***Our plays are loosely based on their historical counterparts.***

If you would like more information specifically about producing one of our plays, please email 365womenayear@gmail.com with the historical woman and the playwright in the subject line or body of email.


Abigail Adams – “The Fairer Sex: The Life, Times and Plays of Mercy Otis Warren” (95 pages)/Playwright: Stephen Cedars (2017)/Abigail Adams. “Dear Abi(gail)” (29 pp.)/ Playwright Glenda Frank (2018)

Abigail Alcott- “Push Boldly Off” (67 pages)/Playwright: Donna Latham (2015)

Ada Lovelace- “Elegy of Ada”(3 pages)/Playwright: Sara Cowley (2018)

Adèle Aguié de Broc- “Happiness in Palaces” (39 pages)/Playwright: Christine Caccipuoti (2017)/Adèle Auguié – “Madame Campan’s Academy” (96 pages)/ Playwright: Lynn Marie Macy (2018)

Adelaide Herrmann – “Illusion of Control” (in progress) (13 pages)/Paywright: Pauline David-Sax (2017)

Adelina Leveque- ”Madame” (8 pages)/Playwright: Kendra Augustin (2015)

Adeline Hornbek- “The Hornbek House”(10 pages)/Playwright: Jason Rainey (2017)

Agatha Christie- “The Mysterious Affair at the Christies” (10 pages)/Playwright: Jennifer O’Grady (2016)

Agathe Uwilingiyimana -“Agathe” (29 pages / Playwright: Angela J. Davis (2018)

Aglaé Auguié –  “Madame Campan’s Academy” (96 pages)/ Playwright: Lynn Marie Macy (2018)

Agnes of Rome (St.)–“St. Agnes in Agony”(23 pages)/Playwright: Micki Shelton (2018)

Agnes de Mille-“The Dance Maker” (10 pages)/Playwright: Susan Shafer (2015)

Agrippina the Younger- “The Three Deaths of Agrippina”(50 pages)/Playwright: Erin Murray Quinlan (2016)

Aimée Dubuc de Rivery- “Harem”(78 pages)/Playwright: Jen Ferro (2017)

Aimee Semple McPherson – PREACHER GIRLS (14 pages), Playwright: Lyndol Michael (2018)

Aiyana Stanley-Jones-“Elegy for Aiyana” (38 pages)/Playwright: Alyson Mead (2015)

Akka Mahadevi – “Boundless” (10 pages)/Playwright:  Paula Cizmar (2016)

Ala Gertner- “Letters From Ala” (2 pages)/Playwright: Arlene Hutton (2015)

Alberta Williams King-”(Mama) King Chronicles”(20 pages) Playwright: Rita Anderson (2015)

Alexandra Kollontai – “New Year’s Eve 1939” (13 pages)/Playwright:  Barbara Corrado Pope (2017)

Alexandra Feodorovna – “Tchekov at The House of Special Purpose” (56 pages) Playwright:R.Johns (2017)

Alexandra David-Neel- “Adventuress Adventurous”(10 pages)/Playwright: Deborah Magid (2014)

Alexandrine Tinné-”The White Nile” (9 pages)/Playwright: Karin Diann Williams (2015)

Alice Austen- “Alice in Black and White”(5 pages)/Playwright: Robin Rice (2014)

Alice Augusta Ball- “The Chemistry Kahuna” (7pages)/Playwright: Ian Low (2019)

Alice Cary – “Advanced Women” (87 pages)/ Playwright: Michele Aldin Kushner (2017)

Alice Chase-”New Hampshire Yankee” (5 pages)/Playwright: Robin Rice (2015)

Alice Childress- “For Alice”/Playwright: Loy Webb (2014)

Alice Allison Dunnigan- “A Vote for Alice!”/Playwright: Larissa Brewington (2014)

Alice Hamilton- “ALICE FOR THE PEOPLE” (40 pages)/Playwright: Heide Arbitter (2017)

Alice Liddell- “She Was Never Lost”(6 pages)/Playwright: Allie Costa (2015)

Alice Roosevelt Longworth – “Alice: an evening with the tart-tongued daughter of Theodore Roosevelt” (55 pages)/Playwright: Kitty Felde (2016)

Alice Neel- “Painters in Purgatory”(13 pages)/Playwright: Lylanne Musselman (2014)

Alice Paul- “We Did it For You”(34 pages,Musical)/Playwright: Thea Iberall (2014)

Alice Huyler Ramsey- “Roadside Alice”(10 pages)/Playwright: Uma Incrocci (2017)

Alice B. Toklas- “Isosceles”/Playwright: Lynne S Brandon (2014)

