About 365…

This international playwriting project involves over 300 playwrights who have signed on to write one or more one-acts about extraordinary women in both past and present history. The project’s ambitious yet focused goal is to write women back into the social consciousness as well as empower and promote female playwrights around the world.

What seemed like an unattainable goal became a reality when Jess Eisenberg decided that she couldn’t do a project this size alone.  She brought on her dear friend, Gina Scanlon, and together they began to write.  After some small scale calls for playwrights, the numbers quickly grew and grew. The dedicated playwrights plan to continue this project every year, with a new list of 365 women in history.


Jess Eisenberg grew up playing piano pieces written exclusively by white men, going to see plays exclusively by white men, and wondering in history class ‘where are all the women and people of color who did incredible things?’  It is incomprehensible that in 2015 we are still asking where all the women are or if there’s anyone other than white men who have written or composed.  After co-founding Prologue Theatre Company in Chicago, Jess researched for a season based on female painters in history.  There was a profound sense of loss.  Our canon is a lie, when the names and works of so many are lost to us forever.  She knew she had to keep writing about all of these women, thus in 2014 this project was born.  Close friend and colleague, Gina Scanlon, quickly joined the fold and helped co-found the projects as it is today.  They never could have imagined that number of playwrights who would join the mission in such a short amount of time.  There are now hundreds of playwrights from around the world writing pieces and 365 is in its second year.


Sarah Groustra is a playwright and theatermaker from Boston, Massachusetts. She is passionate about creating theater that uplifts the voices of women and other underrepresented theater artists and theater that interrogates the classics, and is excited to do that work with 365 Women a Year! Sarah currently attends Kenyon College, where she studies Drama and English. Her writing has previously been produced by Playwright’s Workshop At Kenyon, Playdate Theatre, and the Emerson College High School Theater Festival.


Gina Scanlon met Jess in high school where they both studied theatre, and they’ve been close friends ever since. Gina discovered the amazing playwright Tina Howe in high school, and Painting Churches was the first play she ever read by a woman, which were, and still are, few and far between! She studied Film at the University of Central Florida and earned a Masters in scriptwriting at the University of London soon after. She has had plays produced in both London and New York, and has a few screenwriting projects in the works. Gina is very passionate about empowering female voices, and being part of the gender and minority shift in media representation. She currently lives in Los Angeles. Follow her on Twitter @JeanGina3D.


Beatriz Cabur is a Spanish theatre maker. She has written and/or directed over 35 plays which have been produced in 6 countries: Spain, Mexico, Italy, Austria, the UK and the USA. Graduated in Playwriting and Theatre Directing from the RESAD. Master of Advanced Studies in AV-Comms from the UCM. She’s currently enrolled in the final year of her PhD in “Telepresence in Text Theatre” at the UC3M. Beatriz Cabur is the Coordinator of the Hispanic Committee of EURODRAM and member of the international network for working playwrights, The Fence and of The League of Professional Theatre Women. Beatriz is the co-founder and executive director of New International Theatre Experience (NITEcorp), a global service organization that empowers theatre makers by revolutionizing the way they create, connect and cooperate in the twenty-first century. Founded in 2012 in New York, NITE transforms the theatrical landscape by providing both physical and virtual platforms for investigation, innovation and interaction.


INTERESTED PLAYWRIGHTS: Check out the 2021 INFO page!!!  If you are a brand new playwright wanting to write a piece for our project, the first step is searching our alphabetical pages to make sure you choose a woman who has not yet been picked.  The woman must have 100% existed and may be living or dead.  For more information you can join us on the Facebook page or email us at 365womenayear@gmail.com.  The first step is filling out a claim form: CLAIM REQUEST FORM

INTERESTED DIRECTORS: We are currently compiling information for female directors around the world in hopes to promote 50/50 by 2020.  If you would like your information listed on our future female directors page, please email 365womenayear@gmail.com with DIRECTOR in the subject line, your bio in the body, the region/country you usually work in, and your resume attached. The page should be live by March!

INTERESTED IN PRODUCING ONE OR MORE OF OUR PIECES: please email 365womenayear@gmail.com with the historical woman and the playwright in the subject line. (If you are interested in many, just put ‘Production Interest’ in the subject line and list the pieces in the body of the email.)

If you are an interested theater, publisher, actor, or news source…. please contact us at 365womenayear@gmail.com

*Our plays are loosely based on these remarkable historical figures.*

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