Business, Education, Sciences


Annie Turnbo Malone (Entrepreneur, Philanthropist)/Playwright: Asia Nichols

Beatrice Alexander (Businesswoman, Alexander Doll Company Founder)/Playwright: K.A. Brokaw

Belle Cora (entrepreneur, madame, sex worker)/Playwright: CJ Verburg

Bertha Honoré Palmer/(Businesswoman,Socialite,Philanthropist,Land Developer,Rancher)Playwright Nancy Gall-Clayton

Beryl Mills (Beauty Queen,Advertising Agent,Librarian)/Playwright: Ian Low

C.J. Walker (Self-made Millionaire,Philanthropist,Activist)/Playwright: A’Lelia Bundles

Catharine Danenhold Melcher (Business woman)/Playwright: Nancy Gall-Clayton

Dini Von Mueffling (Publicist, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist)/Playwright: Sarah Tuft

Doña Maria Gertrudis “La Tules” Barceló (Gambler, Entrepreneur, Businesswoman)/Playwright: Kelly McBurnette-Andronicos

Edna Lewis (Chef, Southern Chef, Cookbook Author)/Playwright: Claudia I. Haas

Evva Pryor (lawyer) / Playwright: Elliot D Huxtable

Florence Alexander (Businesswoman, Family Doll Business)/Playwright: K.A. Brokaw

Frances Smith (President of the Ford Hall Forum)/Playwright: Elliot Huxtable

Hannah Alexander (Businesswoman, First Doll Hospital Founder)/Playwright: K.A. Brokaw

Jean Alexander (Businesswoman, Family Doll Business)/Playwright: K.A. Brokaw

Judy Reed (patent recipient, inventor)/Playwright: Rachel Dickson

Juliette Gordon Low (Founder of the Girl Scouts)/Playwright: Susan Shafer

Lou Graham (Madame,Founder of Seattle,Financial Expert)/Playwright: Kate Danley

Lucita Castañón (Business Owner, Mother of Lupe Ontiveros)/Playwright: Jess Eisenberg

Lula Hill (Business woman, Assata Shakur’s grandmother)/Playwright: Renee Rankin

Maggie Lena Walker (business woman, banker)/Playwright: Rachel Dickson

Mali Spighel (Founder; Philanthropist)/Playwright: Judy Meiksin

Martha Stewart (Business woman)/Playwright: Robin Rice

Mary Kay Ash (Business Owner, Cosmetics)/Playwright: Thea Iberall

Mary Elizabeth Fairless (Workhouse / post-World War 1 Britain) Playwright:Mandy Carpenter

Mary Fields (Business, First Black Postal Worker)/Playwright: Melody Cooper

Minnie Cox (First female African-American Postmaster, Banker, Insurance Company)/Playwright: Rita Anderson

Monica Lewinsky (Entrepreneur)/Playwright: Sarah Tuft

Rose Alexander (Businesswoman, Family Doll Business)/Playwright: K.A. Brokaw

Ruth Handler (Designer, Businesswoman)/Playwright: Ellen Davis Sullivan

Sarah Recktor (oil-rich)/Playwright: Asia Nichols

Viola Desmond (Business Woman/Beautician/Activist/first woman on banknote) Playwright: Andrea Scott

Math & Science

Ada Lovelace (Royalty,STEM,Inventor)/Playwright: Sara Cowley

Alice Augusta Ball (Science Pioneer,Chemist, Professor)/Playwright: Ian Low

Annie Montague Alexander – (Paleontologist, Anthropologist, Explorer)/Playwright: Kate Busselle

Annie Jump Cannon (Astronomer)/Playwright: Lisa Jayne

Barbara McClintock (Cytogeneticist)/Playwright: Judith Pratt

Bertha Pappenheim (psychoanalysis, social work)/Playwright: Paul Pasulka

Caroline Herschel (Astronomer)/Playwright: Melody Cooper

Carrie Buck (Eugenics, Plaintiff in 1927 Supreme Court case Buck vs. Bell)/Playwright: Gina Stevensen

Cecilia Payne (Astronomer,Astrophysicist)/Playwright: Lisa Heydenreich Jayne

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson/(Doctor/Educator/Social Reformer/Mayor)/Playwright: Ian Low