Alice Woods – Not a Game for Girls (60 pages)Playwright: Benjamin Peel (2016)

Alicia Alonso- “Alicia Dances Giselle” (10 pages)/Playwright: Stephanie Swirsky (2014)

Alla Nazimova- “Hollywood Butterfly” (9 pages)/Playwright: Barbara Kahn (2014)

Alma de Bretteville Spreckels- “Alma of San Francisco” (61 pages)/ Playwright: Hilary Kaiser (2019)

Alma Mahler-Werfel – “The Alma Problem”(10 pages)/Connie Bennett (2016)

Alma Woodsey Thomas- “faith” (8 pages)/ Playwright: Amy Gijsbers van Wijk (2015)

Althea Gibson- “How She Played the Game”/Playwright: Cynthia L. Cooper  (2014)

Alva Belmont Vanderbilt- “In Case of Emergency, Strike Glass” (24 pages)/Playwright: Kathleen Coudle-King (2014)

Amanda DeCuis- “AMANDA TRANSCENDING”(13 pages)/Playwright: Connie Bennett (2015)

Ameé LeClerc – “Madame Campan’s Academy” (96 pages) Playwright: Lynn Marie Macy (2018)

Amelia of the United Kingdom (Princess) “The Subject” (84 pages)/Playwright: Carolyn Kras (2017)

Amelia Earhart- “Flying Blind”(10 pages)/Playwright: Kathleen Warnock  (2014)/Amelia Earhart- “The Most Courageous Act Is Love” (10 pages) Playwright: LZ Zephyr (2018)

America Ferrera- “Lupe’s America” (8 pages)/Playwright: Jess Eisenberg (2016)

Amma- “El Abrazo de Amma” (14 pages)/Playwright: Yolanda Dorado  (2014)

Amy Elizabeth Thorpe – “Game of War and Love”(20 pages)/Playwright: Laurel Wetzork (2016)

Amy Winehouse- “The 27 Club”/Playwright: Rita Anderson  (2014)

Ana Roque De Duprey ”Ana’s Show & Tell” (6 pages)/Playwright: Karina Richardson (2015)

Ana Garrido- “Yo destapé la Gurtel” (12 pages)/Playwright: Pilar G. Almansa (2016)

Ana Mendieta-”Silueta” (55 pages)/Playwright: Diana Burbano, Chris Shelton and Tom Shelton (2015)

Ana Navarro”Over Water Under Fire” (7 Pages) / Playwright: Jessie Salsbury (2017)

Ana Orantes-“Trece días”(3 pages)/Playwright: María Lourdes Vega Alonso (2018)

Anais Nin- “Box of Lies”(10 pages)/Playwright: Karin Diann Williams  (2014)

Anastasia Romanov “The Anastasia Trials in the Court of Women” (79 pages)/Playwright: Carolyn Gage (2017)

Andrea Dworkin – “End Papers” (50 pages)/Playwright: Jo Brisbane (2017)/Andrea Dworkin- “Us Against Us” (101 pages)/Playwright: Katherine Glover (2018)

Andree Borrel- “Down We Go” (10 pages)/ Playwright: Danielle Wirsansky (2017)

Angela Davis- “Something’s Got to Give”(26 pages)/Playwright: Sandra de Helen  (2014)

Angelina Weld Grimkè – “Two Words” (3 pages) – Playwright: Asia Nichols (2018)/Angelina Grimke/ “The Grimke Sisters Lead the Way” (12 pages)/Playwright: Grace W. Ellis (2019)

Angharad ferch Owain, Queen- “Gwenllian, Part I”(57 pages)/Playwright: Tierra Bonser (2015)

Angustias de la Guerra- “Historiadora”(11 pages)/Playwright: Jennie Webb (2015)

Ani Pachen – “Dreaming in Tibetan” (3  pages)/Melissa Nussbaum Freeman (2016)

Anita Loos-“Anita Loos, Beatrice Lillie and Fran Make A Sandwich”(7 pages)/Playwright: Sheree Bradford-Lea (2017)

Anita Pollitzer- “Georgia Makes a Scene” (10 pages)/Playwright: Susan Shafer (2014)

Ann Lee- “Children of God”(62 pages)/Playwright: Benjamin Peel (2019)

Ann Patchett- “Writing Your Own Tragedy”(1 page)/Playwright: Sara Cowley (2017)

Ann Radcliffe- “Alone, Alone, Oh” (57 pages)/Playwright: Karen Ackerman(2017)

ANN TAYLOR – “What you are” (29 pages)Playwright: Samantha Lierens (2016)

Ann Ford Thicknesse – “My thing is my own” (18pages)/Playwright :Peppy Barlow (2016)

