365 Next Gen

365 Next Generation          #365NextGen

Welcome playwrights ages thirteen to nineteen years old!  We are an international playwriting project that writes about 365 women in history every year.  We want to hear from young playwrights! The information to participate is below, along with information on our fabulous 2018 playwrights! If you have any questions email: 365womenayear@gmail.com


LyLena Estabine & Sarah Lina Sparks  (More info on their pieces and bios to come!)

2019 Information:

DEADLINE:  November 1st, 2019 (Participants need to be ages 13-19 on this date.)

PLAYS:  Must be about a woman or women in history.  They can still be living. The play can be any genre. (Comedy, Drama, Absurd, etc.)  Musicals welcome. You can put women who never met in life in a play together, so it does not have to be realistic.  Our pieces are loosely based on the women in history.  Plays can be written by one or more playwrights aged 13-19.


Page 1: Title page with play title, your name, your school (or put homeschool), teacher or parent contact with their email, and a phone number.

Page 2: List of characters with short descriptions and a few sentence bio on the women in history in your piece.

The play itself can be up to 10 pages.  Your title page and list of character page do NOT count as part of your 10 pages for your play.  Please put any stage directions in italic.

RESULTS: We will select the strongest pieces for staged readings in 2019. Those pieces and the honorable mentions will be listed on the 365 website as part of our project. The remaining pieces will receive encouraging notes on how the playwright can best improve their pieces for the future.

EMAIL YOUR PIECES TO: 365womenayear@gmail.com

Subject line: NextGen 2018- YOUR NAME

Body of the email: 100 word bio about you

Attach your play as a PDF.

Plays must be received by November 1st, 2019.