Past Productions

2018-2019 Festivals and Performances: 


MARCH 3, 2018 Oregon SWAN Day/365 Women a Year Readings presented by Oregon Contemporary Theatre and Northwest Ten Festival. Saturday, March 3, 2018, Oregon Contemporary Theatre, Eugene – 2:00 p.m. Open Public Reading (FREE) Readings of seven short plays by Oregon women, written as part of the 365 Women a Year Playwriting Project: “Invention” about Hedy Lamarr, written by Lolly Ward. “In Her Footprints” about Mary Leakey and Lucy, written by Connie Bennett. “Unter Investigation” about Mary Lou Kownacki, written by Nancy Hopps “New Year’s Ever 1939” about Alexandra Kollontai and Ada Nilsson, written by Barbara Corrado Pope.”Ice Front” about Elsie Parmann, written by Rachael Carnes.”Dancing with the Light” about Loie Fuller, written by Dorothy Velasco.The 48 Different Brilliant Colors of Magdalena Abakanowicz” about Magdalena Abakanowicz, written by Merridawn Duckler

MARCH 9th & 10th, 2018 HERSTORY will take place at the Institute Library in New Haven, CT, March 9th and 10th at 7pm. Plays include We-Remember written by Amy Oestricher and directed by Ingrid Oslund, Frida Kahlo: Heartbreaker written by Lylanne Musselman and directed by Teresa Langston, The Astonishing and the Lily written by Kendra Augustin and directed by Keith Paul, and The Legend of Sigridur Tomasdottir written by Natalie Osborne and directed by Moira Malone. There will be a raffle with gift cards to local business and other fabulous prizes. Refreshments will be served free of charge. There is a $10 suggested donation for entry. Tickets are available at the door or at

MARCH 9-11, 2018 2Cents Theatre in Acting Out INK Fest, March 9-11, 2018, in Los Angeles will produce Lolly Ward’s play about Ethel Payne, The Ethel Party.

MARCH 15-17, 2018  ‘Not a Game for Girls’ by Benjamin Peel is receiving a production at the Guildford School of Acting

MARCH 18-21, 2018 History Lezons: A Festival of Short Plays at the Pride Arts Center in Chicago. Playwrights represented will include Sharece M. Selllem, Asia Nichols, Allison L. Fradkin, Robin Rice, Pat Montley, Shelley Hobbs, Shellen Lubin, Natalie Meisner, and Lena Wilson. The plays will be directed by Brianna Buckley, Denise Yvette-Serna, Charlotte Drover, JD Caudill, Taylor Craft, Nemo Serges, Alyssa Vera Ramos, Iris Sowlat, and Elizabeth Swanson.

MARCH 22-31, 2018 Rover Dramawerks 4th Annual 365 Festival. ADMIRAL GRACE HOPPER REVISITS by Jennifer O’Grady  AN UNTIMELY LIKENESS by Nancy Cooper Frank, Playwright  BABE by Cindy Cooper  BEATEN by Carol M. Rice  BEST ACTRESS 1962 by Allie Costa  BETWEEN US GALS by Sue Yocum BLOODLETTING by Lisa A. Mammel
EVERY ROSE by Danielle Wirsansky OLGA’S LETTER by J Sanders Nelson  SARAH’S POEM by Charissa Menefee  THREE JUDY GARLANDS by Jess Eisenberg  UNVEILED by J. Thalia Cunningham

MAY 2018  J.Lois Diamond’s play, Hello Ocean, which was inspired by Nina Simone, has been selected  for presentation in the New Play Lab of the 37th Annual William Inge Theater Festival.  It will receive a public reading in May 2018. Only 20 scripts were chosen this year, from a crowded field.

MAY 2018  Beatrix in the Shadows by D Lee Miller will be performed at B3 Theatre’s First Festival of Shorts! Performances will be on May 11, 12, 18, and 19 at 8PM.  Their venue is The SIC Sense Theatre, 1902-9 E McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ if you’re in the area. Thanks to Ilana Lydia, Artistic Director at B3 Productions!