Anna Akhmatova- “Poor Words of a Poet”(36 pages)/Playwright: Lynda Crawford (2015)

Anna Alcott- “Push Boldly Off” (67 pages)/Playwright: Donna Latham (2015)

Anna Mae Pictou Aquash- “My Aim is True”/Playwright: Lucy Wang  (2014)

Anna Bronte- “The Brontes Begin”(10 pages)/Playwright: N.G. McClernan  (2014)

Anna Mac Clarke- “One Black WAC”(6 pages)/Nancy Gall-Clayton  (2014)/Anna Mac Clarke-“The Colored Door at the Train Depot” (79 pages)/Playwright: Nancy Gall-Clayton (2018)

ANNA DALASSENA,  “Anna K. and the Alexiad” (57 pages)  Playwright: Toby Engelberg (2016)

Anna Elizabeth Dickinson- “Anna and the Mountain” (7 pages)/Playwright: Gabrielle Sinclair (2014)

Anna Fischer- “Knowing Women” (66 pages)/Playwright: Suzanne Logan (2019)

ANNA KOMNENA,  “Anna K. and the Alexiad” (57 pages)  Playwright: Toby Engelberg (2016)

Anna Coleman Ladd- “Unmasked”(19 pages)/Playwright:  Patti Cassidy (2015)

Anna Lively “The Value of a Reasoned Argument” (46 pages)/Playwright: Elliot D Huxtable (2016)

Anna Christina Olson- “The View from Here” (4 pages)/Playwright: Allie Costa  (2014)

Anna Pavlova- “Little Swan a Pas de Deux”(7 pages)/Playwright: Allie Costa  (2014)

Anna Politkovskaya – “The Murder of Anna Politkovskaya”(82 pages)/Playwright: Victoria Sadler (2017)

Anna Sokolow: “Anna Sokolow: Truth in Motion” (7 pages)/Playwright: Cynthia Chapman (2016)

Anna May Wong- “Scrutable”/Karen Rousso  (2014)

Anne of Austria- “One Night in the Garden”(60 pages)/Playwright: Carol M. Rice  (2014)

Anne Bailey-“As Good As Any” (7 pages)/Playwright: Patricia Middleton (2015)

Anne Boleyn/ “The Chamber of Beheaded Queens” (42 pages)/ Playwright: KT Parker (2017)/Anne Boleyn- “The King’s Legacy”(110 pages)/Playwright: Michael Radi (2018)

Anne Bonny- “Ride the Wild Wind or Die! Anne Bonny! From the Crow’s Nest!”/Playwright: Eva Montealegre  (2014)/Anne Bonny- “Mates”(12 pages)/Playwright: Sue Yocum (2018)

Anne Bradstreet-“Anne”(19 pages)/Playwright: Gabriella Oldham (2016)

Anne Wiggins Brown- “Becoming Bess: Anne Wiggins Brown” (15 pages)/Playwright: Lisa K. Winkler (2017)

Anne of Cleves- “The King’s Legacy”(110 pages)/Playwright: Michael Radi (2018)

Anne Frank- “In Such Good Company” (4 pages)/Playwright: Rita Anderson  (2014)

Anne Hathaway – “Tea with Anne” (23 pages)/Playwright: Kenneth Robbins (2017)

Anne Hutchinson- “We Did it For You”(34 pages,Musical)/Playwright:Thea Iberall  (2014)

Anne Lamott – “Shitty First Drafts” (26 pages)/Playwright: Kate M Carey (2016)

Anne Marshall – “Counting Cupids” (105 pages)/ Playwright: Nicole Heneveld (2018)

Anne Pashley – “The Fastest Ever Singer”(2 pages)/Playwright: Benjamin Peel (2019)

Anne Sexton- “The 27 Club”/Playwright: Rita Anderson  (2014)

Anne Sullivan- “Round Two”/Playwright: Julie Riggs  (2014)

Anne Vaux- “God’s Enemies” (59 pages)/Playwright: Benjamin Peel (2017)

Annemarie Schwarzenbach-“NASTY: The Lives of Peggy Guggenheim,Annemarie Schwarzenbach and Nancy Cunard”(40pages)Playwright: Germaine Shames (2017)

Annie Montague Alexander- “Petrified!” (29 pages)/Playwright: Kate Busselle (2019)

Annie Besant-BABI YAGA AND BESANT- 12 pages/Playwright Susan Merson (2017)

Annie Jump Cannon- “Pleiades Rising” (48 pages)/Playwright: Lisa Jayne (2014)

Annie Londonderry “Annie Londonderry Spins a Tale” (20 pages)/Playwright: Christina Hamlett (2019)

