-Minute Plays 2016! Congrats!

365 dramatist 1 365 dramatist 2

We are happy to be an affiliate of Women in the Arts & Media!

For more press check out our Press Page!


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JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2019: ANNE SEXTON, SYLVIA PLATH, and AMY WINEHOUSE performs at Hyde Park Theatre, as part of FronteraFest 2019—the “largest festival of its kind in the Southwest.” January-February 2019, Austin, TX. Written & Directed by Rita Anderson. Starring Johanna Whitmore, Nola Lafayette, and Amelia Turner.



SEPTEMBER 21-23 J. Lois Diamond’s “I Feel Good!” which was inspired by the life of Sharon Joneswill be produced in the Polaris North “The Lock Festival.”

SEPTEMBER 27-29 Trilogy by Gloria Schramm will be performed at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre Thurs-Fri Sept 27 and 28th 9pm and Sat Sept 29th at 3pm

SEPTEMBER 27-29 “Partner of-” by Rachael Carnes will be at the Midwest Dramatists Center – September 27-29, Kansas City.

AUGUST 9th-12th “Amanda Transcending” by Connie Bennett as a 15 minute piece in 2015. After experiencing the 2016 Inge Festival PlayLab, it’s now a full length piece, opening tonight as part of Theatre 33’s New Play series.

AUGUST 16th-25th Ellen Davis Sullivan’s Future Girl Visits Barbie’s Mom is in Theatre@First’s Festival@First 10: Heroes & Villains August 16-25th in Somerville, MA. https://www.facebook.com/events/1891045604532910/

JULY 13-29, 2018 Susan Hansell’s play EVERY CONCENTRATED FRAGMENT will be produced for 9 performances by the Tucson Players during their annual new play festival, July 13 – July 29, 2018 at the Tucson Community Playhouse, as directed by Scott Berg.

June 9-10, 2018 The Arts at Angeloria’s and Herstory Theater and producing “Anne,” by Gabriella Oldham. Directed by Rosemarie Beskind.

MAY 2018  J.Lois Diamond’s play, Hello Ocean, which was inspired by Nina Simone, has been selected  for presentation in the New Play Lab of the 37th Annual William Inge Theater Festival.  It will receive a public reading in May 2018. Only 20 scripts were chosen this year, from a crowded field.

MAY 2018  Beatrix in the Shadows by D Lee Miller will be performed at B3 Theatre’s First Festival of Shorts! Performances will be on May 11, 12, 18, and 19 at 8PM.  Their venue is The SIC Sense Theatre, 1902-9 E McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ if you’re in the area. Thanks to Ilana Lydia, Artistic Director at B3 Productions!


MARCH 22-31, 2018 Rover Dramawerks 4th Annual 365 Festival. ADMIRAL GRACE HOPPER REVISITS by Jennifer O’Grady  AN UNTIMELY LIKENESS by Nancy Cooper Frank, Playwright  BABE by Cindy Cooper  BEATEN by Carol M. Rice  BEST ACTRESS 1962 by Allie Costa  BETWEEN US GALS by Sue Yocum BLOODLETTING by Lisa A. Mammel
EVERY ROSE by Danielle Wirsansky OLGA’S LETTER by J Sanders Nelson  SARAH’S POEM by Charissa Menefee  THREE JUDY GARLANDS by Jess Eisenberg  UNVEILED by J. Thalia Cunningham

MARCH 18-21, 2018 History Lezons: A Festival of Short Plays at the Pride Arts Center in Chicago. Playwrights represented will include Sharece M. Selllem, Asia Nichols, Allison L. Fradkin, Robin Rice, Pat Montley, Shelley Hobbs, Shellen Lubin, Natalie Meisner, and Lena Wilson. The plays will be directed by Brianna Buckley, Denise Yvette-Serna, Charlotte Drover, JD Caudill, Taylor Craft, Nemo Serges, Alyssa Vera Ramos, Iris Sowlat, and Elizabeth Swanson.

MARCH 15-17, 2018  ‘Not a Game for Girls’ by Benjamin Peel is receiving a production at the Guildford School of Acting

MARCH 9th & 10th, 2018 HERSTORY will take place at the Institute Library in New Haven, CT, March 9th and 10th at 7pm. Plays include We-Remember written by Amy Oestricher and directed by Ingrid Oslund, Frida Kahlo: Heartbreaker written by Lylanne Musselman and directed by Teresa Langston, The Astonishing and the Lily written by Kendra Augustin and directed by Keith Paul, and The Legend of Sigridur Tomasdottir written by Natalie Osborne and directed by Moira Malone. There will be a raffle with gift cards to local business and other fabulous prizes. Refreshments will be served free of charge. There is a $10 suggested donation for entry. Tickets are available at the door or at https://institutelibrary.z2systems.com/np/clients/institutelibrary/event.jsp?event=1203

MARCH 9-11, 2018 2Cents Theatre in Acting Out INK Fest, March 9-11, 2018, in Los Angeles will produce Lolly Ward’s play about Ethel Payne, The Ethel Party.

MARCH 3, 2018 Oregon SWAN Day/365 Women a Year Readings presented by Oregon Contemporary Theatre and Northwest Ten Festival. Saturday, March 3, 2018, Oregon Contemporary Theatre, Eugene – 2:00 p.m. Open Public Reading (FREE) Readings of seven short plays by Oregon women, written as part of the 365 Women a Year Playwriting Project: “Invention” about Hedy Lamarr, written by Lolly Ward. “In Her Footprints” about Mary Leakey and Lucy, written by Connie Bennett. “Unter Investigation” about Mary Lou Kownacki, written by Nancy Hopps “New Year’s Ever 1939” about Alexandra Kollontai and Ada Nilsson, written by Barbara Corrado Pope.”Ice Front” about Elsie Parmann, written by Rachael Carnes.”Dancing with the Light” about Loie Fuller, written by Dorothy Velasco.The 48 Different Brilliant Colors of Magdalena Abakanowicz” about Magdalena Abakanowicz, written by Merridawn Duckler. Free. Suggested donations to Ophelia’s Place.

For more, check out our PAST PRODUCTIONS PAGE!

365 Women A Year Creating A Ribbon Of Hope

365 Women A Year Creating A Ribbon Of Hope