June 9-10, 2018 The Arts at Angeloria’s and Herstory Theater and producing “Anne,” by Gabriella Oldham. Directed by Rosemarie Beskind.

JULY 13-29, 2018 Susan Hansell’s play EVERY CONCENTRATED FRAGMENT will be produced for 9 performances by the Tucson Players during their annual new play festival, July 13 – July 29, 2018 at the Tucson Community Playhouse, as directed by Scott Berg.

AUGUST 16th-25th, 2018 Ellen Davis Sullivan’s Future Girl Visits Barbie’s Mom is in Theatre@First’s Festival@First 10: Heroes & Villains August 16-25th in Somerville, MA.

AUGUST 9th-12th, 2018 “Amanda Transcending” by Connie Bennett as a 15 minute piece in 2015. After experiencing the 2016 Inge Festival PlayLab, it’s now a full length piece, opening tonight as part of Theatre 33’s New Play series.

SEPTEMBER 27-29, 2018 “Partner of-” by Rachael Carnes will be at the Midwest Dramatists Center – September 27-29, Kansas City.

SEPTEMBER 21-23, 2018 J. Lois Diamond’s “I Feel Good!” which was inspired by the life of Sharon Joneswill be produced in the Polaris North “The Lock Festival.”

SEPTEMBER 27-29, 2018 Trilogy by Gloria Schramm will be performed at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre Thurs-Fri Sept 27 and 28th 9pm and Sat Sept 29th at 3pm


JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2019: ANNE SEXTON, SYLVIA PLATH, and AMY WINEHOUSE performs at Hyde Park Theatre, as part of FronteraFest 2019—the “largest festival of its kind in the Southwest.” January-February 2019, Austin, TX. Written & Directed by Rita Anderson. Starring Johanna Whitmore, Nola Lafayette, and Amelia Turner.

2017 Festivals:


OCTOBER 1st, 2017: White Mouse Theatre Productions invites you to the 1st 365 Women A Year Festival at Florida State University! Held on October 1st in the Askew Student Life Cinema, come enjoy a night of 5 ten minute plays about real women throughout history. It’s our goal to help give voice to women whose stories have been lost through time as well as to give a platform to women working in theatre. WHERE: SLC Room 101A-D
WHEN: 10/1/17 at 8 pm TICKETS: Free (Donations welcome) DOORS OPEN: 7:45 pm

March 15th: 365 Women a Year NYC (Encore) will present a festival of eight plays by women, about real women, for everyone. The free evening of staged readings will take place at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, March 15, 2017 at The Theater for the New City, in New York City. (155 1st Avenue at 10th Street. By subway: L to 1st Avenue; 6 to Astor Place) Playwrights: Kat Mustatea, Susan Shafer, Barbara Kahn, Sophia Romma, Ph.D, Robin Rice, Kendra Augustin, Karin Williams, and Michael angel Johnson. The reading is free, but reservations are necessary. Please make a reservation at:

_ _ _

MARCH 11th SWAN DAY OREGON CONTEMPORARY Concert reading of six new plays by Oregon playwrights: The Alma Problem, by Connie Bennett (Alma Mahler-Werfel), My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean, by Lolly Ward (Diana Nyad), A Relic of the Late Carnage, by Barbara Corrado Pope (Lucy Parsons), Writing in a Wall of Light, by Nancy West (Emily Preston), La Lucha Sin Fin, by Nancy Hopps (Christiana Figueres), Little Lotta Made of Gold, by Dorothy Velasco (Lotta Crabtree)

_ _ _

APRIL Rover Dramawerks Thursday, April 6 at 8:00 pm; Saturday April 8 at 3:00 pm; Friday, April 14 at 8:00 pm; and Saturday, April 15 at 8:00 p.m.