Elizabeth Philpot (Amateur Paleontologist)/Playwright: Claudia I. Hass

Emilie du Chatelet (Mathematician,Physicist)/Playwright: Talia Pura

Emily Hahn(Explorer, Writer, Engineer)/Playwright: Christine

Giulia Tofana (Apothecary, Herbalist, Poisoner)/Playwright:  Eva C. Schegulla

Henrietta Lacks (Scientist)/Playwright: Jessie Salsbury

Henrietta Swan Leavitt (Harvard astronomer, theoretician)/Playwright: Robert Brophy

Hortense Powdermaker (Anthropologist)/Playwright: Amina McIntyre

Hypatia (Astronomer,Mathematician,Philosopher)/Playwright: Lauren Tunnell

Jane Goodall (Researcher, Environmentalist, Animal Welfare)/Playwright: Erin Moughon

Jeanne Villepreux-Power (Scientist, Naturalist, Biologist, Inventor)/Playwright: Ellen Struve

Jocelyn Bell Burnell (Astrophysicist)/Playwright: Allie Costa

Julia H. P. Coleman (Pharmacist,Social Activist,Entrepreneur)/Playwright: A’Lelia Bundles

Juliane Koepcke (Biologist, Zoologist, airplane crash survivor/miracle)/Playwright: Rita Anderson

Kalpana Chawla (Astronaut)/Playwright: Natalie Osborne

Kate Rice (Prospector)/Playwright: Hope McIntyre

Katherine Johnson (Physicist, Space Scientist, Mathematician)/Playwright: Heather Graham & Eric Church

Lise Meitner (physicist)/Playwright: Erin Moughon

Lucy (Australopithecus,Afarensis)/Playwright: Connie Bennett

Mae C. Jemison (Astronaut, Physician)/Playwright: Asia Nichols

Margaret E. Knight- (Inventor)/Playwright: Anne Flanagan

Maria the Jewess (Alchemist)/Playwright: David Marrs

Maria Mitchell (Astronomer)/Playwright: Melody Cooper

Marie Curie (Scientist)/Playwright: Naomi Elster

Marie-Anne Paulze Lavoisier (Scientist)/Playwright: Rex McGregor

Marjorie Stoneman Douglas (Environmentalist)/Playwright: Robin Rice

Martine Rothblatt (Technology, Biology, Law)/Playwright: Kat Mustatea

Mary Anning (Paleontologist)/Playwright: Claudia I. Hass

Mary Whiton Calkins (Philosopher, Psychologist, first female president of the AMA)/Playwright: Sarah Tuft

Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter (Architect)/Playwright: Emily Ball Cicchini

Mary Leakey (Paleoanthropologist)/Playwright: Connie Bennnett

Melba Roy Mouton (Head mathematician for Nasa)/Playwright: Melody Cooper

Mildred Dresselhaus (Physicist/Engineering Research Scientist/MIT Professor/Queen of Carbon)/Playwright: C.J. Ehrlich

Nancy Roman (Astronomer, one of the first female executives at NASA, known as “The Mother of Hubble” ) /Playwright: J.Lois Diamond

Rachel Carson (Environmentalist/Ecologist/Biologist, Writer)/Playwright: Pat Montley

Roger Arliner Young (Scientist,Zoologist,Activist)/Playwright: Ellen Struve

Rosalind Franklin (Scientist)/Playwright: Naomi Elster

Sally Ride (Astronaut, Scientist)/Playwright Ashley Lara

Sameera Moussa (Nuclear Scientist)/Playwright: Evelyn Jean Pine

Sarah Lockwood Winchester (architect,philanthropist)/Playwright: Andrea Markowitz

Theano of Crotona (Philosopher)/Playwright:Erica Feick

Theodate Pope Riddle (Architect)/Playwright; Christina Hamlett

Wang Zhenyi (Astronomer,Mathematician)/Playwright: Sara Israel

Williamina Stevens Fleming (head of Harvard Observatory astrophotos, computers)/Playwright: Robert Brophy


Alice Hamilton (doctor of industrial medicine)/Playwright: Heide Arbitter

Anne Hutchinson (Midwife,Puritan)/Playwright: Thea Iberall

Bridget “Biddy” Mason (Midwife,Real Estate)/Playwright: Monique N. Simpson

Claribel Cone (Pathologist,Art Collector)/Playwright: Jess Eisenberg

Edith Cavell (Nurse, War Heroine)/Playwright: Maggie Ollerenshaw

Eliza Anne Grier (Born into Slavery, Physician)/Playwright: Cesi Davidson

Elisabeth Kubler Ross (Physician, Author, Thanatologist)/Playwright: Joyce Fontana