Annie Turnbo Malone- “Annie, You Poor O’ Soul”(17 pages)/Playwright: Asia Nichols (2015)

Annie E. A. Walker – “The Pastels of Paris”(6 pages) playwright: Michael angel Johnson (2017)

Antonia Minor-  “Antonia Minor” (3 pages)/Playwright: Erin Moughon (2017)

Antonieta Rivas Mercado- “Antonieta” (38 pages)/Playwright: Verónica Musalem Moreno (2015)

Anzia Yezierska – “Writer” (39 pages)/Playwright: Ellen W. Kaplan (2017)

Aphra Behn- “Just Say it Three Times”(21 pages)/Playwright: Erin Moughon (2015)/Aphra Behn – “Counting Cupids” (105 pages)/ Playwright: Nicole Heneveld (2018)

Arcangela Tarabotti (aka Elana Cassandra Tarabotti and Galerana Baratotti) (2 pages)/Playwright: DS Magid (2016)

Artemisia Gentileschi- “Artemisia & Hildegarde”(60 pages)/Playwright: Carolyn Gage  (2014)/Artemisia Gentileschi- “La Maestra” (109 pages)/Playwright: Paul Pasulka (2018)

Aspasia of Miletus – “Aspasia 2.0” (17 pages)/Playwright: Raquel Provencio (2016)

Assata Shakur- “She Who Struggles” (20 pages)/Playwright: Renee Rankin  (2014)

Atossa- “The Queen’s Breast” (9 pages)Playwright: Pippa Roberts (2018)

Audrey Hepburn – “Best Actress 1962” (10 pages) / Playwright: Allie Costa (2016)

Audrey Munson- “Model Behaviour” (76 pages)/Playwright L. A. Green (2016)

Aurelia Browder “”Winning” (10 pages)/Playwright: Jennifer O’Grady (2019)

Augusta of the United Kingdom (Princess) “The Subject” (84 pages)/Playwright: Carolyn Kras (2017)

Augusta Savage- “The Rejection”(11pages) Playwright: Michael angel Johnson(2017)

Aung San Suu Kyi-“Shattered Isolation” (30 pages)/Playwright: Lani Anderson  (2014)

Ava Lowle Wiling Astor – “Izzy Sticks with It”(36 pages)/Playwright: Rex McGregor (2019)

Ava DuVernay ”Ava” (2 pages)/Playwright: Jessie Salsbury (2015)

Avril Difram- “Raqqa”(1 Page)/Playwright: Jessie Salsbury (2019)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali- “#Qworegoys (“Hashtag KwoRayGoEess”)” (27pgs)/Playwright Robert Brophy

Ayn Rand “The Value of a Reasoned Argument” (46 pages)/Playwright: Elliot D Huxtable (2016)


Barbara Demick- “Purloined Papers” (14 pp.)/ Playwright: Glenda Frank (2017)

Babe Didrikson- “How She Played the Game”/Playwright: Cynthia L. Cooper  (2014)

Barbara Newhall Follett- “Anchorless,”(5 pages)/ Playwright: Natalie Osborne (2016)

Barbara Grimes- “But Elvis, We’re Dead”/Playwright: Jess Eisenberg  (2014)

Barbara Jordan- “My Mother Says Not to Make Me Pretty” (4 pages)/Playwright:Linda Britt  (2014)

Barbara McClintock- “Maize”(60 pages)/Playwright: Judith Pratt  (2014)

Barbara Villiers Palmer – “Counting Cupids” (105 pages)/ Playwright: Nicole Heneveld (2018)

Barbara Strozzi- “Barbara Strozzi ~ Donna Bella”(5 pages)/Playwright: Deborah Magid (2015)

Bebe Moore Campbell- “Moon Blood”(60 pages)/Playwright: Meredith L. King (2017)

Beatrice of Provence- “Margaret and Beatrice” (3W, 7 pages)/Playwright: Jess Eisenberg (2018)

Beatrice Alexander- “Madame Doll”(13 pages)/Playwright: K.A. Brokaw (2015)

Beatrice Lillie-“Anita Loos, Beatrice Lillie and Fran Make A Sandwich”(7 pages)/Playwright: Sheree Bradford-Lea (2017)

Beatrix Potter- “Beatrix in the Shadows” (11 pages)/Playwright: D Lee Miller  (2014)

Begum Hazrat Mahal- ”The Peacock and the Nightingale” (39 pages)/Playwright: Julie Lyn Barber (2015)

Bella Abzug- “We Did it For You”(34 pages,Musical)/Playwright: Thea Iberall  (2014)