_ _ _

March 10th & 11th Herstory 2: WE RISE Festival by NOplays HERSTORY will take place at the Silk Road Art Gallery in New Haven, CT, March 10th and 11th at 7pm. The performance will be followed by a Q & A with the writers, actors, directors, and organizers. Plays include Ida and Leonor written by Danielle Winston and directed by Ingrid Oslund, A Moment of Silence, written by Allie Costa and directed by Moira Malone, K.C. Reporting, Earth Do You Read Me? written by Natalie Osborne and directed by Keith Paul, and My Aim is True, written by Lucy Wang and directed by Shellen Lubin.

2016 Festivals:

JANUARY 29th Hubbard Hall’s 365 Festival Produced by: Natalie Osborne   Plays: After the Thin Man by Shellen Lubin, Feelin Lonely by Catherine Weingarten, Making Frankenstein by Natalie Osborne, The Making of Café Muller by Emma Plotkin


 Monster Box Theatre  in Michigan has a festival of thirty 365 plays!


MARCH 23rd 7pm at Theatre for the New City   Plays by: D Lee Miller, Michael Angel JohnsonRobin Rice LichtigSusan ShaferKarin Diann WilliamsKat Mustatea, Kendra Augustin, Barbara Kahn. 365 Women NYC directors include: Michelle Macau, Lori Kee, Susane Lee

MARCH 19th Oregon 365 Women/SWAN Day Readings Oregon Contemporary Theatre, Eugene, Oregon, 2:00pm Open public reading (FREE) Lolly Ward – “The Ethel Party” (Ethel Payne), Merridawn Duckler –  Excerpt from “Super Magic Pillow” (Lingzhao), Barbara Pope – “Galla in Purgatory” (Galla Placida), Connie Bennett – “Amanda Transcending” (Amanda DeCuis & Joanne Kittel)


MAY 5th-14th Rover Dramawerks  Plays: The Dance Maker By Susan Shafer (New York, NY), directed by Glynda Welch, Don’t Know No Jokes By Annie Wood (Burbank, CA), directed by Matt Stepan, First Day in Trade  By Jennifer O’Grady (Pelham, NY), directed by Kayla Freeman, First Woman of Industry  By Nancy Gall-Clayton (Jeffersonville, IN), directed by Matt Stepan, Fly Girl By Renee Lucas Wayne  (Philadelphia, PA), directed by Buster Spiller, Fossil Lady By Claudia I. Haas  (White Bear Lake, MN), directed by Libby Mitchell, Future Girl Visits Barbie’s Mom By Ellen Davis Sullivan  (Andover, MA), directed by Glynda Welch, Homespun Webs By C.J. Ehrlich  (Chappaqua, NY), directed by Shanna Threlkeld, (Mama) King Chronicles By Rita Anderson  (Austin, TX), directed by Brandi L. McDowell, Never Forget By Donna Hoke (Buffalo, NY), directed by Kayla Freeman, Phillis Wheatley: Twas Mercy Brought Me…  By Paula J. Sanders (Dallas, TX), directed by Buster Spiller, Push Boldly Off  By Donna Latham (Houston, TX), directed by Libby Mitchell, Recipe for Espionage (Before She Was Julia Child)  By Carol M. Rice (Plano, TX), directed by Kevin Westbrook, She Was Never Lost By Allie Costa (Los Angeles, CA), directed by Kevin Westbrook, Soraya’s Eyes By Rhea McCallum (Downey, CA), directed by Lindsey Humpries



APRIL 29 & 30 HERSTORY will take place at the Silk Road Art Gallery in New Haven, CT, at 8pm.


