If you would like more information specifically about producing one of our plays, please email 365womenayear@gmail.com with the historical woman and the playwright in the body of the email.

***Our plays are loosely based on their historical counterparts.***

Alberta Williams King (Mother of MKL Jr)/Playwright: Rita Anderson

Alice Liddell (Inspired Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland)/Playwright: Allie Costa

Amanda DeCuis (Native American, Coos)/Playwright: Connie Bennett

Anna Alcott (Elder sister of Louisa May)/Playwright: Donna Latham

Anna Fischer (Social Worker,Art Collector)/Playwright: Suzanne Logan

Anna Lively (Ayn Rand’s Goddaughter)/Playwright: Elliot Huxtable

Anne Hathaway (Stay-at-home wife of William Shakespeare)/Playwright: Kenneth Robbins

Antonia Minor (Roman mother)/Playwright: Erin Moughon

Belle Gunness- (Serial Killer, Insurance Scammer, Black Widow)/Playwright: Kate Busselle

Bettie Randolph (homemaker, social maven)/Playwright Sarah Lawrence

Bonnie Stoll (Chief Handler)/Playwright: Lolly Ward

Boski Markus Antheil (Traveler,Homemaker)/Playwright: Lolly Ward

Camille Tarzia Holloway (Great-Aunt, Moxie)/Playwright: Lisa Nicoll

Carrie MacDonald (Dust Bowl Survivor/Domestic Worker)/Playwright: Suzanne Logan

Catherine “Kate” Dickens (Wife of Novelist Charles Dickens)/Playwright: Jennifer O’Grady

Charley Parkhurst (cross-dressing man, Stagecoach whip)/Playwright: Jayne B. Stearns

Cora Millay (Mother of Edna St. Vincent Millay)/Playwright: Karen Ackerman

Deborah Lacks (Daughter of Henrietta Lacks)/Playwright: Jessie Salsbury

Eleanor Butler ( Eccentric, Dilettante, Nonconformist)/Playwright: Karen Ackerman

Dame Eleanor Parks Shelton (mother of Sarah Shelton, farmer)/Playwright Sarah Lawrence

Eliza Morgan(Julia Morgan’s Mother)/Playwright: Lucy Wang(2015)

Elizabeth Wythe (homemaker, social maven)/Playwright Sarah Lawrence

Eloise Williams (Mother of Ntozake Shange, Educator, Social Worker)/Playwright: Amissa Miller (2015)

Fannie Tuttle (Daughter of Julia Tuttle the Mother of Miami)/Playwright: Marj O’Neill

Florence Elsa Bell (Half-sister of Gertrude Bell, wife of Herbert Richmond,)/Playwright: Jan B. Eliot

Frances Ann Hale Hunter (Daughter of Sarah Buell Hale)/Playwright: Emily Ball Cicchini

Galya Tchaikovskaya (friend of Natalia Peshkova)/Playwright: Danielle Wirsansky

Georgia E. Mann (Florida Settler)/Playwright: Johanna Miller

Grace Lyon (Companion/Child)/Playwright: Susan Battye

Grandmother of Grace Ogot (Told Grace stories from their culture)/Playwright: Jo Hull Brisbane

Guangkun Liming (Daughter of Liu-Wang Liming)/Playwright: Glenda Frank

Ibaado  (grandmother of Ayaan Hirsi Ali)/Playwright Robert Brophy

Josepha Hale (Daughter of Sarah Buell Hale)/Playwright: Emily Ball Cicchini

Julia Clark (Wife of William Clark the explorer)/Playwright:Kathleen Coudle King

Katharine Szenes- (Mother of Hanna Szenes)/Playwright: Danielle Wirsansky

Kathleen Millay (Sister of Edna St. Vincent Millay)/Playwright: Karen Ackerman

Kathy (Niece, Nurturer)/Playwright: Lisa Nicoll

Kitty Mills (Wife,Mother)/Playwright: Ian Low

Lady Byron (Philanthropist)/Playwright: Carolyn Gage

Ladies of Llangollen (Eccentrics, Dilettantes, Nonconformists)/Playwright:Karen Ackerman

Lavinia Dickinson (homemaker)/ Playwright Tom Noe

Lila Morgan (mother of Juliette Hampton Morgan) Playwright: J.Lois Diamond

Linda Tripp (Civil Servant, Small Business Owner)/Playwright: Sarah Tuft

Lisette Hassani (Ayn Rand’s Niece)/Playwright: Elliot Huxtable

Lizzie Borden (Alleged Murderer)/Playwright: Carolyn Gage

Lizzie Bell Carrithers (Grandmother extraordinaire)/Playwright: Pat Cheshire Jennings

Mananowe (Ojibwa)/Playwright: Wendy Hamilton

Marie-Angelique Memmie LeBlanc (Feral child)/Playwright: Kathleen McDonnell

Martha “Patsy” Henry (homemaker)/Playwright Sarah Lawrence

Mary (Daughter, College Student)/Playwright: Lisa Nicoll

Mary Bensell (Mary Hall Sturtevant Bensell, Oregon, Oysterville, Newport, Royal Bensell, Sturtevant)/Playwright: Connie Bennett

Mary Ann Cotton (Infamous, Serial Killer, Murderer, Murderess, Nurse, Executed)/Playwright: Lindsay Adams

Mary Jemison (Frontiersman,Adopted by Seneca)/Playwright: Teresa Stankiewicz

Mary Rozet Smith (Philanthropist/Companion of Jane Addams)/Playwright: Carolyn Gage

Minnie Harvey Huckel (Friend and Supporter of Mary Jane Elizabeth Colter) / Playwright: Micki Shelton

Myrtis (plague of Athens, Ancient Greece, archeology, orthodontia)/Playwright: Diana Burbano

Nancy Lane Smith (Homeless Woman)/Playwright: Lynda Crawford

NORA BARNACLE JOYCE – (muse) Playwright: Jack Gilhooley

Paula Snelling (partner of Lillian Smith)/Playwright: John Barrow

Rebecca Ord Peshine (Daughter of Angustias de la Guerra)/Playwright: Jennie Webb

Sarah Shelby McDowell (Daughter of Isaac Shelby, Wife of Ephraim McDowell)/Playwright: Nancy Gall-Clayton

Sarah More (Kentucky Sharecropper)/Playwright: Suzanne Logan

Sarah Ponsonby (Eccentric, Dilettante, Nonconformist)/Playwright: Karen Ackerman

Sylvia Beach (Publisher,Shakespeare and Company)/Playwright: Deb Caperton Ballard

Sylvia Beach Whitman (Publisher,Shakespeare and Company)/Playwright: Deb Caperton Ballard

Viola Hyatt (Murderer, Moonshiner)/Playwright: Kelly McBurnette-Andronicos

Virginia Waynescot (Daughter of Robert Newsom, Trial of Celia)/Playwright: Cari A. Hopson

Wootonekanuske (Native American)/Playwright: Lydia Williams

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