Belle Cora “After the Gold Rush” (103 pages) / Playwright: CJ Verburg (2019)

Belle Gunness- “Triflers Need Not Apply”(70 pages)/Playwright: Kate Busselle (2019)

Belle Starr- “The Bandit Queen”(5 pages)/Playwright: Jennifer Bradley (2018)

Benedetto Carlini “Stigmata” (96 pages)/Playwright: Carolyn Gage (2017)

Berta Cáceres (Berta Isabel Cáceres Flores) “Berta No Murió, Se Multiplicó” (4 pages)/Playwright: Sarah Tuft (2016)

Berth Von Suttner, (née Countess Kinsky) – “Kinsky” (76 pages)/Playwright: Tee Schneider (2016)/Bertha Von Suttner-  “Four Actors, Puppets, and Baroness Bertha von Suttner” (12 pages)/Playwright: Erin Moughon (2018)

Bertha Honoré Palmer, “Yes, I Cut Marble, Mrs. Grant” (16 pages)/Playwright: Nancy Gall-Clayton (2018)

Bertha Pappenheim-“Anna O.” (90 pages)/Playwright: Paul Pasulka (2017)

Berthe Morisot- “For Louvre or Manet” (10 pages)/Playwright: Deborah Magid  (2014)

Beryl Mills – “Poise & Place”(10 pages)/Playwright: Ian Low (2016)

Bessie Coleman- “Fly Girl”/Playwright: Renee Lucas Wayne (2014)

Bessie Smith – “Bessie and Clara Sing the Blues” (36 pages)/Playwright: Julie Lyn Barber (2016)

Beth *Real Name Unknown* “Elizabeth” (65 pages)/Playwright: Sara Lyons (2017)

Bette Davis- “Bette Davis Eyes”/Playwright: Talia Pura (2014)

Bette Hemmings- “Mama Bette” (12 pages)/Playwright: Elsa Rael  (2014)

Bettie Randolph “Liberty” (96 pages)/Playwright: Sarah Lawrence (2018)

Bettina Aptheker – “Where We’re Going” – (9 pages) Playwright Roberta D’Alois (2017)

Betty Friedan- “We Did it For You”(34 pages,Musical)/Playwright: Thea Iberall  (2014)

Beverly Cleary – “Sit Here For the Present: An Appreciation of Beverly Cleary (4 pages)/Playwright: Matthew Weaver (2017)

Billie Holiday- “God Bless the Child of Strange Fruit”(50 pages)/Playwright: Julie English-Dixon (2015)

Billie Allen “Rosetta LeNoire: Working the Mission” (12 pages)/Playwright Jean Hartley Sidden (2016)

Billie Jean King- “We Did it For You”(34 pages,Musical)/Playwright: Thea Iberall  (2014)

Boadecia- “Boadecia: Gather the Women”/Playwright: Suzanne Wingrove (2014)

Bonnie Stoll- “Over the Ocean” (30 pages)/Playwright: Lolly Ward (2016)

Bree Newsome- “The Race Box”(5 pages)/Playwright: Connie Bennett (2015)

Bridget, St.- “Saints in Revolt”/Playwright: Coni Ciongoli Koepfinger (2014)

Bridget “Biddy” Mason- “The Open Hand is Blessed” (9 pages)/Playwright: Monique Simpson (2014)

Bridget Moran- “When Women Cry Bloody Murder” (7 pages)/Playwright: Sheree Bradford-Lea (2015)

Broncia Koller-Pinell- “Nude with Oblong Halo” (11 pages)/Playwright: Rex McGregor (2016)

Buffalo Calf Road- “The Way of Things”(10 pages)/Playwright: Earl T. Roske (2014)

Buffy Sainte Marie- “Breed Superstition” (15 pages)/Playwright:Catherine Frid (2014)

Butterfly McQueen- “Hollywood Butterfly”(10-15 pages)/Playwright: Barbara Kahn (2014)


C.J. Walker- “I Promoted Myself” (9 pages)/Playwright: A’Lelia Bundles (2014)

Calpurnia – “Calpurnia Delivers Caesar’s Papers to Mark Antony” (7 pages)/Matthew Weaver (2017)

Camille Claudel-“Camille” (9 pages) Playwright: J.Lois Diamond (2018)

Camille Tarzia Holloway- “In Passing” (11 pages)/Playwright: Lisa Nicoll (2014)

Candace Lyle Hogan- “Over the Ocean” (30 pages)/Playwright: Lolly Ward (2016)

Carlett Angianlee Brown/”Carlett’s Just Carlett”/(10 pages) /Playwright: Kat Mustatea (2016)