365 In Her Name

APRIL 15th-17th In Her Name at 13th Street Repertory Theatre to celebrate and honor Edith O’Hara’s 100th year–she is the Founding Director of the theatre, and the marathon will be to benefit the theatre. Saturday morning 11-12:30 Arrest (Glenda Frank), K.C. Reporting (Natalie Osborne), Letters from Lotfia (Laura Shamas), Madame (Kendra Augustin), Pre-War (Jennifer O’Grady), Refugees (Stephanie Satie), Taro and Capa (D. Lee Miller) / Saturday afternoon 2-4 Celia Buys a Dress (Yani Perez), Making Frankenstein (Natalie Osborne), A Moment of Silence (Allie Costa), Mrs. Stern Wanders the Prussian State Library (Jenny Lyn Bader), My Life on the C-List (OluShola Cole), Undercover: The Mary Shanley Story (Rachel McPhee and Robert K. Benson), Virginia Louise Conklin (Carolyn Mignini), White Cotton (Shellen Lubin) / Saturday evening 6:30-9 After the Thin Man (Shellen Lubin), Blood Sisters (Robin Rice), Blood Ties (Michael Angel Johnson), In the Evening (Susan Merson), Peola’s Passing (Cynthia G. Robinson), Pillow of Tears (Lynda Crawford) / Sunday afternoon (time not yet set) Expression of Regret (Christine Toy Johnson) Madame Red (Td Mitchell), Mama Bett (Elsa Rael), Scrutable (Karen Rousso).

_ _ _

August 20: International Women Artists’ Salon: August 20 at 7:30PM at Dixon Place, located at 161 Chrystie Street. Admission to the hour-long event is free. Curated by Marcina Zaccaria, the featured artists will be Amanda Boekelheide, Christine Deitner, Glenda Frank, Betsy Heffron, Amina Henry, Nana Ponceleon, and Sophia Romma. The evening will be hosted by Valerie David.

_ _ _

2015 Festivals:

365 festival at The Lamb

365 Festival: MAY 26th: NYC Group 3 at The Lambs, Inc.  Plays by Laura Noni RohrmanJenny Lyn BaderChristine Toy JohnsonStephanie SwirskyJoy TomaskoElsa RaelYani Perez, and Shellen Lubin. Coordinated by Laura Archer and Shellen Lubin for The Lambs and 365 Women a Year.



365 FESTIVAL: Madrid 2015


365 LA festival


365 London Reading 2015

365 Festival: APRIL 15th: FSU London Readings 5:45 pm The Reading will be taking place int the Lecture Theatre of the  Florida State University London Study Centre.  Plays being read include: Dying is An Art by Kendra Augustin, Libertadora by Diana Burbano, Truth and Justice on an Elevator by Erin Moughon-Smith, Oh to be a Lesbian in the 19th Century by Jesslynn Eisenberg Chamblee, Temperance by Gina Scanlon, White Mouse by Danielle Wirsansky, The Vulgarity of Grace by Danielle Wirsansky   Actors include: –Elijah E. L. Jones –Lauren Doyle – Maya Rose Lederer – Tiffany Carvalho – Natalie Vero – Torri Elizabeth Bouslough – Bianca Sanchez – Brittany Colvin – Carly McCann – Devery North – Danielle Wirsansky


365SheenCenterNYC festival2015

365 FESTIVAL: APRIL 11, 2015  at The Sheen Center NYC-1 PROGRAM A (6:30 pm – 7:30 pm) Olga Humphrey, D Lee Miller, Cindy CooperSophia RommaMichael angel Johnson PROGRAM B (7:45 pm – 8:45 pm) Penny Jackson, Robin Rice Lichtig, Libby Emmons, Susan ShaferKarin Diann Williams PROGRAM C (9:00 pm – 10:00 pm) Gina DeMarcoKat MustateaErin Moughon, Kendra Augustin, Barbara Kahn


365 Festival: March 7th & 8th Flush Ink Productions Presents: “She Speaks.” Kitchener, Canada. Featuring plays by: Lynne S. Brandon, Robin Rice Lichtig, Carolyn Gage, Christine Emmert, Deborah Magid, and Nancy Gall-Clayton


365 Festival: MARCH 26th: Upstage in NoDa at 7:30pm. Charlotte, NC  Plays: Cynthia L Cooper-Olympic Dreams, Robin Rice Lichting- Not Still Life, Natalie Osbourne-Making Frankenstein, Kendra Augustin-Dying Is An Art, White Cotton-Shellen Lubin, Gabrielle Sinclair-Anna and the Mountain, Grace Ellis- I’ll Sing ON