Elizabeth Blackwell- (Physician)/Playwright: Rosemary Zibart

Elizabeth Freeman (Midwife, Nurse, Enslaved, Won Freedom through Lawsuit)/Playwright: Geralyn Horton

Elizabeth Wilkins (Nurse)/Playwright: Maggie Ollerenshaw

Ellen N. La Motte (Nurse)/ Playwright: Danielle Wirsansky

Elsie Ott-(Nurse)/Playwright: Danielle Wirsansky

Emily Preston (Healer, Mystic Mayor, Businesswoman)/Playwright: Nancy West

Emma Jung (Psychotherapist, Author)/Playwright: Catherine Frid

Flora Danziger (psychologist, child welfare, documentary, youth suicide )/Playwright: Catherine Frid

Florence Nightingale (Vocation / nursing/ God) Playwright:Mandy Carpenter

Frances Kelsey (Pharmacologist, FDA Reviewer)/Playwright: Carolyn Gage

Harriet Rice (Doctor during WWI)/Playwright: Sara Clifford

Helen Boyle (Doctor,Psychiatrist)/Playwright: Sam Chittenden

Jane Todd Crawford (Had first ovariotomy)/Playwright: Nancy Gall-Clayton

Jean Marian Purdy (Nurse/Embryologist) / Playwright: Carol M. Rice

Josephine McCarty (aka Josephine Fagan aka Dr. Mrs. Emma Burleigh aka Virginia Seymour) (Women’s doctor)/Playwright: DS Magid

Juana Briones (Cattle Rancher,Herbalist,Crusader)/Playwright: Paula Cizmar

Katharine McCormick (Bioligist,Suffragist,Women’s Rights)/Playwright:Jenny Seidelman

Lila Wallis, Doctor (Woman’s Health Advocate)/Playwright: Anne Flanagan

Linnie Leckrone (Nurse)/ Playwright: Danielle Wirsansky

Maria Montessori (Educator, Pediatrician) Playwright: Susan Shafer

Mary Hamilton (Doctor,Lesbian)/Playwright: Jenna Schlags

Mary Kubicek (Lab Assistant)/Playwright: Jessie Salsbury

Mary Mallon (Typhoid Carrier)/Playwright: Carolyn Gage

Dr. Olivia J. Hooker (Psychologist)/Playwright: Nina Howes

Paula Hernandez (Healer, Wise woman)/Playwright: Melissa Nussbaum Freeman

Reba Whittle-(Nurse/Ambulance Driver)/Playwright: Danielle Wirsansky

Rita Levi-Montalcini- (neurobiologist, Nobel laureate, Italian senator for life, educator of women scientists)/Playwright: J. Lois Diamond

Sarah Mapp (Bonesetter)/Playwright:Ian Low

Sophia Jex-Blake/ (Physician/Teacher/Feminist)/ Playwright: Ian Low

Susan Travers-(Nurse/Ambulance Driver)/Playwright: Danielle Wirsansky

Virginia Apgar (doctor)/Playwright: Susan Shafer

Willie Mae Hall (Nurse/Night Supervisor, Confessed Arsonist)/Playwright: Kat Meads


Anne Sullivan (Teacher)/Playwright: Julie Riggs

Aspasia of Miletus (Teacher, philosopher, politician)/Playwright: Raquel Provencio

Charlotte Forten Grimke (Teacher,Abolitionist,Poet)/Playwright: Katherine Brokaw

Edith Skinner (Professor/Vocal Coach/Speech Consultant)/Playwright: Jennifer Schaupp

Judy Matlack (Professor of English, May Sarton’s companion)/Playwright: Deborah Magid

Katharine Lee Bates (Professor,Poet)/Playwright: Jess Eisenberg

Katharine Coman (Professor,Economist,Activist)/Playwright: Jess Eisenberg

Lora Lubin ( Educator, Folk Dancer)/Playwright:  Shellen Lubin

Lucretia Winthrop Chapman (Educator, Feminist)/Playwright: Robin Rice

Madame Heger (School Director)/Playwright: Jennifer O’Grady

Nola Jane Gentry (Teacher, Singer)/Playwright: Grace Ellis

Pauline Thompson (Teacher, Army Nurse)/Playwright: Suzanne Logan

Sylvie Le Bon (Philosophy,Companion of Simone de Beauvoir)/Playwright: Rita Anderson

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