Carlota O’Neill- “Un Mar De Papel” (14 pages)/Playwright: Inmaculada Alvear (2014)

Carlotta Monti- “Juggling with Mr. Fields” (75 pages)/Playwright: Jennifer O’Grady (2016)

Carmen Miranda- “Latino” (60 pages)/Playwright: Camila Le-Bert (2014)

Carol Burnett / “The Laugh” / 8 pages /Playwright: Kim Kelly (2019)

Caroline Branham- “Bloodletting” (10 pages)/Playwright: Lisa Mammel (2014)

Caroline Herschel- “Absolute Magnitude”(60 pages)/Playwright: Melody Cooper (2014)

Caroline Elizabeth (Thomas) Merrick-“Circus Lady?”(15 pages)/Playwright: Charlene A. Donaghy (2018)

Caroline Bonaparte Murat- “Happiness in Palaces” (39 pages)/Playwright: Christine Caccipuoti (2017)/Caroline Bonaparte – “Madame Campan’s Academy” (96 pages)/Playwright: Lynn Marie Macy (2018)

Caroline Norton-“Bread Watered With Tears” (2 pages)/ Playwright: KT Parker (2016)

Caroline Henrietta Callander Sheridan-“Bread Watered With Tears” (2 pages)/ Playwright: KT Parker (2016)

Carrie Buck “The Colony” (96 pages)/Playwright: Gina Stevensen (2018)

Carrie Chapman Catt-“The Road to Woman’s Suffrage” (30 pages)/Playwright: Lisa K. Winkler (2019)

Carrie Fisher – “JUDGEMENT DAYS” (11 pages)/Playwright: D. Lee Miller (2017)

Carrie MacDonald- “Knowing Women” (66 pages)/Playwright: Suzanne Logan (2019)

Carrie (Carry) Nation- “Carry On” (10 pages)/Playwright: Trish Ayers (2014)

Carson McCullers- “Lillian, Paula. Carson.” (3 characters, 85 pages)/Playwright: John Barrow (2017)

Caster Semenya- “Caster” (10 pages)/Playwright: Kat Mustatea (2014)

Catalina de Erauso- “Swordplay” (10 pages)/Playwright: Rita Kniess Barkey (2014)/Catalina de Erauso. “Catalina de Erauso” (94 pages)/Playwright: Jean Reynolds (2018)

Catharine MacKinnon- “Us Against Us” (101 pages)/Playwright: Katherine Glover (2018)

Catharine Danenhold Melcher- “First Woman of Industry”(10 pages)/Playwright: Nancy  Gall-Clayton (2014)

Catharine Montour- “Queen Catharine” (16 pages)/Playwright: Judith Pratt (2014)

Cathay Williams- “Sound Off”/Playwright: Amina McIntrye (2014)

Catherine the Great “An Untimely Likeness”(10 pages)/Playwright: Nancy Cooper Frank (2016)

Catherine of Aragon- “The King’s Legacy”(110 pages)/Playwright: Michael Radi (2018)

Queen Catherine of Braganza – “Counting Cupids” (105 pages)/ Playwright: Nicole Heneveld (2018)

Catherine de Boufflers- “Emilie and Voltaire” (48 pages)/Playwright: Talia Pura (2014)

Catherine “Kate” Dickens- “Expectations”/Playwright: Jennifer O’Grady (2019)

Catherine de Medici- “Une Belle Fleur”(36 pages)/Playwright: Aspen Mock (2015)

Catherine the Great- “The Trouble With Catherine” (60 pages)/Playwright: Nancy Cooper Frank (2015)

Catherine/Katherine Howard/ “The Chamber of Beheaded Queens” (42 pages)/ Playwright: KT Parker (2017)/Catherine Howard- “The King’s Legacy”(110 pages)/Playwright: Michael Radi (2018)

Catherine Parr- “The King’s Legacy”(110 pages)/Playwright: Michael Radi (2018)

Cecilia, St.- “The Patron Saint of Music” (30 pg,musical)/Playwright: Ash Sanborn (2014)

Cecilia Payne-“Pleiades Rising” (50 pages)- Playwright: Lisa Jayne (2014)

Celia- ”Celia: A Case for Murder” (39 pages)/Playwright: Cari A. Hopson (2015)

Celia Cruz- “Celia Buys a Dress”(5 pages)/Playwright: Yani Perez (2015)

Celia Morgan “Yellow Rose: The Legend of Emily West” (115 pages)/Playwright: Sarah Lawrence (2018)

Charley Parkhurst – “A Multitude of Secrets for Mr. Charley Parkhurst” (16 pages)/Playwright: Jayne B. Stearns (2016)

Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (Queen) “The Subject” (84 pages)/Playwright: Carolyn Kras (2017)
Charlotte of the United Kingdom (Princess) “The Subject” (84 pages)/Playwright: Carolyn Kras (2017)

Charlotte Bronte- “The Brontes Begin” (10 pages)/Playwright: N.G. McClernan (2014) AND “Charlotte’s Letters” (95 pages)/Playwright: Jennifer O’Grady (2016)/Charlotte Bronte,  “Currer Bell,”  (10 pp.)/ Playwright: Glenda Frank (2017).