365 bennington college 2015

365 Festival: MARCH 27th: Noplays will host a festival at Bennington College Student Center (7:40 pm) The evening will feature staged-readings of five original one acts written by Bennington College students and alumni.  MAKING FRANKENSTEIN by Natalie Osborne, EN EL MEDIO by Maia Villa, FEELIN’ LONELY by Catherine Weingarten, AFTER THE THIN MAN by Shellen Lubin, WHITE COTTON by Shellen Lubin


world theatre day 365 2015

WORLD THEATRE DAY: MARCH 27th  HowlRoundTV and Nitecorp gave 365 our very own channel to stream our plays around the world.  Check out the live stream!


365 Oregon swan day festival 2015

365 Festival: MARCH 28th:  Oregon 365 Women SWAN Day concert reading as part of our seventh annual 10-minute play festival, Northwest Ten: Seven Year Itch. Time: 2:00 p.m. Location: Oregon Contemporary Theatre in Eugene, OR. (Features: ‘Mother/Tongue’ (La Malinche), by Connie Bennett, directed by Nancy West. ‘Something’s Got To Give’ (Angela Davis & Marilyn Monroe), by Sandra de Helen, directed by Holly Stanley. ‘Firebird’ (Maria Tallchief), by Merridawn Duckler, directed by Ellen Chace.’Office 62-B’ (Cleopatra), by Claire Willett, directed by Maggie Hadley.)


365 Rover Dramaworks 3365 Rover Drama Works group shot

365 FESTIVAL: MARCH 19-22  Rover Dramawerks Plano,TX  J Plays: Pursuing Sylvia Beach by Caperton Ballard, One Night in the Garden by Carol Rice, Round Two  (re Anne Sullivan Macy) by Julie Riggs, The 27 Club (re Anne Sexton, Sylvia Plath, Amy Winehouse) by Rita Anderson, Admiral of the Arizona Navy (re Nellie Bush) by James E. Burnside, Angels, Hermits, and Phantoms (re Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter) by Emily Ball Cicchini, 100 Injustices (re Josepha Chipita Rodriquez) by Susan Long Haga, Lunatic: The Haunted Widow Lincoln (re Mary Todd Lincoln) by Donna Latham, Dead to Rites (re Margaret More Roper) by Sheila Lynch Rinear, Conflagration (re Hypatia) by Lauren Tunnell


365 spain festival part 2 2015365 Spain Festival 2 2015


365 Berea college senior showcase

365 FESTIVAL: NOVEMBER 17-21: Berea College Theatre Program, in Berea, KY “Carry On” by Trish Ayers, “Proof of Influence” by Patricia Watkins, and “The Poet From Pikeville” by Nancy Gall-Clayton.


Other Past Performances:

FEB 22-25th, 2018 Nancy L West’s “Writing in a Wall of Light” about Emily Preston, written as part of the 365 Women a Year: A Playwriting Project. It appears February 22-25 at the largest short play festival in the world, Short+Sweet Theatre Sydney.

FEB 22, 2018: 7:30 pm ARDENT GIRLS by: Amy Merrill at Brandeis University (Merrick Theatre in Spingold Building).

NOVEMBER 18th, 2017 Jennifer O’Grady’s “Charlotte’s Letters” will have a reading Saturday November 18 at 7 PM as part of the NEWvember New Plays Festival, which is being held this year for the first time in Dublin. The play was inspired by Elizabeth and Meta Gaskell, Charlotte and Emily Bronte, and Madame and Louise Heger.