Charlotte Corday – “Charlotte” (17 pages) / Playwright: Angela J. Davis (2017)/Charlotte Corday – “The Shooting Gallery” (30 pages)/Playwright: Kat Meads (2018)

Charlotte Cushman- “Oh, To Be Lesbians in the 19th Century”/Playwright: Jess Eisenberg (2014)

Charlotte Delbo “Every Concentrated Fragment” (47 pages and 30 pages)/Playwright:  Susan Hansell (2017)

Charlotte Forten Grimke- “Trouble the Water” (40 pages)/Playwright: Katherine Brokaw (2014)

Charlotte Salomon- “Life? Or Theater?” (43 pages)/Playwright: Charlotte Ostrow (2017)/Charlotte Salomon – “As Happy As God In France” (62 pages)/Playwright: Julia Pascal (2018)

Cheng Shih- “Madame Red” (27 pages)/Playwright: TD Mitchell (2015)

Christina (queen of Sweden)—“The Gateway of the Soul”(9 pages)/Playwright: Wim Coleman (2017)

Christina The Astonishing-“The Astonishing and The Lily”(7 pages)/Playwright: Kendra Augustin (2015)

Christiana Figueres- “La Lucha Sin FIn”(10 pages)/Playwright: Nancy Hopps (2016)

Christina Rossetti- “Goblins Into Angels” (11 pages)/ Playwright: Christine Emmert (2019)
Christine McKoy “Incredible Darlings” (7 pages)/Playwright: Asia Nichols (2016)

Christine de Pizan- ”The Visions of Christine” (49 pages)/Playwright: Kirsten Brandt (2015)/Christine de Pizan “City of Ladies” (76 pages)/Playwright: Lorraine Liscio (2019)

Claire Clairmont – “Horrifying Mary”(10 pages)/Playwright: Rex McGregor (2018)

Clara Barton- “This Lady Doesn’t Stop”(25 pages)/Playwright: Cindy Cooper (2015)

Clara Brown “Clara Brown shoos away the buzzing in her ear”(5 pages & Monologue version)/Playwright: Judy Meiksin (2019)

Clara Rilke-Westhoff- “Self-Portrait” (6 pages)/Playwright: Ian Low (2018)

Clara Compoamor- “Cinco Tardes Junto a Clara Campoamor” (9 pages)/Playwright: Juana Escabias (2015)

Clara Joseph-”Pre-War” (8 pages)/Playwright: Jennifer O’Grady (2015)

Clara Lemlich-“Shirtwaist Girls, Unite!” (8 pages)/Playwright: Susan Shafer (2019)

Clara Schumann- “Le Grand Silence”(10 pages)/Playwright: Lily Meyer (2015)

Clara Smith – “Bessie and Clara Sing the Blues” (36 pages)/Playwright: Julie Lyn Barber (2016)

Clare Hollingworth- “Clare”(17 pages),Playwright: J.Lois Diamond (2017)

Claribel Cone- “The Adventures of Etta and Claribel”/Playwright: Jess Eisenberg (2014)

Claudette Colvin “Winning” (10 pages)/Playwright: Jennifer O’Grady (2019)

Claudette Osborne-Tyo – “See the Sign” (4 pages)/Playwright: Trish Ayers (2016)

Cleopatra- “Office 62-B” (16 pages)/Playwright: Claire Willett (2014)

Clodia Metulli- “Poison’s Fruit” (10 pages)/Playwright: Christine Emmert (2019)

Concepcion’Connie’Picciott-“Olga’s Letter”(10 pages)/Playwright:J. Sanders-Nelson(2017)

Condaleeza Rice- “Condi on Ice” (10 pages,Musical)/Playwright: Libby Emmons (2014)

Connie St Louis “The Trouble With Girls” (4 pages)/Playwright: Sarah Tuft (2016)

Constance Mary Lloyd- “Constance: The Art of Being Mrs. Oscar Wilde” (115 pages)/Playwright: Suzanne Lederer (2017)

Constance Markievicz- “Changed Utterly”(54pp)/Playwright: Joan Bryans (2018)

Cora Millay – “Jump the Bright Line: The Trial of Edna St. Vincent Millay” (101 pages)/ Playwright: Karen Ackerman (2018)

Coreen Thomas- “When Women Cry Bloody Murder” (7 pages)/Playwright: Sheree Bradford-Lea (2015)

Corita Kent- “faith” (8 pages) / Playwright: Amy Gijsbers van Wijk (2015)

Cornblossom- “The River Runs Red”(12 pages)/Playwright: Brenda White (2014)

Cornelia “Fly Rod” Crosby- “The Parmachene Belle”(45 pages)/Playwright: Carolyn Gage (2014)

Cornelia Sorabji – “The Misfit of Bombay” (26 pages)/Playwright: Christina Hamlett (2018)

Countess Markiewics- “The Countess and the Lesbians”(40 pages)/Playwright: Carolyn Gage (2014)


Daisy Bates- “Rock” (25 pages) /Playwright: Larissa Brewington (2014)

Debbie Reynolds – “JUDGEMENT DAYS” (11 pages)/Playwright: D. Lee Miller (2017)

Deborah Feldman “Deborah’s Match” (7 pages) Playwright: Susan Shafer (2018)

Deborah Samson Gannett- “White and Male”/Playwright: Jess Eisenberg (2014)

Deborah “Debbie” Harry/ “Once Had A Love” (10 pages)/ Playwright: KT Parker (2016)

Deborah Lacks- “HeLa” (25 pages)/Playwright: Jessie Salsbury (2014)

Delia Larkin-“Changed Utterly”(54pp)/Playwright: Joan Bryans (2018)

Denise Bloch – “The Life That I Live” (10 pages/Playwright:  Libby Mitchell (2018)

Devorah-“Devorah, or Belief” (24 pages)/Playwright: Deborah Magid (2015)

Diana, Princess of Wales (formerly Princess Diana)/ “Trilogy”(16 pages)/Playwright: Gloria Schramm (2018)

Diana Nyad – “Over the Ocean” (30 pages)/Playwright: Lolly Ward (2016)

Diane Warren-  “The Warren Piece or Derek Waters Please Don’t Sue Me” ( 6 pages)/Playwright: Erin Moughon (2016)

Dido- “Dido: Queen of Carthage” (101 pages)/Playwright: Phil Darg (2018)

Digna Ochoa   “Digna” (19 pages) Playwright: Patricia Davis (2017)

Dini Von Mueffling- “Marvel(ous) Monica” (23 pages)/Playwright: Sarah Tuft (2015)

Dolley Madison – “Mrs. Madison’s White House” (27 pages)/Playwright: Christina Hamlett (2018)

Dolores Huerta- “Good Grapes” (20 pages)/Playwright: Jennie Webb (2014)

Dolores Ibarurri- “A Lucid Dream” (51 pages)/Playwright: Begonya Plaza (2014)

Doña Maria Gertrudis “La Tules” Barceló – “The Hall of Final Ruin”(107 pages)/Playwright: Kelly McBurnette-Andronicos (2015)

Doña Paula Hernandez- “La Dona of Santa Cruz” (9 pages)/Playwright: Melissa Nussbaum Freeman (2014)

Dora Maar- “The Souvenir” (7 pages)/Playwright: Robin Baron (2017)

Dorothea Dandridge “Liberty” (96 pages)/Playwright: Sarah Lawrence (2018)

Dorothea Tanning – “100 Birthdays” (2 pages monologue)/Playwright: Lylanne Musselman (2018)

Dorothy Dandridge-  “CASTING CARMEN” (11 pages) Playwright: Laurel A. Lockhart (2016)

Dorothy Day “Day By the Sea”(12 pages)/Playwright: Nancy Irene Kelly (2017)

Dorothy Canfield Fisher “Duel of Wills” (52pp.)/Playwright Robert Brophy (2017)

Dorothy Lamour- “Scrutable” (12 pages)/Playwright: Karen Rousso (2014)

Dorothy Parker-“The Wit of Dorothy Parker” (11 Pages)/Playwright: Elaine Flynn (2017)

Dorothy Thompson “The Instrument” (23 pages)/Playwright: Alyson Mead (2018)

Dorothy Wordsworth – ‘Dorothy and William’ (49 pages)/Playwright: Jane Sunderland (2018)

Dowager Ci’an, Empress- “Try Not to Get Assassinated” (11 pages)/Playwright: Joy Tomasko (2014)

Dowager Cixi, Empress- “Try Not to Get Assassinated” (11 pages)/Playwright: Joy Tomasko (2014)

Dymphna (Saint)-“The Astonishing and The Lily”(7 pages)/Playwright: Kendra Augustin (2015)

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