SEPTEMBER 18th, 2017 Plays & Pizza 7:30 pm “Parabola” about Natalia Levi Ginzburg by Shellen Lubin.  At Lucky Jack’s Bar and Lounge. NYC

SEPTEMBER 7-16, 2017  In Alabama  by: J. Lois Diamond will be produced as an Equity Showcase as part of  Cosmic Orchid’s The Voire Dire Project at Theater for the New City’s Dream Up Festival September 7-16 This play was inspired by the life of civil rights activist Juliette Hampton Morgan as well as the painting “Puberty” by Avron Soyer. It is directed by Liz Amadio and features Mary Tierney* and Elizabeth Vermilyea 

JUNE 8th-10th, 2017 Heartbeats by: Danielle Wirsansky is being performed in the Where We Are Now LGBT+ Theatre Festival in Sligo, Ireland

JUNE 17th, 2017 Million Dollar Wound by: Danielle Wirsansky will have a reading on June 17th at 10 am at St. Andrews Church on the Avenue

JUNE 15th-18th, 2017 Not a Game for Girls by: Benjamin Peel at Friargate Theatre in York, UK by Off the Rock Productions

JUNE 16-18, 2017 Hello Ocean by: J.Lois Diamond will have a production in The Lock Festival at Polaris North.

JUNE 2017  “Pursuing Sylvia Beach” by Deb Caperton Ballard Brought to you by the Left Bank Writers/Players in Paris, France

365 viva la muxer

“Linda” by Diana Burbano will perform at Viva La Muxer.

anneHIGHPROMOEva Montealegre

“Anne Bonny: From the Crow’s Nest” By: Eva Montealegre


Best Andy and Val Carolyn Gage

“Valerie Solanas at Matteawan” By: Carolyn Gage

Portland Fringe Festival (Company Studio Theater)/Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival (reading) *Credit: Elizabeth Freeman


FEBRUARY 26, 2016: “I’ll Sing On” by Grace Winn Ellis will be performed at Milton Rhodes Center in Winston Salem



“Harriet Tubman Visits a Therapist” By: Carolyn Gage

Over 30 performances around the country! Photo Credit: Amy Jorgensen


JUNE 2nd, 2015: “Pillow of Tears” by Lynda Crawford was performed in Cape Town, South Africa, as part of the Women Playwrights International Conference with a South African director and cast


APRIL 15th at 7:30 pm  ELLA’S TIMEPIECE by Sandra de Helen will be read at the Scripteaser’s meeting in San Diego. 3404 Hawk St


Julia Tuttle-The Mother of Miami

JULIA TUTTLE – The Mother of Miami by: Marj O’Neill-Butler at New Theatre’s Miami One Act Festival in Miami Lakes, FL

_ _ _

OCTOBER 1, 2016:  radio version of Grace Winn Ellis’s piece about Jane Gentry at the Lunsford Festival in Mars Hill, NC



Burying Toni, about Emma Jung By: Catherine Frid at Alumnae Theatre, November 2014

photo credit: Dahlia Katz
365 susan apker the sitting
The Sitting by Susan Apker  Benchwarmers 2013  Santa Fe Playhouse
APRIL 1st & 2nd HeLa by Jessie Salsbury at Knox College Department of Theatre

The Countess and the Lesbians Carolyn Gage

“The Countess and the Lesbians” By: Carolyn Gage

Dublin International Gay Theatre Festival, St. Lawrence Arts Center, Maine Association of Community Theatre Conference  **Photo Credit: Gina Costigan


Ternura 365


JUNE 25th, 2015: Detroit Fringe Festival “Frida Kahlo: Heartbreaker” written and directed by Lylanne Musselman.


jess eisenberg social movements

“Social Movements and Lesser Wars” By: Jess Eisenberg  Prologue Theatre Company 



Lunatic: The Haunted Widow Lincoln   By: Donna Latham  

Batavia Arts Council in Batavia, Illinois


365 Carolyn Gage Typhoid 2

Cooking With Typhoid Mary  By: Carolyn Gage  8 performances around the world

**Photo Credit: Cathy Plourde


Kristine Greenaway Switzerland

“Coppet or How Not to Marry a Prince”   By: Kristine Greenaway

“Festival Autour de Mme de Staël” in Switzerland


danbury witchcraft show 1

“Panic in CT”   By: Virginia Woolf  Three years of performances throughout Connecticut!


JANUARY 29th. 2016 Irish Repertory Theatre  is producing a reading of Charlotte’s Letters by: Jennifer O’Grady.



“The Past is Still Ahead”    By: Sophia Romma

Cherry Lane Theatre, 2007 & Midtown International Theatre Festival, 2013


Thea Browning portraying Lt. Anna Mac Clarke at Kentucky Historical Society 2003

“One Black WAC”   By: Nancy Gall-Clayton   Kentucky Historical Society


NOVEMBER 21. 2015 “Give Me To The Wind To Take Away” by Michael Tooher will be read in the 8pm slot in Culture*Park’s 13th Annual Short Play Marathon in New Bedford, MA


365 robinrice9

Alice Defends Her Passion   By: Robin Rice Lichtig  **Photo by Michael Taggart

_ _ _

APRIL 1- MAY 8th In Alabama by J. Lois Diamond. April 1st has been changed from opening night to an open dress rehearsal. Tickets for April 1st only are FREE but you must make a reservation. The other performances are $25 and there is a party on April 15th. So come to the theatre and forget all about  paying your taxes! Here is the link to buy tickets:


CL Cooper Sor Juana

“Sor Juana”   By: Cynthia L. Cooper   Enrichment Works, Los Angeles
365 beatriz caburs Nefertiti
365hi res Gage and Gilmore in Louisa May for NWMF 02
Louisa May Incest   By: Carolyn Gage **Photo credit: Caitlin Allen
Copy of game1randolphmacon
“How She Played the Game”   By: Cynthia L. Cooper  Hundreds of performances!
“FOR LOUVRE OR MANET”    By: Deborah Magid  Los Alamos Little Theatre, 2011
Axed photo by Amy Jorgenson
“The Greatest Actress Who Ever Lived”   By: Carolyn Gage

Cauldron & Labrys Productions, Maine Assocation for Community Theatres One-Act Festival, Fresh Fruit Festival  ***Photo Credit: Amy Jorgensen


365Bernardini as Calamity in Portland

Calamity Jane Sends a Message to Her Daughter By: Carolyn Gage

**Photo credit: Arthur Fink


SEPTEMBER 18-20. 2015   “Mountain Dew” by J. Lois Diamond which is about Hannah Reynolds, will have a workshop production at Polaris North 245 W 29th  St in NYC.


365 Robin Rice

Not Still Life   By: Robin Rice Lichtig  Articulate Theatre Company

Photo: Cat Parker

_ _ _

October 27-30, November 3-7, 2016 Silueta by: Diana Burbano, Teatro Tercera Llamada
Vault 1031 South 6th Street Louisville KY 40203

_ _ _

JANUARY 19- FEB-6, 2016 Congrats to Danielle Wirsansky who has 365 pieces accepted to the Greensboro Fringe Festival this month!

_ _ _

MAY 26th Policarpa by: Diana Burbano 🇨🇴! Directed by Melinda Hall May 26 at The Drama League Tickets now available

_ _ _

JANUARY 28 J. Lois Diamond’s 2015 365 Play, Mountain Dew will have a reading in NY at the 53 st Library on Jan 28. It’s free!

_ _ _

MAY 26th, 2017 Policarpa by: Diana Burbano will be at the Drama League on

_ _ _

MAY 21, 2017 “Unmasked”- the story of Anna Coleman Ladd by: Patti Cassidy at City 27 *
27 cité industrielle, 75011 Paris  Metro : Voltaire (line 9)

_ _ _

MAY 19th-27th, 2017 Alarm of the People: A WWII Vignette Play at Orlando Fringe by: Danielle Wirsansky

_ _ _

MAY 19th “Ida & Leonor,” by Danielle Winston “We Should Know Her,” a salon curated by Skeleton Rep. in NYC

_ _ _

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